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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Purposeful Pages: July Edition

HEY GUYS today I'm excited to participate in a link-up that my friends Amanda and Hannah have just started!

It's called Purposeful Pages. It's a monthly link-up designed to unite bloggers on answering questions about life, blogging, the Bible, writing, and books.

Purposeful Pages Meme

(okay totally unrelated but can we all just acknowledge the photo editing future there)

So if you've never done a link-up before, it's basically just like a tag, only... you don't tag people. XD Instead, anyone who wants to do jumps in and answers the questions! New questions will be up each month on Hannah and Amanda's blogs. (They also both have pages about the link-up where you can get more information about it, if you want. :D)

So here we go with the questions. :D

the questions

What verse and chapter from the Bible inspired you most this month, and why?

Well the verse would probably be John 8:32. And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. It's a main theme in my novel, so it means a lot to me. :D

And the chapter would probably be Romans 8. There's just sooo many great truths from this chapter. Also it has tons of 'famous' verses like verse 28, 31, 32, 35, 37, 38, and 39. (Actually the whole chapter is very well-known, but those are just some of the highlights.)

What's a book (fiction or nonfiction) that you read or continued reading this month that reminded you of an important truth?

Well I read Navigating Early by Clare Vanderpool, and the truth that really struck me from this one is that sometimes in a friendship you don't understand the other person. Sometimes you just want to give up and quit. But part of being friends is just being there for the other person, even when you don't understand what they're doing.

Do you have any goals for yourself this month? If so, what are they?

CAMP NANO which for me is 7k words but other than that nothing much! :D

Have you discovered anything new or changed your blog around this month?

Hahaha well sort of? I DID MANAGE TO FIX THE ISSUES I WAS HAVING THOUGH and I got new buttons last month, so that's exciting. Also I got up a blogs page. :)

What is your favorite blog post that you wrote in June?

Can you share one quotable thing from your novel/book (if applicable) that you recently wrote?

I guess it’s too late now.
It's only a matter of seconds, and then blackness encompasses my being. Sweet, painless blackness.
I fall into its comforting arms, leaving the fire, the pain, and the truth behind.

and also

And now we’re leaving it to branch into a strange, new world.
Or maybe it’s not the world that’s new. Maybe it’s my perspective.

and one more because why not

It’s like my mind is grasping for something just out of reach, something it can’t quite place, leaving me to flounder in confusion.

What biblical character would you get along with the most, and why?

Hmm I would probably say John. Because a) we share a similar name (totally influential guys), b), I really like the book of the Bible that he wrote because the gospel is presented very clearly, and c) he got to touch and see and talk to Jesus which would be really cool so I'm a little jealous. XP Although I will someday also. :D

Favorite new word unearthed from the dictionary?

epigrammatic- expressing something such as a feeling or idea in a short and clever or funny way

In the blogging world, what's one thing you've learned about yourself?

I've learned that I talk in all caps a lot. Because I get excited easily and believe it or not when I type in all caps I'M ACTUALLY NOT YELLING just so you know. (I'll bet everyone was picturing me over here shouting at my computer screen. XD)

What fictional character would you spend the day with, and what would you do?

Ooh okay so this is a good but very hard question... I think I would probably choose Early from Navigating Early (yes I know I bring this book up a lot XD) and we would go rowing and stargazing and hiking. :)

Well that was fun! What did you think of my answers? Any you agree with? And is anyone else going to be participating in this? :D

~ Jonathan


  1. O_O I want to read that novel. O_O
    I'll admit, I sorta did picture you shouting at the people you were talking to. Or at least getting very animated and excited. XP
    Epigrammatic is an awesome word!!! I may have to steal it. *ninja moves* :p

    1. *swooping bow* Well thanks! It's not all as good as that though. XD
      Hahaha I thought so! I do get excited... but I don't shout at my computer screen. Normally. *cough* XP
      Lol well I guess you can... after all, I did steal your hashtag earlier. :P

    2. And woah, I got the first comment...that never happens. :p
      I still want to read it. *nods* :)
      Just mental shouting? XP
      Yaaaay. *whispers* Hashtag thief. :p (jk)

    3. Hahaha well congrats! :P
      XD Well thank you!
      Umm... maybe... *cough* maybe not though XP

  2. Yaaaay! Thanks so much for doing this!
    (Also thank you for your compliments on my photo editing. Though I didn't technically *take* the photo...I just designed the thing. WHATEVER. XP)
    I really like all of your answers! Navigating Early sounds so cool. Gotta read it at some point, now!
    And those snippets are totally awesome. O.o WOW. Your writing is so fantastic!
    JOIN THE ALL CAPS CLUB. I definitely am louder online than I am in real life. :P Which is...probably a good thing. :D

    1. Sure thing! It was fun! :)
      (Hahaha well it was good. :D)
      YES YOU DO I'm probably going to be doing a review soon so you can watch for that. :)
      Aw thanks so much! :D
      HAHAHAHA actually to be honest I probably am too even though I'm an extravert.

    2. I will watch for it!
      ...I suppose I'm quite a loud introvert online. XD It's kinda funny that we're MBTI EXACT opposites. (I'm an INFJ haha.) BUT I STILL LIKE TO SHOUT WITH MY KEYBOARD. XD

  3. Ooh fun! As I told Amanda, Purposeful pages makes me wish I had a blog. XD
    And cool word! I am going to have to use that sometime!

    1. Ooh you should make a blog! ;)
      Ikr! I just stumbled across it the other day. :D

  4. I did think all caps meant shouting. ARE YOU TELLING ME I'M WRONG!?!!?!?? ;) Just kidding. I get what you say.
    Hmm...I might have to check this out. I love tags...and I love link-ups...so this will fit right in with stuff I love to post!! :) And who doesn't like answering fun questions (or thought provoking ones for that matter)
    And you're rainbow colors are SERIOUSLY FREAKING ME OUT. It's going to take awhile for me to get used to them... XD

      Ooh yes you should totally do it! It's really fun. :D
      MWAHAHAHAHA *diabolical laughter* And then, right when everyone is used to them, I'll switch my picture again. *evil laugh* XP

  5. *flails* *squeals* *makes pterodactyl shrieks* JONATHAN YOUR WRITING IS SO GOOD. I want more. I can't wait to read your books someday. You should have seen my jaw drop at my laptop moments ago. And also now I have to read Navigating Early. And join in this link-up but wow are these good questions. I'm gonna have to think about them!

    I also tagged for you a writerly thing. I hope you can partake. Rules. Questions. Nominations. Cake. Actually there's no cake but I wish there was. Here's the link! :)


    1. AW WELL THANK YOU SO MUCH MY DAY IS MADE. XD Ooh yes Navigating Early is amazing and beautiful and glorious. :D Cool I'll look for you post! :)

      Ooh that looks fun! I'll see if I can do it! :D

  6. I still don't understand how a link-up OR tag works. I feel so old. O_O I guess I should probably google-it myself. I guess I'm also lazy. :( LOL.

    1. Hahaha don't worry it's not hard at all! To participate in this one, basically all you do is copy the questions and answer them on your own blog. Make sure to link back to Amanda's and Hannah's blogs (since they started the link-up), and post the description of the link-up. :D (In my post the description is the third sentence.)

  7. I really enjoyed reading your answers! This looks fun, I'll have to join in. :) Thank you for sharing!



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