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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January is Over

January is over!! Which means we've confirmed that 2017 is officially up and running. Always a good thing. 

2017 got off to a mostly good start for me- I'm just a little ahead in my reading challenge, but then again I somehow didn't finish my novel? #oops More on these below, haha. 


Hannah posted about letting go of your story and if you're not already following Hannah then you probably should because she's basically my go-to for writing inspiration and such. 

Abi had a cover reveal for her upcoming release Martin Hospitality, so that was tons of fun! 

Christopher shared a post on how this earth isn't our home and I was super encouraged and inspired by it. 

Savannah got a post about mentors on GO TEEN WRITERS which means she's famous now.

Rebekah posted some hilarious answers to the question 'What are you planning on doing in your future?' and you definitely need it in your life right now. 

Mary wrote a poem called remember the days and it made me nostalgic meaning it has to be good. 

Amanda wrote about when life feels meaningless and you need to go read it because I said so. xD

Hannah posted on darkness in fiction and why it needs to have a reason and it was so, so good. 

I got a good of reading done this month!!! Which makes me super happy because I sort of set my reading goal to 100 books [WHAT WAS I THINKING], so I need to read as much as I can. 

I read 9. TOTAL. BOOKS. Which isn't really all that impressive but I'm also halfway through three other books that I didn't quite manage to finish this month. XD But I think this might be some sort of record for me lol. Count 'em up:

Favorite Fiction: 

Storming by K. M. Weiland. This was SO MUCH FUN. It has fantastic characters and a super creative plot. Plus, it's a historical mashup. #win I HIGHLY recommend this to everyone, so go buy it. xD

The Secret Keepers by Trenton Lee Stuart. ALSO SO MUCH FUN. But of course we expected this from Trenton Lee Stuart. XD I have a full review for this one, so go ahead and check that out. :D

Favorite Nonfiction: 

Reckless Faith by John MacArthur. I don't really agree with much of this author's theology, but I agreed with most of this! :D I think the information in this is pretty important and that everyone should probably read it. *nods* 

The Extroverted Writer by Amanda Luedeke. This wasn't SUPER helpful to be personally, but I'll definitely be reading this in the future if I ever get on more social media sites. :D

Wouldn't Recommend: 

Hmm... this was a really good reading month, haha. I personally wouldn't recommend The Man Who Was Thursday by G. K. Chesterton [I understood about 4% of what happened, heh], but I know other people who LOOOVE this, so it's probably more of an opinion thing. 

Stalk me on Goodreads if you want to know what I thought of any book I didn't mention, or ask me in the comments! 

Didn't get quite as much writing done this month [probably because I read so much]. I wasn't really keeping strict track of my wordcount, but as far as I can tell it's only a little bit more than 3k. 

But it was still a realllyyyy good month for writing. Here's why: 

You know how you've been planning out scenes in your head as you work your way through your story? (or maybe before you started even writing haha) And then you finally start to get to those epic, fantastic scenes that you were planning and you realize that you ACTUALLY. GET. TO WRITE THEM. 

And then you sort of freak out because you're not sure if it's going to turn out how you want it to. 


So this month, I decided I was going to take everything slow. Slower than ever, I think. 

And... it actually worked? 

At first I was kinda hesitant. Because slowing down is just not really my thing. At all. I felt like if I didn't spit the words out onto the page, then I would lose them, or my ending would have a disjointed feeling. 


I'm still not quite finished with Library of Lies [which is what everything above applies to, btw], but I'm working on the ending. 

And yeah haha I HAVE A BUNCH MORE TO SAY HERE but I'll probably do an entire post about it when I finish. In the meantime, have a longish snippet:

~a character who will go unnamed for now, mwahaha~ 

The cataclysmic explosion throws me off my feet, sending me upward and interrupting my jolting dash through the battlefield. I’m soaring through the air, flying, breathing, spinning, like a bird. The wind caresses my cheeks as it flows past me, and I take in gasping breaths. Up here, the air is fresh and crisp and clean. My eyes are shut, blocking out the battle. I can do anything here in the sky. 

