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Friday, January 12, 2018

Currently with Jonathan

HEY, DID YOU MISS ME? (Don't answer unless you did.) Last month, I ended up taking a sporadic, month-long hiatus. Honestly I think that's the way most of my hiatuses work. They go something like this:

ME: Look at my post on how to be a professional blogger. Very nice.



But also excuse me while I completely abandon all blogging responsibilities for A MONTH without warning anyone beforehand. AHEM.


Sooo what exactly happened to that professionalism you were talking about in your last post?? Hm??

I do have a really, really good excuse for this, but my blog still got angry with me for neglecting it. NOT EVEN KIDDING. Right now the font color keeps changing to red or green or blue every time I hit enter? And the spacing has gone completely haywire? In my head I keep hearing that one line from Tangled where the mother says: "This is why you never should have left!"

ANYWAYS. All tangents about my blogging hiatus aside, I'm here to update you guys on what's gone on with me lately. Because despite the fact that I completely missed my end-of-the-year recap post, and despite the fact that I have no intentions of writing that post, I'M NOT OUT OF THE BLOGGING GAME YET.

I'm still here, still very much alive and kicking, and I still have some blog posts up my sleeve! (Just when you thought you'd finally gotten rid of me, right?) And since I've been gone for a little while, it only makes sense to discuss what I've been doing with all that time that hasn't gone towards blogging. Sound good?

(HUSH. That's rhetorical.)

+ My new laptop!! Alright, here we go. Here's the honest to goodness reason for why I took a sporadic hiatus: my laptop broke. It had been on it's last leg for a while, but it finally reached the point of being completely unusable in December. (SEE? GOOD EXCUSE, RIGHT?)

The good news is that I now have a new laptop! My Dad helped me find one for a decent price, and we've got it all set up now. IT'S AWESOME. It's an HP (like my old one), but it's much heavier duty and hence much faster. I can get done so much more in less time because I don't have to wait on my computer; and higher productivity in less time makes me happy. So needless to say, I APPROVE. 

+ Stress-free reading. Last year, I participated in the Goodreads reading challenge with a goal of 100 books in 2017. (AMBITIOUS FOR ME.) I did manage to read 100 books, but I ended up getting a little stressed out as I skimmed and selected the shortest books available, yet STILL got behind at times.

The challenge was a fun experience, don't get me wrong! The problem was that instead of expanding my reading by making me read more books, it actually limited my reading by dictating what types of books I could read. (short ones) This year, I still set a goal, but this goal is SUPER CHILL and easy attainable; meaning that in 2018, I'll have more freedom in my reading choices.

+ Early mornings. Personally I'm not a fan of the phrases "night owl" and "early bird." (Simply because they imply that the tendencies to stay up late or get up early are inherent, when in reality those tendencies are learned.) BUT. So far between the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018, I've been getting up earlier, and I'M LOVING IT. It gives me time to read my Bible and pray, go to the gym if I want to, and still start my daily tasks on time!#winwinwin

+ My Bible. OBVIOUSLY. This year, I'm hoping to get through it AT LEAST 1.5 times. We'll see how it goes? Last year I read all of it from April-December so I feel fairly confident. Ideally, I'll read it twice in 2018.

+ Just finished--Distracted: The Erosion of Attention and the Coming Dark Age by Maggie Jackson. THIS BOOK WAS SO DENSE. WHOA. But it was definitely well-researched, and it hit on some great points. While I didn't agree with everything in it, I'd still recommend it to discerning readers because I think it addresses a really important topic.

+ In progress--Stewarding Life by Paul Chappel. This book is excellent and very relevant to my own life; I'm reading it as a part of my daily devotions. I wanted to have the time to digest it, so I'm taking it slow. It's already going on my recommended list, and I haven't even finished it! 

+ In progress--Things Which Become Sound Doctrine by J. Dwight
Pentecost. I'm reading this one as part of a class I'm in, so... IT'S SLOW GOING. I think we've been working through it since September? Part of the class involves outlining each chapter, so I'm getting a lot out of the book. 

+ In progress--The Steps of a Good Man by Eldon Martens. Men's bible study @ my house! Again, it's slow going--we only do one chapter a week--but it's a good pace. It gives me time to reflect on the reading for each week. I love how each chapter has "action steps" at the end. They help when it comes to actually applying the information instead of just understanding it. 

+ 2018!! I am READY for 2018. I know the direction I need to take this year, and I know what my priorities need to be in order for me to get there. Still, 2018 is going to be full of exploration for me as I seek God's will and look towards my future. I say: BRING IT ON. 

