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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

April Awesomeness

HI ALL. We have our monthly wrap up post for today! *cheering* And yes, I know what you're thinking... It's May 3. WHY AM I SO LATE?? 

Well my devious mind decided that since everyone else was doing their wrap up posts on the 31st, I would do mine now, AND HENCE IT WOULD STICK OUT AND MAKE YOU ALL MORE INTERESTED. Actually it may or may not have been because I wasn't done with the post and life has been busy which is probably also why I haven't been commenting very much lately but EXCUSES let's not go there. 

So this pic is slightly more representative of my April than the pic I used for May? Slightly. We actually went sledding yesterday (read in: face planting into the snow and laughing as other people's sleds flip over) so yeah you can picture what the weather's been like.

Anyhow. On to the post.  

Top Quotes

Top Reads

The Safe Lands Series by Jill Williamson. Overall, Jill Williamson has become one of my favorite authors. Her dystopian series was even better than her fantasy one, Blood of Kings. With a tight, intriguing plot and a well-developed storyworld, this series has made it onto my favorites list!!! *cue confetti* It had some mature themes in it (handled from a Christian worldview and very well, in my opinion), but I’d say this series is best for ages 16+. *nods*

Top Blog Posts
There is Always Grace A very good post from one of my NaNo cabinmates about dealing with stress.

Why You Should Write a Book Blurb (and some tips on how to do that) So yeah basically I HAVE A BLURB BOW TO ME EARTHLINGS. (unless you also have a blurb in which case we can bow to each other I guess?) Course it's not a very good blurb at the moment, BUT IT'S A BLURB NONETHELESS.

confession time: long books kinda terrify me *is also scared to death of long books*  Why on earth would a long book be terrifying? Hm. *shrugs*

Writing Contest (I may or may not have included this one solely because this is an awesome contest and you should probably start working on an entry like RIGHT. NOW. Actually no finish my post first. But I'll probably be entering if I can FINISH MY STORY IN TIME. *screams* XD)

Losing It All So basically I can't really think of a condensed way to describe this post. So just go read it. But also, THERE'S ANOTHER GUY BLOGGER IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD GUYS. *throws confetti* He started his blog recently, mostly faith-related. :D So hop on over there and leave cookies and comments. :) :)
Aaaand there were a lot more awesome blog posts this month BUT I'M SHORT ON TIME OVER HERE so let's move on. :D

Bloggerly News
I PUBLISHED MY 500TH COMMENT EEEEEKKK. I'm sorta like jumping up and down and attempting cartwheels really excited about this. I don't know why? I just am. *nods* Thanks to everyone who has commented so far!! :D

Also I have not forgotten about my blogs page. actually I did forget BECAUSE OF CAMP AND STUFF #excuses but I HAVE REMEMBERED NOW. Hopefully I shall finish my internet scavenger hunt by the end of this month and have that up. (key word: hopefully)

And I know I already mentioned this in a previous post but CONTACT ME PAGE WOOT WOOT. So yeah basically I don't know why I would ever use it it just makes me feel techy and stuff. *sage nod* My only fear is that I become an evil mastermind and start using the power of the blog Hotmail to convert all broccoli into sour patch.

You were expecting the Kronk gif, weren't you? 
It's totally possible.

Word Count

28, 500 *screams* I WON MY FIRST CAMP NANO GUYS. #lifeexperiences My goal was 25k. Also this was 13k words more than last month, so that's exciting. :)

Other Random Projects You may or may Not Hear About:



30,299 *confetti*  <<<<< Basically why the post is titled "April
Awesomeness" instead of maybe "April Audacity." (Because April conspired with Camp and attempted to fry my brain. OF ALL THE NERVE. *slaps April*)

(Yes this section is new because I saw some other people who do it and frankly IT'S PURE BRILLIANCE. So if you're one of the people who does this, give yourself a pat on the back for inspiring me to do the same. :D )
1. Write 10k words in my WIP. Okay, it's not as much as April. But I shall be in VEGAS (super excited guys; more in a future post maybe) for a weekish so I might not be writing then. I might be? But who knows. XD
2. Read at least six books. Well we're driving to Vegas and I'm one of those people who can read in the car sooo this shouldn't be too hard. XD
3. Finish my short story for the contest mentioned above. Which... sorta isn't really a goal so much as a deadline? XD Seeing as the contest ends towards the middle of the month. I really need to work on that though... cause I want to enter... :)

And that's all for this month. :D Did the post feel a little rushed? Well it sorta was so no excuses there. XD

Future posts include a massive tag thingy (sorta mashing together a couple of Infinity Dreams Awards and Liebster Awards so yeah we'll see how that goes), a friend and I are considering doing an interview type thing (possibly a vlog, any thoughts on that?), probably a few book reviews, and you can definitely look for some thoughts on writing now that Camp is over and my brain can breathe again. :P

NOW TELL ME ABOUT YOUR LIVES PEOPLE. Are you going on a trip anytime soon? Any goals you have? How did you do in Camp NaNo? (unless you weren't in it, in which case start prepping for July. XD) Are you in the contest?

