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Friday, July 1, 2016

June is Over

HUZZAH FOR WRAP-UP POSTS AND SUMMER AND READING which is basically what we're going to be talking about today so let's jump right in.

favorite blog posts

(Also you may have noticed this section was gone last month. Or maybe you didn't notice it in which case forget I said anything.)

Find Joy in the Journey A fantastic post about finding joy, contentment, and satisfaction right where God has placed us.

The Thing About Followers All about followers, basically. How to get them, WHAT TO DO WITH THEM (the struggle is real), and then other random tips.

Being a Writer Means...  YOU CAN STAB PEOPLE. Just... not in real life. (It was on the list, I'm not making this up.)

Aaaannnddd there were so many other amazing blog posts this month but that's all for now. :) Because I'm actually going to attempt to do this post ON SCHEDULE. (aka, relatively close to the end of the month.) Yes I know you can go ahead and applaud my efforts.


I READ 8 BOOKS. Which... actually wasn't that much since I hardly touched my novel. *sigh* 

Moving Holocaust novel about a nine year old boy. I was definitely NOT prepared for that ending though. Not in the least bit.

Another WW2 novel, this one about a lesser known event in history. So. Well. Written. Amazing character voice, with tragic backstories included.

Slave boy takes on general in rambunctious adventure, set in the Roman Empire. Well thought out storyline with plenty of action, but little depth.

Alternate retelling of WW1 with bold descriptions and tons of creativity. Overall it was a little slow-moving though.

Heart breaking novel about a boy who's family takes in a foster child with a troubled past. 

Hands down my favorite book of the month. Adventure, coming-of-age, and autism. What more is there to ask? The beautiful writing, storyline, and themes pack a heavy emotional punch. 

This one was interesting. Half of the storyline in words, and half in pictures. Not exactly my favorite, but it had a very well woven storyline.

GUYS LOOK I READ A ROMANCE. Because it was only 160 pages. It... was pretty much what I expected. XD 


Well... 3682 words. Total. I WAS BUSY-ISH THIS MONTH. (Reading all those books, most likely.) Thank goodness Camp NaNo started today so I can get some writing done.

blog happenings

So this was an... eventful month. Despite the approaching implosion of my blog, my lack of posting for like a week, and a misspelling in one of my post titles which lasted for like four days (until my Mom pointed it out to me), it was still a really good month for blog stats. 

I now have 51 GFC followers, 40 email subscribers, 10,500 pageviews, and nearly 1,000 published comments. Do I sound calm when I say that? That's because I am. Perfectly. Calm.

*inwardly shrieking*

Also you may have noticed that the words in this post are a a grayish color. Actually more likely is that NO ONE NOTICED and now you're all going to go compare this post to other posts BUT DON'T WORRY YOU CAN TAKE MY WORD FOR IT it's definitely a different color.

 For some reason it won't let me change it? (I told you my blog was imploding.) *sigh* I shall conquer this somehow, never fear. (Most likely by never pointing it out again and since none of you noticed it until I pointed it out, it will just fade away and everyone will forget about it. Until, of course, my blog implodes on itself and rocks the blogiverse.)

Other than that, I GOT NEW BUTTONS GUYS. You may have already noticed that, but I  have new, shiny buttons up there on my pages. Also, a blogs page. So feel free to go check those out!


Well CAMP NANO IS HERE EEEEPPPP. I'm in an awesome cabin with a lot of the same people as April, but with a few new people. :) 

My goal is 7k because I have two vacations this month. (although someone else in my cabin also has two vacations AND THEIR WORD GOAL IS 30K #ambition XD) 

But other than that I'm not really doing a reading goal this month because I'm hoping maybe to finish my novel. MAYBE. Because 7k words isn't going to finish it most likely, but I'm hoping to get done at least 10k so I might be done with it by then.

ANYHOW that was my month. (Yes I skipped quotes shhh.) How was your months? Anything exciting happen? 

~ Jonathan


  1. My parents had my older sister, my younger brother, and me watch The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. Not a good evening activity, imho.

    ERMAGOODNESS! My mom just got that book (Salt to the Sea) from the library and told me I should read it!

    Urg. Gotta love it when blogger does weird things for no reason. I still haven't had any luck figuring out why my GFC button isn't working.

