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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Things I Look for in a Book Before Reading

YES I'M BLOGGGING ON A SUNDAY. No, I haven't become a heathen who hates church (quite the contrary I love church). Currently the highway is closed because of SNOW (yes I type this on April 17 IT SHOULD NOT BE SNOWING) 

*sighs* Well anyhow on to the post. :D

We're talking about things I look for in books. (what, no way!!!????) You know, those things that get a book onto my TBR list.

*loves this pic* Yes my cabinmates introduced me to Canva yesterday, and I may or may not be mildly obsessed.

1. Creative Premise

Read in: interesting synopsis. But shhhhh creative premise sounds SO much more professional.

So basically, I want a book with something new to offer, something fresh, bold, and exciting. I don't want to read a synopsis reeking of clichés. Because I hate clichés. #murderthecliches

2. Cool, attention-grabbing, interesting, and/or brightly colored covers.

I LOVE BOOK COVERS GUYS. Like, I kid you not, I have read books based off their covers ALONE. Don't read into this too much, though. The synopsis still holds importance. If the synopsis indicated the book was a romance... then yeah I frankly don't care how brightly colored the cover is.

3. Good reviews

I really like to read reviews before I decide to read a book. Amazon, Goodreads, you name it, I read the reviews. Especially reviews from people I'm familiar with. For example.

Me: The cover of The Choosing is kinda girly. Meh, I probably won't like it.

Me: Whoa Nadine Brandes reviewed The Choosing?

Me: Whoa she's like my favorite author!

Me: Whoa she gave it a really positive review??

Me: *reads book*

4. Genre

We all have our favorite genres. Whether it's historical fiction, fantasy, sci-fi, romance (bleh, did I really just say that?), dystopian, mystery, thriller, biography, etc., we all favor certain genres over others.

AND DON'T EVEN TRY TO TELL ME YOU LIKE ALL GENRES. CAUSE IT'S NOT TRUE. IT'S NOT. (just trust my ninja-ness on this one)

Some people prefer dragons. Some prefer orphans. Some prefer aliens. Some prefer detectives.

5. Author

It's simple really. We read a book by an author. We like the book. We find out THAT THEY HAVE OTHER BOOKS (typically this revelation is revealed by a cleverly placed ad in the back of the book), and we hence go forth and devour all their books.

Well there's the post. Also, I've exercised an extreme amount of self control *ahem* by waiting to the end of the post to tell you HEY LOOK A NEW PAGE CALLED CONTACT ME WHAT.

That's right, thanks to the help of my NaNoian friend Hannah (yes that's right it's a link engage your stalking modes) I have learned the power of the blog hotmail. *cue evil laughter* I think this is a good thing? Not sure though. It may or may not turn me into an evil mastermind, we shall see.

Yes I'm using the same gif twice BECAUSE IT WORKS

So anyhow, what do you all look for in a book? How many of my points do you agree with? DO YOU WANT TO KNOW HOW TO MAKE A CONTACT ME PAGE? (in which, case stalk Hannah and then after that use this helpful article which Hannah threw at me)



  1. Yay! It's okay, you're not weird for posting on a Sunday. Like, as long as you don't do it every Sunday...
    JK, JK. :)
    Soo, I agree with all of these. Like I said, book covers really influence if I chose a book or not. I spend A LOT of time looking at reviews about a book before I read it. And generally, if I find an author I like, I'll read ALL their books. (if they're appropriate, that is)
    And I've recently been trying new genres, but I generally stick to
    Fiction: dystopian, sci-fi (which is new), fantasy, and I wanna try some steampunk.
    Nonfiction: Christian/missionary auto/biographies.

    1. Kay that's good cause I probably wouldn't have time to post on a normal Sunday. XD
      Yes covers and reviews! :D I've read 100+ reviews for books before... so *hides* yeah. XD Authors are good also.
      Ooh ooh dystopian is awesome. And steampunk is a cool genre, I've only read one (The Sky Riders, by Christopher Hopper, if you're interested. It's perfectly clean, as far as I remember.) but I really liked it. :D
      Yeah I've been enjoying biographies also. :D

    2. Yeah, you've told me about Sky Riders. I would read it if it weren't my sisters book. *sigh* She wants to read it first.
      And yet, she hasn't even started XD

    3. OH YES I remember that I did. :D

  2. I love that gif so much! I usually look for reviews, but that can turn out bad, like they don't care about something and I do, so then I read it and BAM! Woah, why was that F words not in the review?!