+ My new laptop. I know I already mentioned this, but I have NO REGRETS about bringing it up again. Besides, it fits in this section, because I am definitely exploring this laptop.

First, I'm exploring how I can best use it to glorify God. Second, I'm exploring how I can use it in a productive manner and waste as little time as possible on it. And finally, I'm exploring WHAT ON EARTH I SHOULD NAME IT. Because yes, I absolutely name my laptops. My last one was named Blue (guess what color it was), but I'm probably going to name this one something literary. Anyone have a good suggestion?

+ Bullet journaling. Or maybe I should call it "bullet journaling." Because we're not exactly talking about a formal bullet journal here. This is more like a "bullet journal concept adapted to fit Jonathan" type of thing; its main purpose is tracking my school goals and progress. (BORING, I KNOW.)
Journaling like this is SUPER MOTIVATING because I'm very, very goal-driven, and since all my schoolwork for the day is listed out for me, I get to CHECK THINGS OFF AS I DO THEM. Plus, if I have extra time, I can get ahead by getting started on tomorrow's list of tasks. 

But even though it's primarily for school, I do track a few other things, such as what I read during the day. I'm still playing around with it and figuring out what I should include--any ideas? 

+ New school schedule. I'm graduating this year, and 2018 came with a new school schedule (for a variety of complicated reasons). I have A LOT of school to manage. I'm using my bullet journal to keep myself motivated, on track, and READY TO RUMBLE.

While I think I have it mostly figured out, I'm still smoothing out a few kinks in my schedule and adapting it to my day-by-day experience. So all that is to say: if you don't see posts from as often as you'd like to, then you can safely guess that SCHOOL IS TO BLAME. 

+ Nonfiction. I LOVE nonfiction, yet 2017 didn't allow me much time to read it. (because of what I mentioned about my 2017 reading challenge) But I'm determined to make up for that lost time by reading LOTS of nonfiction in 2018--as you can probably tell by what I'm currently reading. So if anyone has any good nonfiction recommendations, drop me a comment!  

... actually, nothing! SURPRISE, SURPRISE. Since the cause of my blogging hiatus was a broken laptop, I ended up taking a break from both blogging and writing. But don't worry; I definitely have plans for this year. I've been praying over my writing for 2018 over the last few months, so I'm excited to get started on at least one new project. I'd tell you more, but it's top secret for now. MWAHAHA. 

(And to those of you who want to tell me I should be editing: SHHH. DON'T BURST MY BUBBLE.) 

ALRIGHT YOUR TURN. Update me on what you've been up to! How's your 2018 looking so far? 


  1. Who's blog is this? Random stranger who pops up in my reading list? XD

    *high fives* HP is awesome! I always hear about apple, so it's nice to hear someone using HP, too!

    I have never named my laptop. Maybe I'll name it Purple, then? XD

    Congrats on getting through the Bible in that short amount of time. It takes me forever. I've gotten through it twice and am on my third time. I find it so interesting how different verses stick out each time. God is so amazing!

    I'm planning on publishing this summer and I have a cover reveal coming up in March. I'm honestly freaking out!!!

    I'm currently editing, which takes much longer than writing, unfortunately. XD

    Have an awesome 2018!!


    1. RIGHT? IT'S SADLY TRUE. I had good intentions, I promise!! I even HAD MY NEXT POST PLANNED. xD

      Oohhh your laptop is purple? I'm pretty sure you have the same laptop that I used to have, then, because my sister has it in purple. :D

      Thanks! Honestly that's the more important part. Getting something out of your devotions is better than rushing through them in an attempt to finish the Bible in x amount of time. Amen though! I totally agree, God is definitely amazing.

      WAIT WHAAAT. YOU'RE DOING WHAT?????? I had no idea you were so close, I'm SO EXCITED FOR YOU!! Can't wait to read it!

      Hahaha yeaaahhh I've been there... xD Good luck with your editing though!

      Thanks! You too!

  2. Re: "I get to CHECK THINGS OFF AS I DO THEM" - Best feeling in the world!

  3. Yahoooo!!! You're back!

    And you have no idea who I am.

    *cough* I'm D.G., new blogger around. :)

    You could name your blog Deus Ex Machina. Anyway, welcome back to cyberspace, and the world of blogging. Go 2018!

