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Monday, February 6, 2017

I FINISHED MY NOVEL // thoughts, ramblings, snippets, plans, faqs etc.


I'm going to do a really good job of being coherent from now on so be proud of me and just know that in real life I'm probably screaming. [internally, don't worry] This post is basically just going to be everything I want to share about Library of Lies and you guys pretending that you wanted to know all of it. 

Let's do this. 

(yes I basically use cool headings for everything now, in case you hadn't noticed) 

I did it. It's over. 103,895 words and months after I started, Library of Lies is complete. 

And I've realized that I learned so, so much. Not just about writing, but about life in general. BECAUSE YOU LEARN A LOT WHILE WRITING THESE THINGS. 

The main theme is identity, and I can say that I was able to write this because I was dealing with this while I wrote it. 

I realized that I was doing exactly what I was telling my characters they shouldn't do- letting the wrong things define me. And it was sorta like God just whacked me over the head with my story like 'WAKE UP KIDDO.' If somebody tries to tell you that God can't use fiction, then they are definitely wrong.

It's a split pov novel (with each pov in first person), so that was super fun and interesting to write! It helped me develop my writing in so many ways. I feel like I can definitely pull off multiple povs now (my first novel was just one), and I almost feel like I could try a third person novel??? Maybe at some point. We'll see. XD

But another thing I really learned is the value of stepping back near the beginning of your novel and assessing where you're headed. As soon as I hit 20k words, I stepped back, I looked at what I had written, and I tweaked it. Without a doubt, this saved me HOURS of editing later on. Don't be a perfectionist, but take the time to guide your story in the right direction.

Special thanks to NaNo- I wrote half of this in the month of November and LOL I WOULD NOT BE DONE IF IT WEREN'T FOR THE MOTIVATION. (aka MyWriteClub and all you guys who sprinted with me) 

WARNING: Overload of snippets to follow. Approach at your own risk. 

So a while ago Savannah over at Scattered Scribblings tagged me for The Snippets Tag!! And being the awkward person I am I have arrived, like, a month late. #OOPS (give me credit for admitting I'm late though xD) But this is a super awesome tag!!! Literally my favorite tag that I've ever done, so here we go: 

Share your gripping, fascinating, and hooking first line of a story:

I was doing pretty well with the 'first line' part but when you added the 'gripping' part I sort of lost my momentum. XD But either way here you go:


I pick out the object with my one good eye just before I trip over it, and my breath whooshes from my lungs as I use my hands to catch myself.

Share a snippet that made you want to shout to the world that you're SO. HAPPY:

Hmm…. as far as literally wanting to shout goes, I don’t remember that ever happening. #SORRY XD But maybe this one:


I practically have to force Fynn to lie down in the separate branch of the tunnel that West left us in. I hope that Toby and Dr. Flask succeeded in getting the Med conscious again, because Fynn’s not going to stay still for long. And his arm isn’t going to stay ‘perfectly fine’ for long, either.

“I need to be with my men!” Fynn protests from where he’s lying prostrate on the ground, seeing as there’s not exactly any beds around here. There’s just  something that seems so right about making him stay lying down.

“No, you don’t.” I reply. “Your men already jostled your broken arm enough when we made our way over here.” To get to this portion of the tunnel, we had to cross the gigantic main room, and there was no end of Dragoons bumping into us or wanting to shake Fynn’s hand. Which, was a bit of an issue, seeing as his arm is broken. “You said you didn’t want them to know your arm was broken, right?”

“Well… yeah.” I still don’t see why he has this inexplicable desire, but it works in my favor, so I don’t question it.

“If you go out there, it won’t take them long to figure out that something is wrong. And it won’t take them much longer to figure out your arm is injured.” I send a smug smile to the ground, pleased with my logic.

I can’t see Fynn clearly in the dim light, but his silence tells me that he’s taking the time to give me a good, long eye roll. “I can’t see your eyes.” I inform him.

The silence continues, meaning he doesn’t believe me and is continuing his movement. I wait patiently for him to finish, then he speaks. “Alright then, but only for a little bit. If they don’t get the Med down here soon, then I’m not laying here much longer.”

