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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May is Over

(Because I'm brain dead and legit have no other title ideas. The other day I was looking for my laptop. First place I checked was my suitcase, then I spent five minutes looking for it all over my house. Where was it? IN MY SUITCASE. Anyways there was no point to this ramble thing move along.)

IT'S THE END OF THE MONTH AND WE ALL KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS. Time for my monthly wrap-up post. (Which will also include some stuff about my trip to Vegas. I'm mashing the two together just because. XD)

Trip Highlights

  • there were 18 of us total which was really fun (last year there were only six of us)
  • full twelve passenger van most of the way there and back makes for a less-than-boring ride *cough* XD (Note the photo of the van I used in the post. Not that it's our car, but I thought it was appropriate. XD)
  • we stayed in really cool cottages that were basically mini houses (last year we were in a camper so this was an improvement. XD)
  • we took a lot of pictures
  • I went swimming for the first time in like at least a year
  • my shooting improved a ton (who would have guessed a four day gun class would make you shoot better?)
  • I realized that like half of what I learned was fantastic novel research (read in: research is fun in some very special occasions)

Bloggerly News

I PUBLISHED MY 750TH COMMENT and then I redesigned my blog after much loss of hair.

Also I know the pages aren't working right now. (Or at least they weren't last time I checked. Now that I've said they aren't working, who knows, maybe they'll decide to start working.) Good news is, I'm pretty sure I know how to fix it so they should be working again later this week. (Bad news is, it will involve html editing and more loss of hair.)

Books I Read

Behold the Dawn by K. M. Weiland
A little slow moving at parts, but still very well-written. Epic cover, too.

The Insanity of God by Nik Ripken
Impactful, moving, and overall very inspiring nonfiction book about the persecuted church.

Cinder by Marissa Meyer
Light-hearted Cinderella retelling that was basically what I expected. XD CYBORGS THOUGH.

Scarlet by Marissa Meyer
More violent than Cinder, but also more action and higher stakes.

Defy by Tricia Mingerink
I'm in the blog tour for this, so you'll be hearing more about this one soon.

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
Amazing book. Murdered my feels in two. brutal. pages. Had some swearing though, so be warned.

The Calling by Rachelle Dekker
An awesome dystopian that I really liked, much more than the first book in the series.


Um well I didn't write that much this month. XD I WAS BUSY THOUGH. Also I don't know what my exact word count is.

It's complicated. I WAS KEEPING TRACK but then the calculator I had the running tally on messed up my tally so yeah. I think it was probably between 5k and 10k. But hey I get credit for writing at least some while I was in Vegas.


Well... I didn't win. XD But I still had fun writing my story. :)

Okay so I don't entirely agree with that but I wanted to see if I could get away with quoting Cookie Monster. XD

And don't ask me who he is cause I have no clue.

Did I pull this from someone else's blog? I think I may have... it's a good quote though.


Get back into my routine after leaving for a week. (read in: my excuse for being a terrible commenter XD)

Write 15k in my WIP.

Start planning for my NaNo project.

Read four books.

Aaaaannnndddd that's all for today folks! Other than me wishing you all an amazing belated Memorial Day. (Did you do anything fun ? We celebrated with our church) How was you guys' months? Anything exciting? DID YOU MANAGE TO SURVIVE WHILE I WAS GONE? XD



  1. Ahhhhhhh. Yay!!!And yas the book thief. Ugh I am literally dead. Ah and a funny story, first time I shot a gun I squealed really loud and the guy next to me was looking at me like 'girl you crazy' so yep. And my month was good.

    1. Wait no you can't be dead Hannah because you're commenting. :P Ehehehehe to be honest I'd probably look at you like that also so. XD

    2. Hahahahahah. But after I would throw my ever present spatula. *evil laugh*
      Jonathan I will vary that spatula for when the one comes. Watch out. I will find you. < *says in a not so creeper way*
      And yeah I'm not dead. Just internally dead fictional wise......

    3. BUT don't forget about my ninja skilz. No spatula is a match for me. *ninja moves* XD
      Oooohhh I see. :)

  2. Still have to get MY end-of-the-month post done...*sigh* Life is just NOT all it's cracked up to be. So much for vacation equaling rest. *rolls eyes* I "MAY" be a bit late on that post. (Sorry, that was awful...ignore it)
    Anyways. Glad to have you back. Hopefully the posts we wrote while you were gone weren't TOO insane. ;)

    1. Ah but hey you got it written so yay! :D Um who told you vacation equals rest? XD Vacation = awesome crazy fun that makes you more tired. (okay... if you say so... *ignores it* XD)
      Well I don't know... some of them looked pretty crazy. :P

  3. We survived!!! But we're glad you're back. :p

    You already know what we did for Memorial Day, because I told you on the OYAN forum. ;)

    I tried to read the Book Thief, but I didn't get twenty pages into it before the swearing came in. And I won't read stuff that has that in it, so I closed it, and back to the library it went. And the POV was very strange and dark, at least at the beginning. So I don't have a very high opinion of this book.

