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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Ten Books I Picked up On A Whim

I'm an impulsive individual, guys. 

Also I'm terrible at intros. 

I think there's a connection between the two, actually.

ANYWAYS (this is where I jump right into the post and then expect you people, my amazing followers to IGNORE THE INTRO *cough*) today I have decided to link up with that "Top Ten Tuesday" thing I see aaaalllll the time.

The prompt is "Ten Books I Picked up on a Whim." (Yes my title is the same as the prompt. I couldn't think of a better one. XD)

Pshaw who needs to see my blog url clearly anyways?

So basically I'm going to interpret "whim" as not being recommended by someone else. *nods* Here we go.

1. The Insanity of God by Nik Ripken

Okay I digress this one wasn't entirely on a whim BUT IT WAS CLOSE ENOUGH. Technically it was recommended to me in a really really off-handed manner (you know who you are XD). THAT TITLE THOUGH.


Basically why I read it. XD You can't name a book something like that and then NOT EXPECT TO GET READERS JUST TO SEE WHAT THIS BOOK IS ABOUT. (for the record, it's about the persecuted church and it was really good so you should read it :D )

2. The House on the Corner by Michael Rains

(I'm just going to say that I assume accidentally requesting it from a review program and then reading it counts as a whim, okay? IT COUNTS.)

3. Dare by Tricia Mingerink

YES I KNOW believe it or not I simply stumbled across this book in the Kindle store one day. NO ONE had recommended it to me when I read it. (of course now it has like a fandom and all BUT IT DIDN'T WHEN I READ IT SO IT COUNTS.)

4. Bonhoeffer by Eric Metaxas

I honestly don't know how this one happened to me. It's like, 600ish pages of teensy tinsy print.

It was one of my ambitious moments. XD Although there are definitely some people who pick up terrifyingly long books on a whim and read them.

5. The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton

Okay so technically my Mom gave me a list of books to choose from. IT WAS LIKE 50 BOOKS THOUGH so for me to choose this one was most certainly at least kinda on a whim. (also I may or may not have snuck this one it just to throw it in all of your faces again) *cough* Have you read it yet? *cough*

6. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Yup, I even pick up classics on a whim. (for the record though this book is amazing and filled with whimsical *cough* characters so you should read it because CLASSICS ARE NOT SCARY KIDS).

7. Curio by Evangeline Denmark

Because I could get it on my Kindle for free. Plus, porcelain characters are cool. As is steampunk. As is dystopian. As is that one character that has MECHANICAL WINGS. (cool, right?)

8. Resistance by Jaye L. Knight

I KNOW IT'S PITIFUL I read this book before anyone recommended it to me. Like, what even. I WAS IN MY OWN LITTLE WORLD (read in: I didn't have a blog nor did I stalk other people's blogs) so hence I found this book all on my own and am now a rabid fan. XD

9. A Time to Die by Nadine Brandes

*hides* Yes. I know. IT'S TOO HARD TO BELIEVE. Believe it, minions. You'd be surprised at the amount of books I used to stumble across all on my own in the Kindle store. (also I find it interesting that many of my fandom books weren't recommended to me hmmm)

10. The Giver by Lois Lowry

I watched the movie before I read the book, guys. IT'S LIKE A CRIME. Also, I think I *cringes* might have liked the movie more? *horrified glances* NO IT'S OKAY just this once. Only this once though. XD

Okay, so that was a little bit harder than I thought. Not too mind blowing though. XD

Have any of you done this before? Do you tend to pick up books on a whim, or are you more selective? (Now that I'm a blogger I'm drowning in book recommendations, hence I'm becoming less impulsive. I think this is a good thing? *shrugs* XD) What are some interesting books that you stumbled across on your own? :)



  1. Oh, I'd have to say "Nobody's Girl" by Hector Malot. I found it while looking through kindle public domain books and I'm so glad I downloaded it. It was just such a charming little story. (I also like to think I'm one of the special few who has read it. It doesn't seem to be that well known. At least, I think it is...)