We’ll see about that. I think to myself. My legs are getting tired, so I slide my back down the wall until I’m seated on the ground. My legs are appreciative of the rest, and I close my eyes and let out a sigh. I can’t imagine why Fynn doesn’t want to rest, although I can understand his aversion to lying on the floor. I’m not going to budge though, no matter how ridiculous it might seem.

Share a snippet that gives some insight into one of your most favorite characters of ever:

LOL THIS IS MY WHOLE NOVEL BASICALLY. Because I'm normally very character driven haha:


The clearing between the buildings and the Tower is empty, the bodies of the men who died already cleared away by the Meds. The cobblestones still have a rust colored tint. The color serves as a silent tribute to everyone who died here earlier today.
I’m just glad we have another chance. But at the same time, I’m afraid.

It’s not a concrete sort of fear, the type that has a specific cause. It’s a vague, fuzzy, unidentifiable fear that starts in my pulsing heart and snakes into my gut. It’s the type of fear that’s the hardest to face, because you’re not sure exactly what you’re facing. Or- in my case- you’re facing too many things at once.

Fear of failing. Fear of death. Fear of losing the people I’ve grown close to.

Each one of them twists and melds together to form a monster that rampages across my mind, drawing worst case scenarios in blood with its inky claws. But now, as I label each fear in my mind, it doesn’t take much for me to pinpoint the fear that’s strongest.

Fear of death.

Share a snippet that gets you beaming with pride and you’re just like ‘yep, I wrote that beauty':

HAHAHAAA THIS IS MY FIRST DRAFT OKAY. XD *throws a random snippet at you*


Fynn nods, and his voice emerges from his throat, hoarse and dry. “I know. I knew as soon as I saw him, I think. I just didn’t want to accept it.” He shuts his eyes, rising to his feet. As his eyes reopen, new determination shines through them. Determination, and urgency.

“We don’t have much time. Before he died, he mentioned something about Meds approaching fast. And something about a traitor. We need to move, and we need to move fast.”

My brain syncs with the new information instantly, filing away the new development. The Meds could be on their way as we stand here. Fynn is right, of course. Our time is extremely short, and we need to make good use of it.

“What’s your plan?” I ask.

“We attack them before they can attack us. If they’re on their way through the tunnels anyways, that means less of them guarding the Tower. It’s the perfect opportunity.”

“Gotcha.” I say. Then, I rush off through the crowd.

“What are you doing?” I hear Fynn call behind me, but only in the distance.

I’m moving too fast to give a solid reply, but I turn around for a brief pause.

“Get everyone out!” I yell. It’s the best I can do. There’s not enough time to explain the drastic, dangerous, and altogether crazy plan my mind is whirling together.

Share a snippet of genius, deliciously witty dialogue between your characters.

Hmmm… surprisingly I don't have much of this?? I FEEL LIKE I SHOULD HAVE MORE?? But here’s my best shot:


The fire is almost out now, and I allow a smile to cross my face as the last flame is put out by a final spurt of water. “Well, that could have gone a lot worse.” I remark to Toby.

He nods. “I’ll be careful next time.”

I turn to face him. “Next time? You mean this hasn’t taught you a thing?”

“Yup. That’s exactly what I mean”

I unleash my breath in a slow whoosh, leaning my head back against the wall. “You’re kidding, right?”

“Nope.” He begins to move back into the street, ignoring the smoke. I grab his wrist, pulling him back into the alley.

“I’m telling you, you can’t burn that. It’s too valuable.”

He crosses his arms. “I think we closed this discussion.”

“I'm reopening it.”

He shakes his head and steps out into the street. “Nope, you’re not.”

Share a snippet that leaves you breathless, in a cold sweat with action-induced intensity.

Hahaha yup I can do this one I think:


I don’t give myself time to hesitate, moving down the ladder despite what my mind- and Fynn- are shouting at me. The spray of the water takes my breath away as it splashes off the walls and lands on my skin. It’s cold. Very, very cold. It tugs at my feet, offering a wordless threat to pull me into its clutches.

But I ignore it, watching closely. I’ve only got one chance to do this. It has to be perfect.

The familiar skinny, lithe form and dark hair catch my eye as soon as the stream carries Toby into sight. He’s on my side of the tunnel, and for some reason I’m strangely amused by the fact that he has the satchel slung around his shoulder.