~ Jonathan


  1. I went on two trips in two weekends, so I HOPE not. xD
    I won! I wrote 76k in 22 days, and I'm sooo tired.
    I am actually a judge in the contest, so I can't enter it.

    1. Oh wow yes Rachel you need to go take a nap after all that traveling and writing. I wouldn't be tired, I would be dead. :P
      Ah yes I saw that using my ninja stalker skilz. XD

  2. Oh vegas? sounds fun. And that chocolate quote though. my fav.
    And i was going to do my april wrap up today and you have inspired to just do it even late lol

    1. It should be! I'm excited. :) XD Yes I stumbled across that and was like "There is no way this is not ending up in a blog post." XD
      Well, glad someone else is late. :P I liked yours though. :) :)

  3. Hey, thanks for the mention, Jonathan! I really appreciate it! :)

    Umm, actually, yes I am going on a trip soonish, that I'm EXTREMELY excited about. But it's secret for now, cause I wrote a whole blog post about it and I don't want to spoil the surprise. ;P (Expect it in a couple of weeks.) Hmm, goals. Honestly, I never thought about that before, but one easily comes to mind. Learning how to handle stress better! (Or learning how to obliterate it entirely would be good too.) ;)

    No Camp NaNo, unfortunately. Life's too much fun, a.k.a. busy. However, I am part of a Writer's Club that meets every month and puts out a newsletter of some sorts. Does that count?

    1. Sure! :)

      WAIT REALLY. *reads more* Oh a surprise! Coolio, I'm already stalking you so there's no way I can miss it. XD (But I'm guessing it MIGHT be a missions trip... XD) Oh wait really? You saw the first post on my list, right? :) Go read it. :) :)

      NO. THAT DOES. NOT. COUNT. :P Just kidding. Partial credit for you! :) But just so you know, Camp NaNo isn't like normal NaNo where you have to write at least 50k words. In Camp, you can have whatever goal you want, even if it's just 5k. :)

    2. Hey, no guessing!! :P Somehow, I must've missed the part about stress. :O However, I did find it after I commented and read it. :)

      Well, partial credit is better than nothing. I will say this, if you saw the word counts in my projects you wouldn't be surprised that I didn't join. Plus, I didn't really have anyone to do it with either. :/

      But...now that I've thought about it. I think I might start setting a daily word count goal with my bro to help keep me on track. We'll see. :D

    3. AHA SO I'M RIGHT. :P Ah coolio it was a good post. :)

      Aw I'm sure you got in at least 1k words, and with cabinmates yelling "WRITE OR DIE" at you, you could have gotten done a lot more. :P No cabin? Hmm in July if you're interested make sure to let me know and I might be able to hook you up with one... :)

      It's a good idea though. :D

    4. Unfortunately, July happens to be the month I'm leaving for the trip that may or may not be a missions trip... :/ Oh well, maybe next year. Thanks for the offer though! :D

  4. Ooo, ooo, ooo! A VLOG!?!?! If you want to feel REALLY techy, do that! ;)
    Frankly, I thought about doing an April overview post...but life has been TOO HECTIC (in all caps). I'm hoping to do a May blog post at the end of this month and you'll see a little of what I mean when I say April and May are possibly THE BUISIEST months of the year for me. (Yes, I'm keeping you in suspense. *inserts the diabolical laughter here*)
    You're going to Vegas? Any chance you'll come up to Washington while you're on this side of the US?? *dangles sour patch* ;P I know, it was a long shot. Forgive me. ;)
    I'm headed to the ocean in a couple weeks...like the ocean down in Oregon. Which is different than the Puget sound located about three minutes from our home. Cannon Beach here we come!!! (Can you tell I'm excited?? ^_^) More on that in a later blog post. Yes, more suspense. That was on purpose)
    Anyhoo, its nice to know that my life isn't the only crazy one around here. ;)

    1. XD Well actually it doesn't require much tech knowledge to upload a video onto your blog post. Making the video good though? Yup I'll need to use the full extent of my technological knowledge for that. (Which... isn't too much XD)

      #EXCUSES FINE we'll let you off this once since I was late anyways. :P I shall be watching you until the end of May though... :P
      Washington, huh? Welp unfortunately I'm not driving and I can get sour patch in Colorado, soooo not likely. :P
      OOOH THE OCEAN sounds like fun! I shall look for that post also. :)

  5. (Pssstt! You're nodding a lot again! Your head's gonna fall off!)
    Goal #2 is easily me. I've never had a problem reading in the car.
    Yes, I was half expecting the Kronk gif. XD

    Not much happenin' in my life. The OYAN forum eats up tons of my time, school time included(oops). But it's fun!! :-)

    1. (DON'T WORRY I have a very flexible neck I'll be fine. XD)
      SAME. I actually probably like reading in the car more than just normal reading. :)
      Ah you were mwahahaha that pic was so much better though. XD

      Ah, I see. WHAT SCHOOL TIME KRYSTAL? Tsk tsk. :P

    2. (You did mention that. XD)
      I don't know, curled up on my bed with a book is probably my favorite.
      It makes a good OYAN avvie. ;)

      The "I'm supposed to be doing math/history/science/etc., but instead I'm foruming" time...ya know, THAT school time. XD It disappears rather quickly when one forums the day away...

