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Friday, March 25, 2016

An Update and a (very short) Story

Hi everyone! :-D I'm back (by popular demand).

Okay maybe not.

Either way, I did survive the blizzard on Wednesday (yes Colorodoans get blizzards in early spring) despite the fact that our electricity went out for about six hours and we had to live off the grill.

Not kidding. We had grilled salmon, which was going to be accompanied by grilled pound cake (it was in the oven when the electricity went out), but the grill didn't seem to be working very well by then. *shrugs*

So yeah if anyone was wondering where we were on Wednesday, we were hunkered down grilling pound cake and playing cards by the candlelight. :P And getting wax everywhere, of course. And did I mention the thing about exorbitant amounts of firewood? :)

Anyhow since it was so dark and there really wasn't much to do after we were tired of cards, I photo opped.

So yeah here are some of my results:

Yeah you're right. This one isn't very good.

If you're wondering what this has to do with reading or writing, THEN GOOD JOB YOU HAVE LEARNED WELL. :D I'm getting to that.

Today I have a short story I wrote for a contest on the writer's forum I'm on. It's entitled "A Lantern in the Dark." So the pics kinda go with it. It's nothing perfect, but they kinda do.

It was based off the prompt "Friends shine the brightest when the shadows pour in." My stories tend to focus on theme more than plot, just so you know. :)

Here it is.

I’m alone.

Alone in an empty field, alone to face the opening skies.

Alone forever.

I take a step forwards, hesitantly. I’m drowning in the rain, drowning in my guilt. I betrayed them all, and in turn, have been betrayed.

It’s the way life works.

The sky’s hatred pushes my waist length hair off my face as I tilt my head upward. The water pounds on my closed eyelids, as if knocking on a door. The pressure becomes more than I can bear, and I look back down at the ground.

My eyes open.

There’s something bright, something clear, shining through the rain. I squint my eyes and peer through the fog and mist, straining to catch just one more glimpse of the light. There it is! It bobs up and down, like a firefly in the night, scattering shadows with every bound.

It calls to my weary heart, beckoning me to draw closer. I stumble forwards as the rain takes on a diagonal sleet. My feet slip on the marshy ground, and I fall down. I struggle to climb up again, frantic as the light moves.

But now, the wind picks up and tosses me backwards. I land on my back with a yell, and my ankle twists beneath me.

I try to stand again, but my ankle gives way, and I scream. I collapse into the marsh, laying still, my will to live gone. Water pools around me, and I realize if I don’t move, I’ll drown.

I don’t move.

This is what traitors deserve. A bleak, lonely, cold death is better than a tortured existence.

Suddenly, I’m blinded by a flash of brilliance in my peripheral vision. My eyes pulse, and I snap them shut. I turn my head away.

I hear a soft, squishing sound as footsteps tread over the marshy ground. One step, two steps, three steps. They draw closer, and the faintest trace of something warm tingles on my skin.

My eyes open again, this time looking upward.

A face I know well stares back at me, and I gasp, shrinking back into the mud. No. I deserve to die.

The cloaked figure holds a gnarled stick with a lantern bobbing on the end, and he unwraps his cloak, shoving the stick into the ground. He bends over, lifting me up and wrapping the cloak around my convulsing body.

After all I’d done to him and his family, he still stood by me no matter what.

I choke, my eyes filling with tears. “I was ready to die after what I’d done. Why did you come for me?”

He throws his arm around my shoulder, helping me walk. “That’s what friends are for.” A smile crosses his face, and his drenched, tousled hair whips in the wind.

I shake my head as the wind begins to die down. “I didn’t do this for you.”

He leans close, and whispers in my ear. “Friendship isn’t about perfection. It’s about loving each other, no matter what.” I stumble, and he lifts me in his arms. “Come on. Let’s go home.”

I didn’t think I could face the ones I betrayed before. But now, with him at my side, I know I can.

And I know I will.

The lantern light bobs, and I reach out to touch it. My frozen hands are warmed by its light, a light the rains of a thousand thunderstorms could never put out.