    And hey, I watched the Giver before I read it too. I thought it was a good bit better than the book, so YOU'RE NOT ALONE! :P

    1. Ooh I've never heard of that one. It has a really interesting title though. :)

      REALLY NO WAY? *high fives* XD

  2. I found Resistance and TKS in the kindle store, and then found Dare and A Time to Die through connections through the forum. *coughs* You should join, you discover tons of stuff there.

    1. SAME the kindle store is such a good place to find books. XD
      *cough* But I'm already in another forum. XD

  3. I used that fame picture of books for a quote I made!! :P

    I also picked up A Time to Die on a whim XD I read the Outsiders for a book club, and I decided to read the Giver quartet after the movie came out. But I haven't read the other seven.

    Surprisingly, most of the books I read are on a whim. I see them and think, 'I wanna read that because it has a pretty cover.' Then I spend like three days looking it up to check for content and reviews and whatnot. Then, if it's okay, I read it. Or have my mom or sister read it first.
    But, I have had a few books recommend. Meaning like three :P

    (PS My grandmother read Bonhoeffer. It. Was. Huge.)

    1. Me: Um.. Hann? Why did you write fame?
      Other me: Ugh... I don't even know why. I didn't even need it there. I'm so bad at typos.
      Me: Yes you are. Now, try to type slower next time, kay?

    2. YES YOU'VE READ THE OUTSIDERS I REMEMBER YOU MENTIONING THAT. *fist bumps* Ah same for me with The Giver. :)

      *chuckles* Yup I've done that before. XD

      (I KNOW it was like a dictionary. Okay, not quite that big. XD)

    3. *fist bump back* Yup. Great book!

      (No seriously. It's like 93746 pages long XD)

  4. I haven't read any of these! But now I must *nods* Curio sounds cool XP

    I have so many books I need to read, books that people have yelled, READ THIS NOW, and books that I own, but I still manage to whim read surprisingly often. The last book I did was terrible though. I didn't finish it. *makes a face* SUCH BAD MESSAGES TO KIDS LIKE SERIOUSLY WHAT WAS THE AUTHOR THINKING?

    1. Ooh yeah I think you would probably like it. It was kinda slow and confusing at first, but I liked it well enough. :)

      I know right? *throws The Outsiders at you* READ IT HANNAH. NOW. XD
      Oh yeah I hate it when they do that. XD

  5. Yay! My mom got me some books and A time to die was one of them and fell in love

  6. The only one I've read off of this list is The Giver and yeah, I was in the same boat as you. I saw the movie first, shamefully I didn't even know about the book until then. But ugh. The book though. I have to say, I totally disagree with you in regards to the movie being better. The Giver book was awesome! The only thing the movie got better was the visuals of the world beginning to have color, and that's because it's a movie, so duh. :P
    Sorry, I have a strong opinion about that book.

    A book that I've picked up on a whim...well, in fall of 2014 I was super into Cleopatra and I went to the library and found this humongous historical fiction volume called Antony and Cleopatra that was like, almost 600 pages and a really heavy read. I worked through it slowly, but I really enjoyed it and I learned a lot about that particular era, specifically Cleopatra, Antony, their children and Octavius. So it was a good whim.

    1. *whispers* I didn't know about the book either... so your secret is sfae with me. :P Really? Hmm I liked the book it was just kinda... slow. XD The visuals in the movie were pretty cool though. :D


  7. What whaaaat you picked up Resistance and Dare and A Time To Die on a whim? Like nobody recommended them to you? WOAH.
    (I actually haven't read ATTD yet because I bought it with four other books so I let my mom read it first but I've heard so much about it anyway.)
    You need to join the Ilyon Goodreads Group! *coughs* Sure it's 99% girls but whatever maybe more guy fans will join *coughs* BUT HEY I'M THE TOP COMMENTER. :D

    I really want to read To Kill A Mockingbird. It's looks so good.
    And The Giver was the first dystopian I ever read. I loved that one. Still have to see the movie, though.