    3. (Ah yes on the bed is fun too XD)

      Tsk tsk Krystal FOCUS. My advice to you would be to not even take out your laptop until you're completely done with school. *nods* :)

    4. (Yep!!) :)

      I do try to focus...sometimes my brain just won't cooperate. :P I have shut my iPad off completely before until I finish school, and that seemed to help for a while. Might need to do that again. Wise advice, though. :)

  6. To start off, I guess I should say 'hi'. I've been hanging around for a couple weeks now, and thought I should probably introduce myself. (Eesh that sounded stiff)

    Congrats on finishing camp NaNo! I tried it for the first time this year, but eh, didn't complete my goal. Maybe in July!

    I'm not going on a trip anytime soon, but later this year my family is going on a vacation. Have fun in Vegas (I've never actually been, but I'm sure it's great)!

    I love that Tobymac quote at the beginning of your post!

    Your blog makes me laugh (well, I guess it sounds more like snorts, but whatever), and whenever I see one of your posts on my dashboard it brightens my day.


    1. Hey, Chloe! *waves* XD No don't worry that wasn't stiff and awkward trust me. :)

      Thanks! I'm sure you got plenty of writing done either way, and you can always set a little bit of a lower goal for July. :) (The only way I made mine is word wars. Lots and lots of word wars. XD)

      Oh, that should be fun! Family vacations are always fun. *nods* :)

      XD Thanks it's one of my favorites. :D

      Aw thanks! That made my day. :) :)

  7. Ah, I don't think it matters much when a monthly wrap-up is posted. ;) I mean it has to be soon after, obviously, but other than that *shrug*. Mine wasn't up until the 2nd for Reasons.
    Everyone else posted their's on the 31st?? Really?? Are you sure?? *whispers* Jonathan, go look at a calendar please.

    All those quotes are wonderful. *saves them all* I loooooove quotes. ;)
    Oh, I hope you can enter the writing contest!! :D
    Wow, that's an awesome word count!! I wrote *cough* 7K this month *cough*
    Lots of cool goals too!! :)

    I didn't do Camp NaNo, but I'm totally doing July...(well, maybe).

    1. XD Well thanks. :D
      *whispers back* I KNOW I added a day to the calendar oops I hope this doesn't throw everyone's schedules off SORRY GUYS. :P

      Ooh yeah quotes are fun! :)
      I KNOW I saw you were a judge I just need to FINISH MY STORY EEK *screams*
      XD Thanks! 7k is pretty good also. :)

      Oh really? You totally should, it's SO much fun. :)

    2. Since no one else had at the time, I had to mention it. ;P

      I hope you can enter!! :D

  8. Oh goodness, you very nearly gave me a heartattack. When I read “doing their wrap up posts on the 31st” I was like HOW DID I MISS A DAY??? I thought April only had 30!! And then I counted on my knuckles and checked my calendar. *glares* False alarm :P

    I should probably introduce myself. Sorry 'bout that ;) "Hi!" :D I found your blog through Faith P, and frankly, your blog is amazing! :D Like Chloe says, your blog makes me laugh. You're hilarious XD

    But yeah. Anyway. Totally get the busy-ness. I had to start my post waaayyy ahead of time to get it done on the THIRTIETH *ahem* ;)

    I LOVE that first quote. It’s just - awesome XD

    Wow, congratulations! That is a LOT of writing!!!

    1. OH MY MARBLES. *dies laughing* Well I have officially added a day to the calendar. #lifeexperiences XD

      Hey there! Why thank you very much! :) I'm glad you like it, and that I can make you laugh. :D

      Yes I know I started mine ahead too, but then life happened. XD *coughcough* Indeed, the thirtieth? Day early, isn't it? :P

      Thanks! I liked it also. :D

      XD I think it may be a record for me. :) :)

  9. Didn't meet my Camp NaNo goal, but oh well! A vlog would be cool :)

    1. Always July though! :) And we'll see. 0_0 XD

  10. Also, the chocolate quote was just...so amazing.

  11. Sounds like a nice full month! What did you write for Camp NaNo? It sounds like you got a lot of it done, great work!
    We drove through Vegas on our way to California, it was an...interesting city. XD Casinos literally every other building.

    1. I was writing in my WIP. *points to writings page* Which... I should probably update. XD
      Ah yes we won't actually be staying in Vegas just near there. :)

  12. Congrats on all the writing! Love those quotes!

    I was able to do more writing in April than I had any other month too, so that was awesome. :) Thanks for sharing!

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. XD Don't worry, there's always July to try again! :)
      O.O Wow. XD



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