But the sensation doesn’t last long. I’m bounced back into reality as I land on the cobblestones with a harsh thud. Glass and other small pieces of debris shower onto my still form and the ground around me with an almost melodic tinkling. 

I sit up. 


I’m surrounded by battling men, and the air down here is stagnant. I feel like I’m suffocating- but it’s not because of the metallic air. 


Now, I don’t just feel like I’m suffocating. I am suffocating. I can’t breathe, I can’t think. Something slams into me hard, and I tumble backwards, barely managing to stop myself from falling onto my back with the palms of my hands. 


I force myself to climb to my feet, and it’s as if the motion clears my throat of something that was blocking it. I can breathe now. The air has a rusty flavor  on my tongue. 


I run towards the Tower, the pounding of my feet matching the pounding of my heart, both of which echo fiercely in my ears. Somewhere in my mind, I know that there’s a battle going on around me, and that I should be afraid. But I keep running. 

... to be continued... xD

Nothing exciting really happened on the blog... unless you count my two week (ish) and completely unannounced hiatus. I did hit 40k pageviews though, so that was cool. 

Also I'm STILL adjusting to the blogger update, haha. I'm at the point where I can actually REMEMBER TO CHECK MY READING LIST but at the same time I just realized that I can't see the total number of comments published on my blog?? #rude xD 

And no, I still haven't put up a new page for Library of Lies. I'M WORKING ON IT THOUGH. So stay tuned for that at some point in the near future. (just know that anything in the next year qualifies as 'near future.' Ahem.) However, I did update the synopsis for The Raven Project, as well as added a mock cover, so you can go check that out.

ALRIGHT YOUR TURN. Tell me about your month!! How did 2017 start off for you?? Any favorite books you read? And for all you novelists, HOW GOES WRITING? Anyone else working on their ending??

~ Jonathan 


  1. JONATHAN HELLO. haha I'm glad you are back in the blogging world. Ah my post haha. Thnaks for linking fellow ninja. Okay i need to go read Storming cause it looks really good.

    1. *thanks
      ew phones are not the best for commenting xD

    2. HANNAH HELLO LOL. XD yeesss I am also woot woot. :D haha- no problem, it was fabulous. And yes you definitely need to read Storming *pushes you towards Amazon* XP

    3. lol TRUUUE. XD Although on a non-related sidenote, I've already made I think three typos today in blog comments. #oops :P

  2. *stalks to find out what you thought about Destroy* :P

    I can not believe that January is over...it went so fast. o.o but it went well, so can't complain about that bit. :P

    for books hmm...Destroy, and the first two of the Pirates and Faith series, and a few others. but I got at least three new series to read, and then Courageous Love is coming in the mail this week, so THEN I GET TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D

    and writing...I've got two lessons left before I get to the writing part. *bounces excitedly but is also slightly scared* I think it'll go alright though. :P

    lotsa things. XP

    and that cliffhanger is annoying...whyyyyyy you leave it like that........what happennnnnnsssssss XD


      Ikr that's basically exactly how I feel about January haha- fast but good.

      WHOA okay good job with reading then- I haven't read any of those except Destroy. :P Three new series is impressiiiiiive. I got one book this month from a giveaway, haha. [SALT TO THE SEA WOOT]

      GOOD JOB. I'm finally on lesson 15 I think and I'm actually doing the lesson consistently?? #finally YOU SHALL DO FABULOUS THOUGH. I can't wait to read your book eek.

      haha yup. :D

      because any further would have been spoilers I'm pretty sure. :P [*whispers* EVERYONE DIES. Jk. Maybe. xP)

  3. *goes and stalks your Goodreads* (bc I am horrible at reading new books and always need recommendations XD)

    WRITING. I couldn't get ANYTHING done (well, sort of). In my trilogy, I REALLY want to write the last book, but first I have to edit the first one and get it ready for beta readers next month and then I have to finish writing and editing the second one.... Basically, not writing the epic scenes I have planned for book 3 is driving me crazy. XD