In other bloggerly news, I was messing around with my blog hotmail, and somehow *clears throat* my blog list vanished in a plume of smoke (okay the smoke might not have been there). Huh. *scratches head* IT IS JUST GAWN.


No kidding, I can see it on my blogger layout screen thing, but it's not on my sidebar. I think I may have accidentally deleted the hotmail code for it. But I'm planning on doing a separate page for other blogs soon. So you can look for that in the near future. :D

AND YES IF YOU DIDN'T NOTICE I HAVE A REALLY PROFFESSIONAL NEW PAGE CALLED CONTACT ME. (that's sorta why I was messing with the blog hotmail)

But.... yeah that's pretty much all that's professional about it. It took me a few hours to figure out how to get it to work like that, AND NOW I DON'T RECEIVE THE MESSAGES IF SOMEONE TRIES TO CONTACT ME. *sighs*  I literally tried about twelve times. But I also realized it wasn't working before, either. So... if you've filled it out before for some reason and I haven't replied, now you know why. :) I should probably take it off... but it took me forever to get on. So I'm a little torn.

Now talk to me, minions! :) Did anyone else get snow? Have you been writing any short stories recently? Have you been suffering from the woes of technology? *melodramatic moan* HAVE YOU ATTEMPTED TO CONTACT ME AND THOUGHT I WAS IGNORING YOU? (perish the thought!) Speak now or forever hold your peace! :P And is anyone else gearing up for Camp Nano? (this is my first year, so my preparation consist mostly of jumping up and down in excitement. :P)

~ Jonathan


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Really?? Well, at least I'm not alone! XD If all goes well, maybe it will fix itself. :)
      And thanks so much! I actually know of a contest you may be interested in. It's historical fiction, and I know you like writing that. :D You'd be joining a little late and... it costs fifteen dollars. :( LIKE I CANNOT AFFORD THAT RIGHT NOW. :P But if you can, here's the link in case you're interested.


      AND I KNOW OUR CABIN IS AWESOME. :):):):) I'M SO EXCITED. :):):):)

    2. Wow. How did you know what she was saying when there was no comment? I can't believe that all came in reply to "This comment has been removed by the author"...
      Sorry, I couldn't resist. ;)

    3. (Hannah you accidentally deleted your comment. SHAME ON YOU! :P)

    4. Ah that was my little sister she got hold
      Of my phone....don't know how to put it back :(

    5. Lol yes shame on me for leaving my phone out :D

    6. Well
      I'll re do it 😂😂
      I had the same problem with my contact me page. It wouldn't work and I just took it off *sighs because took such a long time* but I really liked your writing it's so beautiful and btw ha kid for the link maybe I'll enter something in

    7. Haha don't worry about it I've done the same thing before. :)
      And if you enter, I hope you win. :D

    8. Thanks. There's an $800 value prize.....but I'll have to come up with sowmthhing quick.

  2. I really like the picture of the candle and the books! Candles and books just belong together. Well, unless the candle gets too close. ;P
    So on Wednesday, half of our state was experiencing the same blizzard as Colorado, and the other half was on fire. Well, okay, technically half the state wasn't on fire, but it felt like that! We were stuck in the middle. We had smoke all around us, so much so you couldn't see the sun, but we got wind from y'all that brought the temperature down to the 30s.

    I really enjoyed your short story! I used to hate 1st person (why?!), but now it's one of my favorite POVs to read!