“Em-” He calls as he sees me, but the water cuts him off. I descend another rung on the ladder as the stream of water rushes by. It’s up to my waist now, yanking on me viciously in its anger at my defiance.

“Hold on, Toby.” I whisper.

At that moment, he bobs to the surface on my side of the tunnel and only a few feet from where I stand. I move fast, keeping one hand on one of the metal rungs. Then, I swing my arm out as far as it can go, praying that I can reach him.

I can. I just barely manage to snag the satchel. I use it to pull him away from the water, and as soon as he gets close enough to the wall he latches onto the metal rungs of the ladder.

He comes up, gasping. He’s completely drenched, and water pours in rivulets down his face.

“Climb.” He blurts.

Share a snippet of a most interesting first meeting between your characters.



She’s weak and frail, clearly hungry, reminding me of a butterfly with her cloak fluttering around her in the wind. She keeps her head down and, when she sees me inspecting her, pulls her cloak around herself as tightly as possible. Which… isn’t very tight at all.

The alley acts as a funnel, siphoning the wind and forcing it to all move in the same direction, unlike on the streets, where it gusts everywhere with little to no guidance. Since she’s facing the wind, her cloak is blown back despite her best efforts, creating an almost humorous effect as the wind whips the fabric around her in a whirlwind.

“Maybe you should let it billow out around you. That way it won’t catch the wind.” I shout over the storm.

She doesn’t let go of it, but in another moment the wind picks up and literally lifts her off her feet. We both yelp at the same time as she rises for a few seconds, then quickly falls back to the ground.

I rush over to her, offering her a hand to help lift her off the ground. “Are you hurt?”

Her gaze rises to meet mine for the first time. “I don’t think so.” Her voice is barely audible above the raucous storm. “At least not yet.” The howls of the wolves penetrate the alley, this time making me jump from their obvious closeness.

“Good point.”

GOLD MEDALS AND SOUR PATCH TO ANYONE WHO READ ALL OF THOSE. That ended up being a lot longer than I thought, haha. So moving on. Because there's still a decent amount left in this post. (believe it or not)

This is where I tackle that big, giant, scary thing called 'the future' and make commitments in public so that I'm motivated. Gulp. 

- I have a few alpha readers!! I recruited just a few of my trusted friends/family to help me go over the first draft of this and give me some editing help. Pray for them. JUST KIDDING JUST KIDDING  Beta reading will definitely be a thing at some point, so stay tuned for that. :D

- PRINTING IT OUT WITH LULU. Because everyone does it and it's the best thing of ever. I just need to work on a cover haha.

- Getting a new page for Library of Lies up because I haven't had one for a few months now. Whoops. XD

- I need to crack down and start editing The Raven Project because I've sort of been procrastinating this since like... August? xD

- Keep plugging away at the One Year Adventure Novel writing curriculum so that I can finish the planning parts and start drafting, haha. 

- Attempting to have a life while doing the above. Wish me luck. 

SURPRISE! Yes you weren't expecting this because I'm a sneaky ninja and I didn't put this in the title, mwahaha. But I wrote a synopsis thing! And I'm here to share it with you guys for the first time ever!!! :D Nobody else has read this. Ever. (okay except for like three people but we're just going to ignore that fact right now) 

Toby is an orphan boy with a secret- a secret that means death if it’s discovered. But when he finds something unheard of lying on the street one night, he doesn’t know how it will change his life. Not yet.

Emilie is a lost, lonely girl, burdened with the mistakes of her past and haunted by guilt. But when she’s rescued from the curfew-enforcing wolves by a young boy with a strange gift and an illegal book, she realizes this could be her chance to turn her life around.

Fynn is at the height of society, the Admiral of a faction which is responsible for enforcing the laws. But even those highest in power have their secrets- and when Fynn makes a horrendous blunder, he's forced into action.

As civil war envelopes the city, the book unites the three, and they form an unlikely friendship. In the middle of a conflict they didn't ask for, and on the run for their lives, they're placed in circumstances they never could have imagined.

One book. Three people. And a rivalry between two factions- a rivalry that's breaking a city apart. When a society is shrouded in darkness, what does it take for the truth to shine through?

It's sorta rough for now but I'm still working on it. :D

And there you have it! This has been random posts with Jonathan in which he rants about his novel. KUDOS (aka sour patch) TO WHOEVER READ ALL OF THIS.