    *ends rant*

    Nice wrap-up!

    audrey caylin

    1. Ooh I didn't know you were on there *friends you* XD (aha well I can help with that lol)

      I FEEL YOUR PAIN. I've been in that spot before haha. Good for you for doing a series though!! I have yet to write the sequel for my first novel and I'm just like 'HELP.' XD I'll probably edit first also though. You've got this though, keep writing haha! :D

      Haha well it was a good rant. :P


  4. Great wrap-up! (and you're on time :D) It seems like you got a lot done this month. I didn't accomplish as much as I had hoped to this month but we still have eleven more so it's not the end of the world. :P

    You read nine books this month? I only got five, but I have started four other books so... I added Storming and The Secret Keepers to my to-read shelf on goodreads. You seem to have pretty good taste in books (so don't be alarmed if you rate or add a book on goodreads and find that within 24 hours I have added it myself) I mean, if you compare our books, you'll find that I tend to give a book one more star than you give it. So therefore, if you really liked a book, I will love it. *nods* (don't question this logic, it's perfectly sound)

    Loved your snippet. :) I wish I could write like that. I'm hoping to get snippets on my writings page soon (ish).

    I hope your February is just as good as this month, or better. :D

    1. Hehe thanks! (IKR I was almost late though so that made me happy xD) Haha well I tried lol. I sorta wanted to finish my novel but in the end it worked out for the best and like you said- eleven more months. I think I've got enough time. :P

      Yup! Five is pretty good also though haha- I was in the car a lot and I read in the car. (And reading four books at a time though?? O.O Impressive lol) YES GOOD JOB WITH YOUR TBR SHELF. XD Haha well thanks then, I try to have good taste I guess. :P Haha okay nope I won't question hehe. It makes complete sense. Ahem. XP

      Aw well thanks so much! :D OOH YES YOU TOTALLY SHOULD DO THAT. I'd love to read them!

      Same for you!

  5. I NEED TO READ LIBRARY OF LIES. Seriously. You keep posting these excepts and they're so good and ahk.

    2017 started with much OYANness. Luke visited before WW and I got to hang out with Harpley, all within the first could days. And Mr. S encouraged me to hid under the tables *still my favorite memory* Anyway.

    This month just seems to have passed by in a blur. I haven't really touched my book, but I'm slowly (/slowly/) working on the ending. SO CLOSE.


    1. EEK THAT MAKES ME HAPPY THEN. I'm super glad you like them!! :D Now I'm all inspired to go work some more on my last scene haha.

      Ooh well that's always fun! I must hear more about this hiding under the tables thing though sometime... XD

      IKR. It's like 'poof now it's February' haha. YAY GOOD JOB THEN, KEEP PUSHING. :D

      HAHA YES YOU DO *pushes you towards Go Teen Writers*

    2. YAY MAKING PEOPLE HAPPY IS GOOD. Yes. Shoo. *pushes you towards doc*

      Well, see, the original plan was for me to quietly slip in with Luke and try and avoid the eyes of people in charge, at least until Harpley got there. But then when we walked in to the foyer there were literally four people there, all of whom turned to stare at us. Tineke said I could stay till 3, when registration opened, so I sat around with Luke and Shillim and their friends for a bit, then wandered over to Mr. S to say hi. He asked me if I was excited about the workshop, I told him I was 16 and just waiting for Harpley, and that Tineke said I had to leave at 3. He expressed his disappointment, then causally mentioned that there was no one in the main room and there was quite a lot of room under the tables. The last thing I saw of him when I left (an hour after 3, I might add) was Tineke giving him a death glare. It was great. XD

    3. TRUE IT IS LOL. XD Okay yes I will *nods*

      O.O Oh goodness- at first I thought that you were actually going to attend WW and I was like 'what? I THOUGHT YOU WERE 16.' That's fabulous though hehe :D

  6. Okay I've already told you this elsewhere but SIGN ME UP WHEN YOU WANT BETAS. Or I'll be forced to hack your computer and find it myself. Just warning you now, kay?