    My Camp goal is low too (10K), because school.

    1. Haha I haven't seen the movie yet, just read the book. XD

      OOH YES YOU MOST DEFINITELY SHOULD it's very good. *nodnod*

      Oh yeah I was going to ask you about that. XD Hmm... try googling that's what I do. :P Of course this particular issue with mine is stumping me...

      Oh yeah I'm doing school also. :D

    2. I started reading it this afternoon. It's so good!

      That's a good idea. I'll try that.

  2. Aww! You mentioned my post! *is very happy*

    Whoa, lots of good looking books. I want to read This Quiet Sky because...um, well, even though I think I can predict it, but I've still heard very nice things about it (from romance-loving girls *cough cough*). Haha. And I have Leviathan on my bookshelf to read, so maybe I'll read that some time. I've heard amazing things about Ruta Sepetys, too, so I want to read her books!

    HIGH FIVE FOR ANOTHER MONTH OF NANO! And this month, we're not all total strangers! Ha! (Okay, I totally just made myself laugh over here. Because I knew NOBODY when we all first started. xD)

    By the way, it seems the blogs page disappeared for me. The one with the buttons and such. It was on the navigation bar, but now...it's just not there. Hm.

    1. Yes I did! It was a great post. :)

      You would probably like This Quiet Sky. It's a really quick read. :D (Ahaha that would have been my guess. XP) YES I haven't read any of her other books, but I did really like Salt to the Sea. :D

      YES I KNOW IT'S GOING TO BE AWESOME. (Hahaha neither did I and now this time around we know like... everyone. XP)

      UGH I SEE THAT NOW BLEH. Also I noticed the contact page was gone... but now it's back. Hopefully the blogs page returns on its own. XD

    2. Yay, thanks. :D

      Hahaha. I probably would. I like romance, as long as it's done well, and has a purpose. Because anyone can fall in love, but a good story makes it all the much better.

      YES IT CERTAINLY IS. :) It's so nice to know so many people and have a BIG HAPPY REUNION WRITING ALL TOGETHER AAAH. :DDDD I'm not excited, or anything. (WHO AM I KIDDING I AM THRILLED.)

      Yes, they're all back! Yay! xD

    3. Yeah then I think this one probably fits into that category? XD I'm not really sure because I like never read romance so yeah. :P


      HALLELUJAH I managed to get them back up the other day when we were talking. :D

  3. Wow, great job on getting your blog so many followers! :D
    My month was good, it was largely composed of work, school, wisdom teeth, braces (gone...finally) aaaaaaannnnddddd a book club.

    1. Why thank you! :D
      Ooh sounds like an eventful month! :)

  4. Yas Jonathan June ahhhhhh.
    And yes the boy in the striped pajamas is just ugh the feels
    Watch the movie and you will die

      Ikr so much feels gah.
      Okay I hope to soon. XD

  5. Smiling at how you clearly state you read romance. I've had problems with the color of words too. Is odd how on some posts te color seems to change, quite annoying but no one reading ever knows :P Good luck with camp nano!

    1. Hahaha I figured I might as well admit since you can pretty much tell by the cover. :P Oh you have? Interesting... at least it's not anything serious though. Thanks! :)

  6. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! *runs around screaming with hands in air*
    What has the world come to Jonathan?!?!! You read a ROMANCE?!?!?! *gasps* *faints*
    Oh, wait.
    *looks over books I've read this month* *coughs*
    So, apparently I've read a romance too. Make that two. *sheepish smile* It appears I have hastily judged you. Beg pardon.
    I WILL JOIN CAMP NANO THIS MONTH IF IT KILLS ME. Which it's doing it's hardest currently. I'm ALMOST dying of anticipation while waiting for the e-mail verification e-mail. *huge sigh*
    If you want to read about what happened to ME last month...I wrote a whole blog post on it. So I won't copy and paste everything here. ;)

    P.S. I only read four books last month, so you did better than me. ;) Just saying. To make you feel better. Give your self a pat on the back. :)

    1. IDK I THINK I'M GOING MILDLY CRAZY. XD *panics* Oh but wait it was actually only like 150 pages so there's that. XP
      OH YOU DID HMM? Well I guess we're even then.
      YES I KNOW you finally made it though yay. *confetti* Everyone time I see your username though... *snickers* XD

      Haha well four is pretty good also. :D

    2. *glares* I SAID it wasn't FUNNY. I did find out a way to change my username...if I delete my account and make a new one within 30 days. Which I might do. *sighs* I really do wish they could make it easier though.