    1. Thanks! They do, don't they? They complement each other so well! :)

      Wow, that sounds... exciting? :P That would be really strange for there to be smoke and for it to still be cold. AND YES YOU CAN HAVE SOME OF OUR WIND. We get a lot out here. XD

      Yes first person has always been a favorite of mine. It's just easier for me to write in. :D

    2. Yeah. . .the only time I'd ever been remotely close to a wildfire was when we drove through Washington last year. So it was not really exciting but. . .interesting? I don't know. A few hours after the cold-front came through it cleared up out, but the smoke is back today. It's definitely a different experience. It's been a while since we'e had wildfires in KS.
      And no, KEEP YOUR WIND! Seriously, it's been waaayyy too windy here! I mean, it's always windy here, but it's been worse then normal lately. ;)

    3. Ugh, yes I hate it when there's smoke. It looks coolish, but it gets really old. :)
      Oh, sorry. *takes wind back* :P

  3. Hey, thanks for the post. :) It's nice to hear from you again. Our family had a power outage too, but not because of a blizzard. We don't really get blizzards in Washington. Not that I'm complaining...I'm actually very glad we don't have weird weather up here.
    The story was really good. <3 :)
    Oh yay! So glad to hear I'm not the only one who constantly messes things up on my blog. *sigh* Don't ask me how long it took me to figure out how to get a picture behind my title. *rolls eyes* ;) Still haven't figured out how to make a button for my blog. Yeah, it's bad. :P

    1. Yeah, we get weirdish weather here sometimes. Once, a mini-tornado-microburst-thing tore the roof off our neighbor's barn. THAT made life interesting. XD

      Thanks! I should be finding out today or tomorrow how I did, so I'm excited. :D

      I know! I typically resort to googling, but despite common misconception, GOOGLE DOES NOT HAVE THE ANSWER TO EVERY QUESTION. I did figure out how to create a blog button through google, though. Basically it's just a website that generates a code for you. Here's a link:


      It's not too hard. Really the only thing that threw me was "image url." Like, what even is that? :P But I figured out you can get it by putting the picture you want to use into an unpublished blog draft. Then, right click on the picture and choose "open in new tab." What appears in the search box thing at the top is the image url. :)

      After you generate the code, you paste it into a text box gadget on your sidebar. And wa-la! Your button should appear.
      Well now I feel so techy. :P

    2. Oh my goodness, making a button has been throwing me, too! And Google is SO unhelpful. Yes, the image URL was my problem, so I'm totally going to follow your tutorial :D

    3. My tutorial. That makes me sound so... technological. *dies laughing*

    4. Thanks! :) I'll definitely be giving that a try.

  4. I'm doing Camp!!! I was going to be insane and do 100k like Katie, buuuut I'm saving that for November. Annnd nope, no tech problems other than...not having any tech. :D I still use the family computer. I wrote a fanfiction for my writing buddies story, but that's it.

    1. *high five* Wow, if you can do 100k, you and Katie will be in your own group of awesomeness. My word goal is 25k. XD
      Good idea saving the 100k for November though, cause that's easily an entire novel.
      Haha yeah that doesn't count as a problem. Not at all. :P
      Oooh, fanfiction? That's something I've never tried before, but it sounds fun! :)

    2. Anyone who does any word goal is awesome! Last July my word goal was 10k and...I failed. Completely. xD
      It's awesome! Although, nerve-racking. I wrote a fanfic for the Dare and Deny contest, and today is the last day to vote for it, sooo I won't be sleeping tonight.

    3. Haha thanks. You'll do better this year. I can feel it. XD
      WAIT YOU DID? I didn't realize you had entered! *goes and checks*
      Oh yes! Yours was really good. I hope you win! :):) (I didn't vote for a number of complicated technological reasons, so I can say that. :D)

  5. Why did you put a Sour Patch picture at the bottom of your blog...?? I am drooling now. Thanks. :(

    (For those of you who do not know, Jonathan and I are good friends and have known each other for a while so I am obligated to say that to him). ;)

    1. You are obligated to say that to me. Thank you. It's about time. :)
      (And your reaction can quite simply be diagnosed as "sourpatchinfatuationsyndrome". Welcome to the club. :P)

    2. Ugh. Really? Thanks for that. ;)

  6. Awwesome story! I liked the POV a lot.

    We hardly ever get snow here in Texas, but every now and then we do get storms bad enough to knock the power out. I don't know about you, but I love it when the power goes out. It makes me so happy to live by candlelight for a few hours, even if it does lead to grilling pound cake :P

    Oh my goodness, techy stuffs. I have spent way too much time on the formatting of my blog. And it took me forever to figure out how to do a Favicon. And I completely reset all my customized template setting while fiddling with a background change. That took me back to square one. So, never fear, you are not alone! A button is my next step, so thanks for the tips :D

    1. Thanks! First person is my favorite. :)

      The electricity going out is pretty fun! (but let's be real. only because CANDLES AND WAX EVERYWHERE.) But eventually I tend to want more light so I can read. Although I did read by candlelight, a little. It just strains my eyes.