    I'm with you on the blogger update. I keep getting lost and 'hold on wait I haven't read other peoples blogs for like two weeks.'

    Don't worry about your nine books! It's way more than me. I think this is the LEAST books I've read in a month for years. I read exactly two. Two books. Shameful. I've just been spending the time I'd normally use to be reading, and instead I'm just writing everywhere. It's crazy, and a huge change from my normal bookish reading, but still quite interesting.

    On that note, I've written 33k this month, so that's quite exciting. It really makes me look back at what I was writing and how much I was writing in January last year. *cringes* That was back when I thought I 'might' be able to write 8k in a month. 'Might.' Soo much has changed since then and now I'm feeling old and nostalgic. *clears throat* But it's interesting to think about anyway.

    1. OKAY YES I WILL. XD Pfft I do not fear your hacking skills, no offense. :P

      Ikr? And every time I'm online it's like this vague feeling that I'm forgetting something and then I'm like 'OH YUP OTHER PEOPLE HAVE BLOGS ALSO LOL'

      WHAT?? Only two?? Tsk Jane, I expected more from you. *shakes head* :P IT's okay though since you got so much writing done. Because I mean 33K??? YOU DO KNOW IT'S NOT NANO YET, RIGHT?? xD

    2. *whispers* Well good because they don't exist. BUT. I could always get a morse code letter sent to you...

      I honestly don't think I've read that little amount of books in a month before. Shameful, I know. :D
      Pfft. (half a dozen people keep telling me I'm completely insane) I'm trying to get this novel written in two months so I can write the last book in the trilogy in Camp NaNo for April. Also, I may or may not have goals to write four books this year soooo...yah. :P

    3. Mwahaha I thought I saw that coming. TRUE. True true- but I do not fear morse code letters either. :P

      Haha well I mean if you wrote a ton then it balances out, right? :D
      (make that seven people telling you that you're insane then) Good luck with that though, haha! :D

  7. Erm, Jon, I'm pretty sure that's coffee in the header photo. XP

    *goes to stalk your goodreads cause I'm looking for books right now*


    1. Shhhh no it's not- clearly hot chocolate, trust me on this. *sage nod* XD

      haha well hope you found something interesting lol

      THANKS :D

  8. *pulls out taser* THAT IS SO COFFEE DUDE.
    *has a moment of feeling famous bc my post is in your favorite post list*
    Yes, yes, yes!!! Storming is soooooo awesome. I want to read The Secret Keepers...is it as good as the Mysterious Bennedict Society series?? And Destory... I had a terrible reading month due to this book I'm getting ready to publish. *sighs* So much reading I want to do...so little time.
    Um...so the character you weren't going to name was named like five times? Or are we talking about different characters? XD
    Ugh. I'm with you on the blogger update. I keep getting waaaaaay behind on friends posts because of it. >.<

    1. *pulls out a flamethrower* *thinks twice* *puts it back* xD NOPE CLEARLY HOT CHOCOLATE LOL
      Hehehe that made me laugh xP
      YES IKR I looooved Storming! :D The Secret Keepers might not be quite as good as The Mysterious Benedict Society, but it's still definitely worth the read haha. And yes. Go read Destroy. :P
      Ooh okay but that's a really good excuse haha. xD
      Haha nope- it's a different character.
      RIGHT? It took me forever before I even could remember to check at all, haha.
      OKAY WELL THANKS SO MUCH. :D I need to make a list or something...


    second - YOU STILL HAVEN'T FINISHED YOUR NOVEL. DUDE. YOU SAID JANUARY. LIKE C'MON IN EARLY DECEMBER YOU SAID YOU HAD 5k left - YOU CAN FINISH IT C'MON. *whaps you to finish it* yes endings are hard but stop pushing it off xD but yes I totally did not freak out either about those scenes you've been looking forward to and I totally did not die when I messed some up. BUT I PUSHED FORWARD and shockingly, some of 'em weren't that bad. XD SO GO FINISH IT BEFORE I START A NEW NOVEL BEFORE YOU *runs off to find my plot bunnies that ran away from me*