    D.G. Snapper | silverphoenixwriter.blogspot.com

    1. WELL HI. I'm glad I somehow got some new followers even while I wasn't blogging at all... ? (Which literally breaks all the established principles of blogging, but hey, I'LL TAKE IT LOL.) Welcome to the blogiverse!

    2. Nuts. I meant 'call your LAPTOP Deus Ex Machina.' *facepalm*

      Anyway, thanks! XD

    3. Haha no worries! To be honest I feel like I'm fairly good at avoiding typos in my posts, but not so much when it comes to comments... xP

  4. YOU LIVE. *throws pizza*

    YAY FOR ALL THIS STUFF THOUGH. :D It's so good to hear that things are going okay and you're set for new stuff.

    I'm graduating too this year. o-o HOW IS IT SO CLOSE ALREADY.
    AND I also started a bullet journal which is SO MUCH FUN even though I've only done a liiiittle bit of it so far. What I have done has been the best thing ever though.

    I've also started revising/editing A Sprig of Green (the full novel I wrote from that short story you and Krystal and all read for me) and that's actually been going really well. I'm HOPING that MAYBE by July-ish I'll be ready for official alpha readers on the full novella/novel/however long this ends up. xP *distant screaming* And hopefully by the end of the year to be ready for *deep breath* betas and looking at pitching to publishers.
    Or maybe it won't even work out like that, but who knows. God's got his own big plan. :P

    1. INDEED. *eats said pizza* XD

      Oohh you're graduating also? NICE. *high fives* I feel like so many of my blogging friends are graduating this year which is kinda nice because I can't think of anyone I know in real life that's graduating in 2018.
      REALLY? COOL. I've only done a little bit also because I started it at around the beginning of the year... soooo like a maximum of 10 days.

      YAY. I'M PROBABLY GOING TO BE SCREAMING WITH YOU ALSO. Go you for getting all this productive writing stuff done! Also poke me when you're ready for betas/alphas--this year looks crazy for me but if I have time then I am 100% in. :D

  5. JONATHAN IS BACK!!! :D I was scrolling through my blogger feed and saw your post and scrolled back like WAIT JONATHAN POSTED I HAVE TO GO READ THAT xD

    Sorry about your laptop! That stinks :P Buuut getting a new computer is always fun. Names...uhh Goliath? (bc it's bigger than your old one ;).

    Stress-free reading sounds awesome! I *finally* started a reading goal of 50 books, but I might not make it. I have the Count of Monte Cristo, Crime and Punishment, and A Tale of Two Cities on my shelf, and those are definitely NOT short and easy reads. We'll see *crosses fingers*

    Anywho, I'm so glad you're back in blogsphere!

    1. YAY I'M GLAD YOU DID THEN. Maybe I should disappear more often? I mean, if it makes people more likely to read my posts... :P

      Nah it's all good! I've needed a new one for a VERY LONG TIME, so I was ready for the old one to break.

      Oohhhh good luck with Crime and Punishment. Go you for being ambitious. xD I've read the other two--Count of Monte Cristo is EPIC and Tale of Two Cities is mostly boring but it has an AWESOME conclusion that honestly makes up for all the boring parts. (Except if I remember correctly it also has a guy character who's name is Sydney? WHY.)

      Thanks! :D

  6. What color is your new laptop? I find it funny that you named your laptop a color, because I did too ("Old Silver" if you wanted to know...which you probably didn't...BUT I DIGRESS) "Old" because my computer used to be my dads...then my mom's...than it was my older sister's...THEN I shared it with my younger brother for a time before I frustrated him enough with my constant use of it that he gave up the sharing facade and bought his own. XD Now it's mine at last.
    Old Silver is solely my writing computer, and is unconnected to the Internet. BEST. DECISION. EVER. It is sooooo much easier to get writing done that way.

    Anyways, thanks for the update, and I'm glad to know you're still alive. (I was planning on booking a flight to attend your funeral, but I guess I'll just use that money for college instead.)

    1. BLACK. Which might seem really boring after bright blue, but I'm really liking it! (Plus they didn't have any other colors. XD) I'm making the assumption your laptop is silver then LOL. Your family sounds a little bit like mine, hehehe.
      Mmm yes I can definitely see why. If I had more than one computer, I'd do the same thing.