And I may or may not have thrown 'faqs' into the title just to sound professional, shh don't tell.

What have you learned while writing?? What kind of writer are you?? Wanna share a couple of sentences from your WIP in the comments? BE MY GUEST. :D

~ Jonathan


    These are so good! Like you are AMAZING! Congrats on finishing you novel! Go you! XD

      Oh okay good dying. :P THANKS SO MUCH :D


    and i will totally not crush your by letting you know that had you written 1,500ish more words you could have passed me in word count *cough cough* but hey - once you print your book out ours will be similar thicknesses. XD also HURRY UP AND PRINT THE THING OUT LIKE DO IT NOWWWW. good luck on the cover. heh. *remembers the 12 hrs. I spent on Julia's* mine took me MUCH less tho bc I followed my own tutorial HA. I legit forgot how I did it and realized I had a tutorial xP

    hey, hey. wait a minute. YOU AREN'T LETTING YOUR OWN WRITER GROUP ALPHA? *gasps* okay. well. I'm not either so..I'll wait to beta *cough cough* Your synopsis sounds like such coolness tho *still does not have one* I'm so bad at making those tho :P

    legit tho that is so amazing YOU FINISHED IT it's such a weird feeling, isn't it? Now. ONWARD TO THE NEXT NOVEL.

    1. YES THANKS IT IS AMAZING. (you only beat me by like a monthish but we won't go there ahem xD)

      DUDE REALLY?? Okay so maybe I should add an epilogue or something... but then again this is my second novel so. #iwin XP OKAY YES I'M WORKING ON IT. Hopefully it doesn't take 12 hours though because I don't have that much time. Plus I have a handy dandy tutorial, what could go wrong?? *cough*

      WELL I MEAN NO. I have to edit first haha- plus if I let one of you I have to let all of you and that's like 10+ people?? on my first draft?? #overwhelming :P Yes you need to make a synopsis though k

      yes exactly- ONWARD AND UPWARD

    2. wait a minute *only* okay, RLY?

      *squints* WELL I CAN ALWAYS ADD AN EPILOGUE TOO YOU KNOW and we've already been there. I've had like 2 and a half novellas also before this novel so there #iwin heh. yeah hope it goes well with that cover XD

      okay yes I wouldn't want to do that either like heh no sorry guys xP xD

    3. mhhmm a month isn't that long k just trust me on this xD

      TRUE YOU COULD BUT MINE WOULD BE LONGER PROBABLY. Okay but I've probably still written more total words. Plus I'm older than you ha. #respectyourelders :P

      ikr exactly

  3. *smiles at gold medal* (i.e. I read all the snippets XD)

    CONGRATS ON FINISHING YOUR NOVEL!!! It's super cool that you did different povs in first person and had THREE different characters (I scream the word "three" because I have three as well and it's hard).

    I can tell you from personal experience that family is a great place to find your alpha-readers. Word of warning though: they might tear your synopsis to pieces, as that's what my mom did XD (though I thought it was great and so is yours) When do you think you might need betas...?

    I would bravely share the first line of my novel if I weren't polishing it for betas next week :P

    Thank you for your ramblings--I cracked up so much XD

    audrey caylin

    1. *applauds you* XD

      THANKS! Haha yes I thought it was cool also but it iiiissss hard, omw. (OOH COOL great minds think alike lol)

      Ah okay I shall keep this in mind! :D This is actually my second synopsis though- *whispers* the first one already got shredded, hehe. HOPEFULLY IT'S AN IMPROVEMENT?? XD I'm guessing I'll need betas maybe sometime early this summer/late spring? We shall see. :D

      ACK I WISH I COULD BETA YOUR BOOOK. D: But I'm already betaing for a few other people and trying to figure out this alpha thing haha. :D Good luck with that though! I'll have to read it when it's published.

      Haha glad you enjoyed them! :D

  4. OH MY GOSH YOU FINISHED IT CONGRATULATIONS. And your snippets/synopsis are totally intriguing, I'd definitely be willing to beta-read in the future. XD

    1. THANKS SO MUCH! :D Glad you liked them, and I'll definitely give you a poke when I'm ready for that haha.

  5. I'm so happy for you, Jonathan! EEEK! Loved the snippets, and I'm looking forward to reading it! :)


    Okay so when you do your LuLu book can you take a look and see if it posts to Australia? Because I've wanted to print my book also, but I'm not sure if it posts here and whether that'll cost an insane amount and I can't seem to find out. But if you come across any hint that it does could you let me know? (email or something like that) Because I'm so so wanting to print my novel sometime. BECAUSE HAVING MY NOVEL IN MY VERY OWN HANDS ACK THAT WOULD BE SO AMAZING.