    1. YES THANK YOU IT TOTALLY IS. (and whether you say hot cocoa or hot chocolate is your area of expertise lol)

      I KNOOOOOW okay I mean I did only have 5k left but I am making consistent progress. *nods* I'M GOING TO TRY AND FINISH IT TODAY SO BE PROUD (although no promises)

  10. omw you know how i made you freak over algebra in my blogpost today?
    YOU JUST MADE ME REALIZE THAT I HAD A GOAL OF 100 BOOKS FOR 2017 omw omw omw i've only read like 4??? this month HELPPPPPPPPP


    1. okay yes I remember this
      LOL DON'T FREAK OUT IT'S TOTALLY NOT THAT MUCH (pfft who am I kidding xD)


    Your writing is also fabulous like wow dying.

    I still hate this new blogger update. I miss seeing all the stats so easily!

    1. Thanks! But nooo don't die because you need to keep blogging... :P

      SAME. I thought I liked it at first but now I want the old one back haha.

  12. Dude, its COFFEE. Just look at it. ^^^^^^ Hot chocolate is suppose to look creamy and ya know...like chocolate. And that does not XD ha hahah

    I want to read The Man Who Was Thursday, Its on my reading list, but it looks super weird. XD Is the content okay?

    1. Okay so fine- MAYBE it's tea. I refuse to concede that I used a picture of coffee on my blog though :P

      hahaha *points to goodreads* lol XD

  13. January was a good reading month for the both of us, then. Oh man, Storming- I'm feeling such envy right now.

    That's an intense snippet. Don't leave us with that! Please, do they live?

    1. Nice! :D Yesss haha Storming was great.

      NOPE THEY ALL DIE. Jk. Maybe... :P

  14. I'm. So. Tired. Being the sickly hermit I am I've been off the whole month, but I got my physical copy of my book and put sticky notes through the first part, which is like 5/7 of it. SO TODAY I START EDITING WOO HOO JOY.

    1. Eek oh no. D: That's cool that you got your book though!!! I'm thinking about printing mine and doing the same thing with sticky notes lol. :P HAVE FUN WITH THAT XD

  15. Awesome snippet! I totally look forward to reading more of it! :D I love when I actually get to see some of the things you guys are writing, so keep sharing!
    I hear you about completely unannounced hiatus'. I'm trying to be good but that's literally me all the time.
    Also, I am so jealous of everyone's ability to get more reading done than me. Someone needs to take away my internet access (except no, cause I would shrivel up and die).
    No endings in sight for me around here right now. Unless editing an ending counts? Except I'm pretty well over that now - so sick of editing, ugh!

    1. Thanks a lot, glad you liked it! :D YES SAME FOR ME WITH EVERYONE ELSE. It's so much fun haha.
      Ikr... I've decided that unannounced is better than announced though- because then you get a break without drawing attention to the fact that you're taking a break until the break is over. Totally makes sense. xP
      HEY YOU READ A DECENT AMOUNT THOUGH. :D I'm just really motivated because 100 books haha. :P
      Editing an ending totally counts, hehe. I have to start editing The Raven Project pretty soon and I'm kinda dreading it... D: XD

  16. 2017 has been great so far (minus a huge 5 story building fire that happened close to my house, but that was also really cool to watch...).