    1. XD Yes I know it's a good gif.
      Yeah it's good to be careful on reviews, but I read mostly Christian stuff, so the reviews are typically fine. :D

  3. Haha! I'm sure nobody thought you were a heathen, Mr. PK. xD

    #3 is big for me. If a lot of people (whose reviews I trust) say a book is good, I'll probably pick it up at some point or make a note to read it.
    I'm not sure if you've read the Lunar Chronicles or not, but I heard a TON of people saying great things about Cinder (the first book). I don't normally read sci-fi, so I was highly skeptical, but it ended up being FANTASTIC. On the other had, sometimes books that get raving reviews by my friends end up not really being my thing. *shrugs* I DON'T EVEN KNOW.

    Amazing covers are ALWAYS a bonus too!

    1. XD That's a valid point, actually. :P

      Yep same, reviews by people I know (as in know of XD) are bonuses for me. :D
      OH MY GOODNESS YES I'VE HEARD OF THEM. I've been dying to read them for like months, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. *wails*

      Yep the cover is a big part fo the first impressions. :D

    2. I have been DYING to read those books. But just as I was about to, I saw someone's review about her thinking it like 15+. So I was skeptical and didn't read it.

    3. Hann:
      I'd say Cinder's probably 13+. There's no language, and only two or so references to unnecessary things.
      Scarlet (#2) is probably 15+. Nothing "bad" happens, but there are some references to inappropriate things and it's a bit creepy.
      I haven't read the others yet.
      I think you'd be fine to read them, though, if you can overlook a few things.

    4. Thanks, Amanda!
      It's really helpful to like "talk" to a real person who will be HONEST and tell me about what's actually in the book :)

    5. XD That's something I appreciate also.

    6. Amanda, I just realized you said 'overlook a few things.'
      I dunno if you've read the Mistborn Trilogy... But I'm sure I'll be fine.
      I got Cinder from the library and my moms gonna read/look over it first :)

    7. That's always a good idea. :D

  4. *adds The Sky Riders to tbr*
    Good post! Although, I don't usually read reviews before I read a book. I have so little reading time already, and I don't want others opinions of books to influence mine. I've read reviews raving about certian books that I ended up not liking, and I've read really bad reviews on books that I loved, so ... I guess I just haven't had much luck with them. XP But covers are important, YESYES. Which is funny, now that I think about it, because authors don't actually have much say in their covers? Which really stinks cause they are a big deal ... Ah well. Good post!

    1. XD It's a good book. Forgot to mention earlier that it's not straight steampunk, it's futuristic, but still awesome. :D
      Yep same for me sometimes I don't like a book even if it has rave reviews, but for some reason I still like to read the reviews. XD
      YES COVERS I KNOW. And it's true. *sniffs* On a side note though, I may or may not have spent way too much time on Canva yesterday designing fake covers for my books sooo... XD

  5. This was fun to read :)
    I love book covers too! Also, you didn't even list my favorite genre... contemporary. Shame on you!
    Oh, and Canva is pretty amazing!
    Snow? Wow! I just came inside from playing badminton with my brothers because it's too hot outside.

    1. Thanks. :)
      Yep everyone seems to like the book covers. XD Oh... you're right I didn't. Oops. :P It's probably because I don't read it like at all. xD
      OOH badminton it SO MUCH FUN. We typically can't play it here very often though cause it's too windy. Or like today, we can't cause it's snowing. XD

  6. *very firm nod* I approve of this post. It basically explains my feelings on the subject.
    Oooh sour patch :D

    1. *nods* Yes it explains my feeling also so we are in agreement. XD
      It's not "ooh sour patch" it's "STAND ASIDE HUMANS SOUR PATCH." :P

  7. Replies
    1. The cover especially. Covers are very important. And speaking of covers, how's canva so far?
      Now I'm gonna go have to check out the choosing.

    2. YES covers. *nods*
      Canva is amazing, I love it so much more than what I was using. :D
      It was... good. *whispers* For the record, the cover represents the book pretty well. It was rather girly. XD So you'll probably like it. :D

    3. Good. I LOVEEE canva.
      Can't wait to see the final one.
      I have seen that book around so I'll have to read it. :)

      Yes you would probably like it, I think. :D

  8. The best thing about this post is the fact that it snowed last week here in Michigan, but it was seventy degrees today.

    1. We had snow last week, too, but today it was in the low 80s. We're actually in southeastern Ohio, so we probably got similar weather to Michigan. :-] Probably just made you jealous. Oops... ;-)

    2. Scratch that, southWESTERN Ohio. My brain messed up my map. Argh!!

    3. WOW that's a rapid climate change. XD It's actually starting to warm up a little here today... *looks out window* kay FINE not really. :P

  9. HOW am I supposed to cover when you left nothing else to cover??! um.... hype? friend recommendations??? there we go. I'll read pretty much anything a close (trusted) friend recommends. I claim myself to be Queen Of Historical Fiction, but last fall my best friend got me to *finally* take a second look at a sci-fi because I TRUST HER.