    *wishes you all the luck in the world*

    1. AW WELL THANKS. :D Your excitement makes me excited and slightly less nervous lol. xD

      Ah sure! I'll check that out for you. *nods* I'm thinking it probably does? But like you said it might cost an insane amount haha. :P

      Heheh thanks :D

  7. *screams and flails* Okay, I probably say this every time, but I'm going to continue saying it: I. LOVE. YOUR. SNIPPETS. :D And your synopsis? Can we say amazing?! *showers you with all the praise*

    I would definitely be interested/willing to beta read when you need them. :D (You may or may not have already known that :P)

    Oh, you want a couple sentences from my WIP? I can do better. *whispers* I added my first snippet on my writings page. More coming soon (ish). :D

    1. *screams and flails also bc this comment makes me super happy* xD YOU'RE TOO NICE. :P

      Alright I will definitely give you a poke. *nods* (hahaha yes maybe a sneaking suspicion)

      OOH REALLY?? *rushes to check it out*

  8. JON. what. I can't believe you didn't recruit me as a alpha reader *is a bit hurt* XP

    Ahem. OK, anyway.

    A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS PARTY FOR YOU!! *dumps snow and glitter (yes, glitter) on you*

    That synopsis tho how did you do it?? Tell me your secrets????

    Because you probably didn't know this already XPP I'm working on my novel, The Nobles Contest ;) It's currently at 82kish (gaahh I can't believe it) and I'm hoping to finish by the 16th, if not, then the end of the month.

    ONCE AGAIN, CONGRATS, MAH FREN *pats* I already love it and I have only read a few snippets *dies from anticipation*

    1. HANN OKAY BUT *points to chapter 19 I think of your book* xD

      THANKS LOL. I'll definitely take the glitter and the snow haha.

      AW THANKS. XD Glad you like them!! :D
      Actually to be honest idk?? Like I'm normally terrible at writing synopsises??

      WHOA NICE JOB. 82k is a great length, let me know when you finish!!! We shall have a magnificent garden party and everyone shall be invited. Ahem. XD


    2. JON OK I ANSWERED *points to chapter 19 of my book* ;)

      Well obvs you're not THAT terrible bc that one is fantastic XD


    3. OK I ALSO ANSWERED *totally is not having a complete conversation in your book and it's hilarious lol* XD

      WELL I WAS and then suddenly I just sat down and was like 'I need to write a synopsis' and then I did it and it turned out fairly well?? Haha.

      THIS IS TRUE. Hehehe sounds like a plan :D

  9. *gets gold metals and sour patch* *remembers i really dont love sour patch so gives them back to you and snatching gold metals*

    really tho *shakes head* gotta admit this sounds interesting. I think I would pick it up off a shelf. well......maybe



    1. oh wow dude I forgot you didn't like them- I would maybe shun you but since you're giving them back to me why would I do that?? :P