    3. *stifles laughter* Um yes *cough* not funny at all XP

  7. My goodness, I remember my first time reading The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. I was definately crying.

    OH NO CAMP NANO. I just got back from a vacation and I forgot about Camp Nano. I have much to do.

    1. IKR it was so sad. :(

      EEP well you can do it! :D

  8. Oooh I've been wanting to read Boy in the Striped Pajamas and Salt to the Sea so badly! World War II Historical fiction books are my favorite.

    Oh my gosh the misspelling on your title and your mom pointing it out, totally something my mom has done too! We've all been there.

    Yay on your blog success! That's really awesome :)


    1. Ooh you definitely should! They're both really good. :)

      IKR even when she pointed it out though I couldn't tell for a second. *headdesk* XD

      Why thank you! :)

  9. LEVIATHAN IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE BOOKS I LOVE IT SO MUCH. lots of steampunk awesomeness not to mention that the illustrations are a really cool addition.

    Yaas, and you go rock that Camp NaNoWriMo. Be productive and all. *throws pizza for motivation*

    // katie grace
    a writer's faith

    1. OOH YOU LIKE THAT ONE? Cool! It wasn't my personal fav but the illustrations were pretty cool. :D

      OK I'LL TRY. XD My goal isn't too high because I'm busy and stuff but we'll see how I do! :D

  10. I take it you like reading about WW2? XD
    Amanda's post about finding joy in the journey was AMAZING! After I read it, I went and wrote "find joy in the journey" on the chalkboard in our dining room. ;)

    About the issues you are having with you blog, this may seem like an obvious question, but have you tried using a different browser? I was using Weebly in Edge, and it was just not working for me (very glitchy and slow)and afterward I tried it in Chrome and it was a thousand times better!!

    1. I do, actually. It's one of my favorite historical eras. XD
      IKR I really liked that one too. Sooo good.

      Hmm yes I have tried that. I was using Edge, which has a huuuge tendency to be glitchy, and then I tried Chrome and it still wasn't working. Then I tried Internet Explorer and switched computers. XD Still not working so that can't be the problem...

    2. Ah, bummer. I'll pray you get it figured out soon. :)
      I assume you're running on Windows 10? What do you think of it? :)

  11. I read "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas" about a year ago. Oh my goodness, it was so, so sad...very touching though. And it was an extremely good book.

  12. Ah, everyone's talking about working through Camp NaNo and I'm sad now cause I'll be working at real life camp without a computer for the next two months. :( Not that I won't enjoy that as well, probably more in complete honesty.
    Good luck on your camp project though! What's it about?

    1. Ooh well at least real camp should be awesome though! :) Have fun with that! :D
      Oh, it's just my WIP. (The first novel under 'the writing' page.) Tryhing to get in a few more words. :D

  13. Wonderstruck is soooo amazing! Hugo Cabret was super good too!

    1. Oh, I haven't read Hugo Cabret yet... I should look into that one. :)

  14. The Boy In The Striped Pajamas and SALT TO THE SEA, more like the salt to my TEARS. Also: Mark of the Thief. Ugh, that's been on my TBR for like a thousand years. Have you read The Ascendance Trilogy by the same author? SAH GOOD.

    STAHP, 3000 words is *words* and sometimes I don't even know how to werd. But I still call myself a writer for some reason? I DUNNO. You go Jonathan. Happy fourth!

    1. IKR sooo. much. feels. Ooh Mark of the Thief is pretty good. *nodnod* I haven't read her other series yet, but I'm planning on it! :)

      HAHAHA well thank you! Hopefully I can get done some more with Camp. XP Happy fourth to you also! :D

  15. *snickers* Well, congratulations Jonathan on reading a romance. XD So was it good? I've been wanting to read This Quiet Sky and I'm expecting...tears? Heartache?

    Also, Salt to The Sea & The Boy in the Striped Pajamas -- other titles from my TBR. ;)

    1. IKR thank you thank you *bows* Um... it was fine? Basically what I expected. XP You would probably like it. :D




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