      Hahahaha well college is probably the more important priority anyways. ;)

    Sorry, thst was important.
    Well I got a job, and I’ve been on track with my Bibble reading, but other then that not a whole lot has been going on. I have been trying to do bookstagram more. XD

    1. OKAY I ACTUALLY REALLY LIKE THAT. I'll definitely put it on my list of options. *nods*
      Nice! A job is great, Bible reading is definitely great, and I'm not on Instagram but I'm thinking bookstagram can be pretty fun also. :D


    My laptop broke too, but it was a dinosaur, so I was pretty happy to have an excuse to upgrade.

    I have two very important questions for you:

    1. have you name your laptop, yet?
    2. What color is it??


    Glad to see you back!

    -Gray Marie | graymariewrites.blogspot.com

    1. Oh see for me it was the opposite--my old laptop would probably be better compared to... cotton candy, maybe? SUPER FLUFFY AND LIGHT AND NON-HEAVY DUTY. xD

      Nope, I still haven't named it yet, and it's black. Thanks!

  9. WELL DUDE, I MISSED YOU! Now that that's out of the way...XD

    Sorry to hear that your laptop broke! That's always a bummer. Mine broke earlier last year--the screen was a beast. I had to squeeze it to get it to work a lot of the time. O_O The new one is so much better. I hate it and I think it hates me, but at least the screen doesn't flicker and turn off in the middle of Creative Writing class...


      It's all good! I was ready for it to go--it had a good life haha!
      Whaaat. O.O Your old laptop does sound like a beast...

  10. *answers bc yes I did miss you* YOU LIVE, YAY! XD

    So glad things are going well for you! Also yes, new computers are so cool. *nods*

    2018...wow, already? XD Really though, it's been great so far. : D
    -Several things to look forward to already this year(homeschool convention, seeing a best friend that I haven't seen in a long time, and maybe OYAN SW? among other things, but those are off the top of my head).
    -and also figuring out how to be 18...it's not feeling too much different than 17 so far though, so that's good. XP
    -Spring semester started, along with my first in-person(instead of only online) college course o.o o.o
    -hey, me too on the reading the Bible through 1.5 times in a year. : D
    -writing is....going? slowly, but surely. It looks like I maaaaay have a bit more time this semester compared to last(hehe, we'll see though), so maybe hopefully I can plow more into CTD. : D
    -bc lists are cool but I can't think of anything else to put here *sheepish whistle*


    glad to see that you live! XD

    1. THANKS. XD Same though!! This year I was ready for 2018 and yet I STILL haven't fully adjusted to it yet? I keep writing 2017 at the top of my Wednesday night prayer lists. xD

      --ALL OF THOSE SOUND COOL TO ME. :D *thumbs up*
      --Mmm it's true. Seventeen and eighteen aren't really that different honestly.
      --Nice! Hope you do well in it! My spring semester is looking super busy also...
      --*high fives*
      --Actually, same for me! Even though I have a laptop now, I'm still not jumping back into writing full-on yet. (Because... school and life and such. xD)


  11. WOOT WOOT YOU HAVE RETURNED ALIVE. Always nice when that happens, you know what I'm saying? xD
    Sounds like you've been pretty busy, so I totally get it! I AM THE MOST NOT-SCHEDULED BLOGGER YOU WILL EVER MEET. I feel you dude. #slightlyspontaneousbloggersunite
    And YAY FOR YOU for getting up earlier! I've been trying--FAILED THIS MORNING. Boo on me, but hey, it's Saturday. xD
    That's great that you're striving to use your internet time to glorify God! (you've been doing a great job with it, just saying ;)) I'll be praying you continue to do so!
    OHHH MY GRACIOUS ME AND I TOTALLY FEEL YOU ABOUT THE WHOLE SCHOOL THING. My pile of school is going to fall on me and squash me and you will never see me again. Prayers would be appreciated. I don't want to be squashed.
    AND I WANT TO KNOW THE SECRET PROJECT. *sulks* Hopefully it's going well!!
    I can already tell even at the beginning of this year that God is getting ready to teach me a WHOLE bunch of stuff. That means it's going to be a great year. ^_^
    Happy Saturday!

      Wait, but HOLD EVERYTHING. You... have a blog? Whaaaat. Why was I not informed of this sooner??? THAT'S AWESOME THOUGH. What's the url so I can stalk you?
      Thanks! Well to be honest I don't always get up early on Saturdays either, hehe.
      Aw well thanks Ariel! I can always use some extra prayer.
      RIGHT? I RELATE. I'll add you and your schoolwork to my prayer list. *nods* But also you're not allowed to let yourself get squashed until you've given me the url to your blog. xD
      SORRY? KINDA LOL. I actually haven't even told ANYONE yet, not even my family. (except I mentioned it to my twin brother once, but idek if he was listening so I'm not counting that.)
      I'm VERY confident God has some stuff to teach me in 2018, also, so hopefully we'll both have great years!