    So at this point if said friend tells me to read something, I'll read it. Which means her recommendation goes on the list of what I look for because if she *didn't* like it, I know I won't either.

    Oh -- and content, too. Because let's face it, half of Young Adult "literature" is junk. (*sigh*)

    1. XD Yep those are good ones also. Same. I enjoy sci-fi too so GOOD FOR YOUR FRIEND. :P Historical iction is awesome also though. :D

      Well that's a good thing. Sometimes I'll tell my brother he won't like something and he'll still read it and then he'll be like "I didn't like that." and I'll be like "TOLD YOU." XD XD :P

      Oh yeah that's also a true statement. *sighs also*

  10. You have SNOW??? Like snow to close roads? Wow. We had snow (read: flurries) last week, but nothing stuck. :P And it was like 70 earlier so I'm happy. ;)

    I look for many (okay, ALL) of these in books I read. Haha, no I guess you can't love all genres. ;) But I do LIKE all of them...sorta...sometimes... *cough* XD

    1. YES I KNOW. But luckily today it's beginning to warm up a lot so the snow is melting *cheers*

      Nice! Hmm... okay MAYBE like all the general ones. XD XD

  11. We never get snow. As in, not even a quarter of an inch every five years. lol. That's central CA for you. :) But we take trips to the snow. ;)

    Anyways, yes, I go through that same process when trying to find a book to read. Mostly, I stick with authors I like. But then again, recommendations are appreciated too!

    I wrote my book blurb and posted it if you want to read it. No sweat if ya don't though! (I just might unfriend you though...Hmmm, maybe not. I have powers to hypnotize folks over the internet too...mwahahahaha! So I suggest checking it out, okay?) You know I'm just kidding. If you want to, go for it. If not, don't worry about it! Here's the link: http://bethanyr4him.blogspot.com/2016/04/my-wip-pirates-tale.html

    Thanks for the post! I enjoyed it!

    1. Wow. *looks out window* *sees five foot drift* Yep we definitely get more snow than you guys. XD

      Yep because some authors are tried and true. :D

      But I'm being sooo bad at commenting this month because of Camp and beta reading and life and all that good stuff. XD However I'm gonna run over there and drop a comment right now. :D

    2. Got it! Thanks! My mom said that I might want to consider going into a field where I write the book blurbs, etc. If you ever have a need in that area, I'd be willing to try to write one for ya.

    3. Really? I didn't even know that was an area of work, but you could definitely do that. XD Thanks for the offer. :D

  12. I tag you for the "Top Ten Villains" tag. If you're interested, check out my blog for details. And saying "no" is NOT an option. ;) YOU MUST DO THIS TAG!!! For one, I'm curious, for another, I finally figured out how to hypnotize people over the internet...so yeah. B-)

    1. OH MY GOODNESS IT SOUNDS SIMPLY DIABOLICAL. Yes I must do this one. I'm glad you poked me though, cause I haven't seen your post yet. (excuses: beta reading, camp, speeches due, etc. :P )

    2. Your welcome. ^_^ Oooo...I can poke people through the internet TOO??? And not even realize it? Whoa...I'll have to try that more often! ;)
      *makes disapproving noises* Excuses, excuses...
      Actually, I totally feel for you. I've been crazy busy too. :)


    4. Of course. Poking people over the internet is a legit way of communication. :P
      Yeah I know life is just busy sometimes. :D
      BECAUSE I WAS AWAKE THEN. *mindblown*
      *looks at clock* Oh look it's almost eleven again. *shrugs* XD

    5. *more disapproving noises* I was in bed at NINE-THIRTY *angelic face*...(granted, that does NOT always happen)
      I hereby decree that you should go to bed sooner. Dude, it's not HEALTHY. *starts reciting everything my mother has told me about going to bed on time...* Just kidding. ;)
      Oh dear, I'm starting to type out nonsense. Obviously I should go to bed at nine-thirty more often. :)
      I look forward to who your top ten villains are. }:)

    6. Nine-thirty? *counts on fingers* THAT'S STILL FOUR HOURS OF DAYLIGHT. *clears throat* Okay FINE maybe not daylight but good enough. *nods*
      XD Working on the post now. :D

    7. 8:42. MUCH better. You're learning. ;)
      There are some nights where I wish I could stay up typing on a story...but then I realized that my stories would end up being VERY weird if that happened. I start acting odd after ten. You can ask any of my siblings about it. :P
      Glad to hear it. :)

    8. XD My best writing is probably done late at night. :D



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