      mhhmm *pats xD

  10. Good job!!!!! Finishing the first draft is probably the hardest part xD

  11. Love those snippets, and the synopsis is intriguing!
    That theme, too, I feel that it's very needed.

  12. CONGRATULATIONS JONATHAN!!!! *SCOOTS SOUR PATH AND GUMMY WORMS AT YOU TRIUMPHANTLY* Ahhh this is awesome! The book is awesome! You’re awesome! Seriously, “Library Of Lies” sounds so interesting… and I always get dragged in with Fynn’s snippets. Ahh my word. =D I’m definitely interested in beta reading this book! ALSO, that synopsis. Wowza.
    AMEN. Yes, I know what you’re saying… God can use fiction- and He can use it for the writer, absolutely! Writing is a huge journey. But God is there with us! We just have to listen to Him (and get whacked, definitely) and write! ♥
    The Raven Project! You can do it, I know you can. I read the snippet of TRP on the page when I first found your blog and…. I’m suckered. xD So if you need sour patch or ninja advice while doing that book, never fear, I’m here! :P OOH you’re printing it! SO AWESOME. Again, congratulations, Jonathan. =D
    What have I learned about writing? Well, I keep learning new things, and relearning (because that’s being a human, I suppose). Yahweh has shown me that it’s the lies of the enemy that keep me from writing. God gave writing to us as a gift.... I should be writing because I love the Lord, and by writing, glorify Him. With writing, Yahweh has shown me that when we let ourselves be set free by the TRUTH… anything is possible. =D
    And because it’s a party, lol, have a bit from Seek…. ““Alright. Now.” Eli drove steady, steady, on the hilly road. Asher leaned out of the window, twisting himself to where only a small portion of his upper body was angled out. He aimed the semi-automatic. Asher fired.” SO YEAH ANYWAY. xD
    -Angela | thepeculiarmessenger.wordpress.com

    1. HAHA THANKS SO MUCH ANGELA. :D I'm glad you like what you've read and the synopsis!!
      AH WELL THANKS. XD I do really need to edit that haha- thanks for the offer lol! YES I'M SOOO excited to print it :)
      Haha so true! YES AMEN our writing definitely should glorify God. *nods* And truth setting us free is a major theme of The Raven Project, hehe. And also Library of Lies, just to a lesser extent haha.
      WHOA THAT'S AWESOME! Keep up the good work :D

    2. Sounds awesome! Yess, it seriously is so cool when I see people publishing their books into real BOOKS that you can hold and smell and throw. Lol. ;D Good luck!
      Your writing/books sound very, very cool. =D And that message is always great!

  13. CONGRATULATIONS!! I mean, I already knew you finished it but CONGRATULATIONS!


    You haven't finished OYAN? (to be fair neither have I and I've been at it longer than you...) But I thought the Raven Project was your OYAN?

    1. Hehehe well THANKS :D


      Haha nope- not yet. (lol I think I'm on lesson like... 15?? #oops) I actually started The Raven Project before I even knew about OYAN hehe.

  14. Nice snippets! That's a really cool tag, also I'm really glad you shared the synopsis so I could make sense of all that was happening in the snippets, lol. Which I read all of by the way - where is my candy!?!? XD
    I'm so flattered that you named a character after me, such an honor! ;)
    I would be interested in beta-ing if you were so inclined to share at some point...

    1. Thanks!! Yes ikr it is a suuppeer awesome tag- I was really excited to do it and yet it still took me a while. #oops. xD HEY GOOD JOB *throws sour patch your way* Have at it. :P
      Hehehe yup but I spelled it differently xD
      Well thanks, I'll definitely give you a poke at some point :D

  15. I really really want to read this!!

    -one of those weird anon followers who lurk on blogs and rarely comment

    1. AW WELL THANKS :D Glad you're interested!

      LOL well it's nice to meet you then. xD You can comment whenever you want... I don't bite. Normally. Ahem. :P

  16. YOU FINISHED YOUR BOOK, OH MY WORD. Good for you, Jonathan! *tosses all the sour-patch confetti* And whoever says that God can't use fiction obviously doesn't know what they're talking about.

    *awards self gold medal* Basically those snippets were EPICNESS (*completely ignores the fact that the tag is a month late - MINOR DETAILS*).

    What kind of writer am I? A VERY CONFUSED ONE, THAT'S WHAT. Still don't know what genre I like best or which WIP is my favorite xD. (also SAME ABOUT NANO MOTIVATION - I never would have finished without all the word sprints xD)

    Your synopsis is AWESOME, I'm super intrigued by your book! And it's a book ABOUT A BOOK. *awards Library Of Lies extra epic-ness points* Can't wait until you're ready for betas! xD

    ~ Savannah

    1. YES I DID HAHA. Thanks! :D And yes I agree 100%. *nods*

      Aw well thanks- glad you liked them. (LOL yes definitely a minor detail. Ahem. xD)

      THIS IS ACCURATE THOUGH. I've tried two genres and am planning a novel in a third genre haha. :P (YES IKR it's so motivating)

      THANKS. :D Can't wait for you to read it!!

    Wow, that's fantastic! I've nearly finished my second novel, so I totally understand the excitement you must be feeling. ;D
    Huzzah for finished first drafts! *throws sour patch instead of confetti* ('cause why not?)