    I've been plotting my next novel, and honestly, I am going to finally plot in depth if it kills me. I'm a pantser, BUT I WANT TO TRY PLOTTING, but also...it takes work. XD

    1. That's fantastic! (Oh nooo D: That's scary though- we actually had a fire near my house last week also)

      GOOD JOB THEN. Keep on plotting haha. I should try it one time... XD

  17. *JUMPS INTO FIGHTING STANCE* MAN THAT'S COFFEE. FIGHT ME. (I love hot coco but... that ain't coco. LOL.)
    AH I haven't read any of those books. xD But hey, nonfiction! Sweet. I wish I could get my hands on some writing books... I love the snippet, Jonathan! SERIOUSLY I'm freakin' out lol... (I'm failing, by the way. Haha. Help.)
    Life has been pretty... crazy here this month, haha. :) Yahweh is showing us a lot... it's like we're in the wilderness. We can't turn back to go to Egypt. We don't know where we're going. But it's alright, because the LOrd is the Light. He is our Savior. God is good. ♥
    Our neighbor's forest was on fire last week, and it was very close to our backyard. But God took care of all of us (and our horses. OUr neighbors have horses too. last resort, we would have had to set them all loose... and we would have lost some of our mustangs...)! The fire dep. took care of it. So, that showed us God's Hand. :)
    Writing wise, I've been playing with this Western, wild west, cowboy book my younger brother and I have plotted. :D It's pretty awesome, of course, lol. And when I get over this cold virus, I'm going to tackle editing my novel again! Feeling pretty good about that. I've edited, since the start of 2017 (isn't that weird to say, lol), a little over 3,000. Not a bad start. :) Good luck on your writing! It is so awesome to hear you've gotten to the awesome scenes. Rock on!
    YHVH bless, Jonathan!
    -Angela | thepeculiarmessenger.wordpress.com

      Hehe well that's okay. :P Yesss I love nonfiction haha- some of the writing books were pretty good too. :D AW THANKS glad you liked it!
      Haha same over here- lots of thins going on. I know how that feels!
      THERE WAS A FIRE NEAR OUR HOUSE ALSO?? I feel like everyone is having fires lately. (aka just you, me, and Laura from the above comment but STILL XD) So glad that God provided though!
      OOH A WESTERN NIIICE. I approve of this. XD Yaay for editing! Good luck with that!

  18. First off, that is totally coffee, it's not even a debate. I know my hot drinks and that is NOT hot chocolate. *sassy hair flip*
    Oh my goodness shush nine books is plenty impressive.
    Yes same, the Man Who Was Thursday just confused me, like what?? I had to read it for school and it was rough.
    eeeep can I please read everything you write because it's AMAZING
    I'm really excited about my writing month, I didn't write a ton, but I put together a lot of ideas and plotted and started writing things and I'm just so excited to start writing more.
    Yay happy February!!

    1. Psshttt fight me then *would also do a sassy hair flip but I mean my hair is sort of like super short soooo* XD
      Well yes but I'm trying to do 100?? So this means I still have like 91?? *gulp* :P
      IKR? I'm just so confused about what happened in there lool.
      aaawwww well THANKS SO MUCH that makes me happy haha
      WOOT WOOT putting together ideas and plotting stuff is always good! :D

  19. I do not like the blogger update >.< It really discourages me from checking my reading list so blog emails and bloglovin' are my priorities.

    1. SAME. I thought I liked it at first but now I'm like nope haha

  20. Awwww *hugs* You're so sweet dude. *flops* Also, WAY TO GO ON READING. O.O YOU ARE A BOSS. And that snippet ... I love the feel of it. And now I wanna know who Toby is and this charrie getting thrown around AHHH. *cannot wait to beta*

    1. *fist bump* it's bc your BLOOOOG XD Totally wasn't stalking the archives the other day looking for that one post about butterflies that I somehow still remember?? Haha. XD THANKS I TRIED HARD LOL. Glad you liked the snippet though hehehe. :D *cannot wait to have betas* *until the time comes* *and then I'll probably freak out* :P

  21. Do you dislike all Chesterton, or just A Man Called Thursday?

  22. Agreed. That is not coffee. It's hot chocolate. Swiss Miss in fact (dark chocolate mint). . .
    Storming!? *runs away to cry like a spoiled brat because you got to read it and I HAVEN'T*



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