    1. YES I KNOW it's kinda hard to believe. XD
      (Wait really it's really good you need to read it. XD)
      Oh I've been thinking about asking my parents if I can get a Goodreads... I legit know like nothing about it though. XD REALLY COOL GOOD FOR YOU. XD

      OOOH I LOVE To Kill a Mockingbird. :)
      Ah yes The Giver was good also. :D

    2. Yes, yes, yes. Goodreads is awesome. XD There's a Blades of Acktar fan group too. (Who am I kidding? There's literally groups for everything.) ;)

    3. *appears from the shadows* You totally should join Goodreads! It's amazing, and there is groups, and books.....and books. It's also a way to get your blog out there more. I actually get quite a bit of traffic from it. (at least my YouTube. I have that in my link thingymajig)

    4. I figured books were probably a big part of it... XD I'll have to look into it! If I do get one though, I'll let you guys know. :)

  8. I've found a couple of good books 'on a whim'. I will sometimes pick up a book I know nothing about while I'm at the library. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don't, but it's fun. ;)

    The only book from your list I've read is "Dare". Haha, yep! Definitely a fandom! XD

    1. Same! Half the fun of the library is just looking around at all the books. :)

      I LOVE DARE and I'm in the blog tour for Defy so I get to read it before it's published which I'm like SUPER DUPER EXCITED ABOUT EEK. XD

    2. ME TOO!! XD But I'm may or may not be having to wait for my copy of Deny so that I CAN read Defy. ;)

      AND OH MY GOODNESS!! *gasp* I love the new blog look!! :D

    3. Ooh Defy was good I really liked that one. I'm about half way through Defy AND EEK IT'S SO GOOD. XD

      Thanks! I just finished working out the last kinks. :)

  9. BOO! *jumps around corner to scare the living daylights out of you* Ok, so yes, I know I've been silent for the last week...apologies. I can't explain WHY in a comment....haunt my blog for a couple days and you will get the story. ;)
    Just thought I'd drop by and say that I liked "The Giver" movie better than the book too...which is saying a LOT since our family motto is "The books are better than the movie", but there have been a few cases where the movie is better. *dies of shock* Don't faint. "The Giver" and "The Princess Bride" are two of those cases.
    A lot of the books you had are (and have been for a rather long time *embarrassed smile*) on my loooonng to-read list. And now the others have been added. Just what I needed, more book recommendations. *rolls eyes* Thanks a lot. Oh to have a life where I could read and write 24/7 without having to sleep or eat. Ever. It would be so much easier.
    *long sigh* It's nice to be back, all the same.

    1. *blinks* *isn't scared in the least bit* Ooooohhhh okay I was wondering where you were. XD
      *snickers* Yeah I think my sister read The Princess Bride... she... didn't like it. XD
      Ah you're welcome glad to be of service. XD *whispers* But if it makes you feel better, I'm drowning in TBRs also. XD

  10. Wow! You must have the coolest Kindle store ever! My kindle recommends the most boring looking stuff....*coughs and reminds self I should add more than one book to it* I can't believe no one recommended Resistance, Dare, or A Time to Die! I guess I hadn't heard of those either till my sister got them, but once your online, normally you get tooons of recommendations. *pretends it's not creepy to comment on old posts and vanishes*

    1. *chuckles* Yeah that could be part of the problem... I think I have like at least 50 books on mine. XD YES IT'S TRUE. XD

  11. I pick up most of my books on a whim. I get random books all the time at thriftstores. I mean, it's really hard not to when they're like, a dollar. But I've read some of those you mentioned. I liked the outsiders. I also read That Was Then, This Is Now by the same author several years ago. It was sad. Not a big fan of sad endings. So I liked it but hated it at the same time. Loved the Giver.

    I picked up imaginary Jesus on a whim last month and really enjoyed it, it's funny and had me laughing out loud several times.

    1. Ah cheap books are amazing. XD YES THE OUTSIDERS. Oh my brother read that one... I didn't though. Yeah The Giver was pretty good. :)

      Oh I've never heard of that one...

  12. Yes I know this is an old post DON'T KILL ME

    but I just have to say The Giver is one of my favorite books and you have to read the rest of the quartet if you really want the full amazingness. and the movie was amazing. so amazing.

    that is all.



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