      (well I haven't even done a favicon yet. I know how, but I haven't. :P I think I'll go do that though... and I'm also really picky about my background. PERFECTION IS ATTAINABLE ON A BLOG. Kinda. Maybe. Okay, not really. :P)

  7. Ahhhhh camp nano. It's my first year too, so we can freak out together. ;P Beautiful writing!

    1. Yes I'm so excited!! *pretends not to be freaking out* We're going to get so much writing done. And thanks! :)

  8. Super good shot story. It reminded me of how Jesus was and is our friend even where we were enemies of Him. And even when we stumble, and fall, He will ALWAYS lift us up! It really encouraged me to keep living my life for Christ.

    1. Awww, thanks! That's a really good comparison! :):)

    2. Wow Em! I didn't think about it like that. *shakes head* You always make me go, "Ohhhhh!"

    3. ^^^^^ I had the same reaction. :P :) :)

  9. Hey Jonathan!

    Ooh, awesome short story. You write really well, and it totally captivated me. :D

    (And Emma - that's a great comparison and the story reminded me of that too!)

    I'm excited for NaNo! It's my first year too, and though I have no idea what I'm doing, I'm really looking forward to it. AAAAAHHH.

    Thanks for stopping by @ Scattered Journal Pages! I look forward to getting to know you better this month and next!

    1. (I see you found my blog. *insert ninja face* :P)

      Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :D (And Emma's comparison was really good! :D Thanks, Emma!)

      YES YES NANO. *flails* Don't worry. I have no idea what I'm doing either. (and in case you didn't notice most of the people who are in our cabin are also first yearers, so that's a plus! :D) I'm so excited though!

      No problem! Your blog is awesome. (and anyone reading this totally needs to go follow it. As in, now. :D)

    2. (I did! :))

      Haha, cool. Yay for newbies!

      Wow, that really means a lot. Thank you! What I've seen of yours I'm really enjoying as well.

      (Oh, also! I read your bio and learned that you're a pastor's kid? Sweet! Me too! *high fives*)

    3. Yes newbies are always so fun! :)

      Thank you too! It means a lot to me also. :D

      (OH YES GO PK'S!! *accepts high five*

    4. Whoa. I'm a PK too! Isn't it awesome to meet other PKs? So now I've met four other PKs online. Sweet!

    5. Really? That's awesome! :) I think I've met... four also?? :):)

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. I know, right?! It feels so great to know that other people know exactly what you go through. :D

  10. Wow, that snowstorm sounds epic. In Alberta we get some nasty snows but the power has never gone out for us yet in my time. It has for electrical storms though.
    I really liked your short story as well, it nicely drew me in and I like the POV a lot.
    Enjoy your new snowfall!

    1. Yeah it was pretty epic. My Dad really liked it because he didn't have to go to work, so that was a big plus. :D
      Thanks!! I tend to write in first person (if you can't tell from the previous comments XD)
      I shall!! (although it was already starting to melt... but then we had more snow. So yeah. :P)

  11. Grilled pound cake? That totally sounds like something we would do. ;)
    Wow, that story is amazing!!! *applauds* :D

    1. And surprisingly it actually turned out perfectly fine. Although we finished it in the oven when the electricity came on. :P

  12. Why do I love this blog more than my own. :(

    Good Job, Jonathan! So proud of you. :)

    1. Ummmm... because it's better than your own?

      I'M KIDDING KIDDING KIDDING KIDDING *puts hand over mouth*



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