    1. THANKS :D
      Ooh nice! Good work, you're almost there haha.

  18. *flails throughout amazing snippets* I earned ALL the awards by reading through your post! XD Your book sounds absolutely FANTABULOUS and I canNOT wait to read it all. :D How long is your book right now? Just out of curiosity. ;)

    1. *flails also* xP GOOD JOB THEN. XD Glad you like the idea haha. :D Can't wait to share it with y'all! Right now it's 104k words. :)

  19. I'll take that sour patch cause I read it all! So amazing! Great job and I'll definitely be watching for your beta-reading sign ups. I can't wait to read it! Congratulations a thousand times over! If there's any way I can help, let me know! Congrats!

    1. Hehe well glad it didn't bore you to death then. ;) Thanks so much Bethany! :D

  20. Yayyyy, that's amazing!!! Many congratulations - you did it! :D Your synopsis is awesome and intriguing and makes me want to read it, but I had to skip your lovely snippets cause I'm such a spoiler-ophobe.... :P ;) Good job, and keep up the good work!


    1. THANKS. :D Glad you liked it! Oh hahaha yeah there might be a few milder spoilers in there lol :P


  22. YAYYY GOOD JOB! *showers you in sour patch*

  23. Awesome accomplishment, Jonathan!!! I cannot wait to read this! The snippets were very awesome and I want to know more about all the characters (v cool names btw). Your title is like the best, so I have no doubt I will adore this.

    Your synopsis is super intriguing and I love that God taught you things through writing. Isn't that cool?!

    I'm a procrastinating writer obviously, because I'm supposed to be plotting MH#2, editing my novella, or planning my blog anniversary party, but no. I am reading your blog posts instead :D You're such a good distraction.

    I really REALLY hope I'm able to beta this, but no guarantees since I have editing out my ears at the moment ... Also, nice length! Martin Hospitality ended around 103k (a little long for my genre) and was 386 pages total in a 6"x9" paperback. Jsyk ;)

    *eagerly awaits cover*

    1. Thanks, Abi! Glad you're excited, and glad you liked the snippets! :D (haha thanks- I try) YES THANK YOU it's my favorite title of all my books hehe.

      Thanks! YES IKR it was super cool and eye-opening.

      LOL shoo go do those then. xD But okay IF you're reading my posts then I guess it's fine to procrastinate then. We can make an exception. XP

      Haha no problem, life gets busy sometimes. (or is it all the time? :P) OOH THAT'S GOOD TO KNOW, THANKS.

  24. This is your first draft? o.o * hides mine*

    This is fabulous. I want to read this story now. *will be looking out for the beta-readers call*

    1. I'M SURE YOURS IS FABULOUS. XD *pulls it out*

      Thanks so much! :D

  25. EEEKKKK CONGRATS!!!!! THATS SO AWESOME!!!! And those snipets like O.O *searches for beta-reader signup*

    1. YES THANK YOU :D Haha I'll be sure to give you a poke when it's time for that lol :P


  27. So we're are the gold metals and sour patches (whatever they are. . .)?
    ("I was going to say good job", and "I'd be happy to beta-read", but upon reading the comments above, and reflecting upon how clich├ęd that would be, I refrained from doing so.)

    1. Hahaha :P
      (LOL well either way I don't question cliches... normally :P)

  28. Congrats, Jonathan! Your selection of POV and tense seem to add a very interesting twist!

    May I ask why you are planning on using Lulu?

    Breathtaking wordcount BTW.

    1. Why thank you :D Glad you found that interesting!

      Oh haha- I'm not actually using Lulu to /publish/ it. I planned to use Lulu to print out a physical copy of it just for my personal use but I've actually changed my mind, since I've been editing it so much. :D


  29. OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS!!!!!! *flails* Those snippets are the BESTEST EVER!!!!! I wanna read your book now!!!!!!! *sobs uncontrollably*
    Haha! That was a little dramatic, but TOTALLY HOW I'M FEELING.
    You've got SKILLS, Mr. Ninja.

    1. *flails also* WELL THANKS SO MUCH.:D I'm super glad you liked them and that they made you want to read my book!!!

  30. WOW THESE SNIPPETS *flails*

    Congrats on finishing!



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