    Anyway, glad you're back!!! :)

    1. Glad to be back! :)

      Ah yeah it does have some swearing. (A lot of it is German though.) Really? Hmmm I thought it was rather quirky. XD

    2. It was quirky but at the same time gave a really cool POV of the story. And yeah, the swearing was bad.... It wasn't even In situations where I would have been 'ok you are in the middle of a battle and the author wanna to make this real'
      It was more just because

    3. :) :)

      Yep. (Um, I know a bit of German... :-/) Eh, I didn't read very much, so you'd have a better idea of it. :)

  4. I literally did nothing in May. xD Edit, but yeah.

  5. I read Cinder and Scarlet this month, too. Greta books!
    I'm glad you had fun on your trip :)
    I didn't write a lot, probably about 1,300 words.
    Those quotes are awesome.
    I'm tired, too, so I apologize for the disjointed comment XD

    1. Oh, yep. Those books are so GRETA. I meant great. Great. *facepalm* Ugh, I hate my phones stupid auto-correct.

    2. *snickers* Autocorrect can be annoying sometimes. I liked them also though! :)
      Thanks. :)
      Welp, that's better than nothing! XD
      Yup they are. :)
      It's okay that means I can get away with a disjointed reply. XD

    3. Haha, I see you're reply is disjointed XD

  6. Your new blog design is beautiful!! And I loved it before :P

    Your trip sounds like a lot of fun. I love accidental research. That's why you should always have a notebook with you ;-)

    You read The Insanity of God! That's one of my favorites!! I basically cried my way through the book. (And that was back before I did that a lot.)

    My sister read The Book Thief, but I just crumbed while watching the movie (which I loved). I'm mad at Marcus though, because I have a future novel that needs to be named The Book Thief -_-

    Your quotes are awesome (even the cookie monster one.)

    I'm looking forward to doing Camp NaNo. It will be my first shot and comes perfectly timed after the completion of my first draft of my current WIP. Anything I should know before joining the ranks? I guess the first thing to do is decide which story to conquer . . .

    I'll let you read all about my month for yourself because it's too much to fit into a comment :P

    1. Why thank you. :)

      It was fun! While I didn't have a notebook, I remember what I learned. :D (Four days of the same info will do that to ya. XD)

      I DID and it's because you recommended it to me waaaaay back on that post I did about biographies. It was really good. :)

      Oooh I still need to watch it. And actually to be honest I have a story about a boy who steals books... I'm NOT naming it The Book Thief though. xD

      KEWL YOU'RE DOING CAMP. *high fives* Um well not really! :) It's really fun and not very complicated at all. :D

  7. Cool! I'm not going to comment in detail about each thing, 'cause I'm way to lazy right now. But enjoyed reading this! I had never read any of those books except "The Book Thief" which I really liked, yes there was some language, but still a great book! The movie is great too!
    Great post!

    1. XD Thank you! :) I still need to watch the movie...

  8. I'm just flailing here about how you read The Book Thief...finally!!! Someone else has read it besides my mom and boyfriend. :P It is a heart-murderer, that's for sure but it's one of my favorite books ever and that's saying a lot for me.
    Also, good job on writing between 5-10k on a vacation. I failed at writing on my vacation. XD

    1. XD I did really like it, despite how sad it was.
      Thanks! XD I didn't write all of that on the vacation though... that was for the whole month. :)

  9. Excuse me while I flail 'cause you read Cinder *and* The Book Thief. (Be still my beating heart.) It sounds like you had a really fun May!


  10. *grabs iPad cause she needs calculator* *ends up reading Jonathan's entire post*

    Nice to know I'm not the only one who commonly misplaces things in common places. :P Wow, sounds like a crazy month! Ahhh, I need to read Behold the Dawn...and The Book Thief. ;) Good luck on those goals! :D

    1. *snickers* Sounds like something I would do...

      XD Hehehe. It was a good crazy. :) Oooh they were both really good. Thanks. :D

  11. Ooh, you should try a road trip in a fifteen passenger van! Even more craziness! (craziness=fun) I have 8 siblings so road trips are always pretty crazy! XD
    Oh my word! Nik Ripken!!!? I didn't know he had written any books! I will have to pick that up from my library! I JUST finished listening to an audio drama in which he was in a few episodes. The Brinkman Adventures, season 4 was the audio drama in case you are interested. They are really good! (brinkmanadventures.com)

    I really want to read the Book Thief, but haven't yet (because of the language) But it is my sister's favorite book!

    God bless!
    Sarah Grace

    1. Oohh that does sound like fun! REALLY COOL big families are awesome. :) Yes he does! I actually think he might have written another one or two... not sure though. Oh okay I'll look into those. :D

      Ah yeah it does have some swearing. :( Ooh your sister has good tastes! XD



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