    2. Well, you never know... xD
      WAIT HOW DID YOU NOT KNOW OF THIS (I guess I only mentioned it in like one of Savvy's vlogs sooo...). It's private, so I'll shoot you a message so I can get your e-mail and add you to my secret little corner of blogosphere! xD
      Thanks, Jonathan! OKAY OKAY I WILL TRY NOT TO GET SQUASHED. *runs away from toppling pile of schoolbooks to get your e-mail*
      I didn't know you had a twin brother! That's pretty cool! (Savvy is kinda sorta my twin--we've been mistaken for twins multiple times though I'm a year and a half younger xD)
      Yup yup! ^_^

    3. OHHHH SEE THAT'S WHY. I don't watch videos very often, so I probably didn't see that vlog! (Or at least I probably didn't see the whole thing... even though you and Savvy are awesome I almost never watch full vlogs? SORRY XD) Alright sounds good! I shall keep an eye our for your message. :D
      It is cool! We're opposites but it's still pretty fun. (You guys do seem a lot alike to me, just from what I've seen of your vlogs *nods*)

  12. Welcome back, Jonathan! Fun post, as always.

    Yay on the new laptop! I'm thinking of getting a new one as mine is starting to work slow. It's only two years old, though... so I think I'll hold onto my money a while longer. ;p

    Here are some great non-fiction I just finished:
    1. Bonhoeffer by Eric Metaxas
    2. Tactics by Gregory Koukl

    I signed up on Goodreads to read 50 books last year, but only read 35. Normally I'm very driven to do what I say I'm going to do. But last year I just wanted to read MORE. And read some books I had wanted to read for awhile. A lot of those books were beyond thick. So, even though I didn't meet my goal, I was happy because I read some amazing books.

    Let me recommend Bonhoeffer again, because that book is so good!!!

    Also, that's great about reading your Bible that much! I must say I know very few young Christians that actually read their Bible that much. I read a chapter to a couple every morning, so I probably only read it through once every couple years? I'm not really sure. I'd really love to find a chronicled Bible (whatever you call them) and read that through, one that has every thing in the order is would have historically happened.


    1. Thanks!

      My old one was two years old, but it was a fairly cheap model and NOT heavy duty at all, so I think I got a good deal on it honestly.

      Cool, thanks for the recommendations! I've actually read both those ones though. ;) I definitely agree, they're both amazing! Except Bonhoeffer is HUGE. LIKE A WEAPON, BASICALLY. XD Still, it was absolutely worth the read!

      See, I think it's better if you read /what/ you want to, instead of reading /how much/ you want to. Because (for me, at least) if I get caught up in reading a certain number of books or pages, I become LESS concerned about actually getting something out of what I'm reading. Which is clearly a MAJOR DOWNSIDE. So good for you for tackling some thicker books!

      Thanks! I like to read it in the mornings because it's a great way to start my day out right. Personally I've learned it can be SUPER BENEFICIAL to just plow through the whole thing, cover to cover, instead of messing with a certain number of OT and a certain number of NT chapters. Plus God has the books in a certain order for a reason, so might as well read them in the order He put them in! :D

    2. But have you read Eric Metaxas' book, If You Can Keep It? My mom just made me read that as a schoolbook, but I'm SO GLAD she did!! It really made an impact, and that's a big deal for me, since I hate nonfiction. :)

    3. That's awesome you've already read them! Bonhoeffer... ah... that book was ginormous. But I want to read it again ;p

      I so agree with reading what you want rather than a number. But numbers ARE fun ;)

      I agree with reading the Bible through that way. But I'm starting to want to try something new, just for a fresh reading. Though it seems it would get confusing to read OT and NT together.

      Hanna, I haven't read that book. I've heard Eric Metaxas' other books are wonderful, though, so I will keep my eyes open for that!!! I used to not like non fiction, either. But I find that if I get the right books I'm liking it more than fiction at times. Maybe you'll discover the same, with the right books?

    4. @Hanna I haven't heard of that one! It definitely looks interesting though, and since I'm in the middle of an American Government class, I may have to give it a shot. :D

      That is EXACTLY the right word for Bonhoeffer. xD Ginormous, plus it has teensy tinsy font! The amount of research required blows my mind just a little. O.O

      TRUUE. Plus numbers are also super motivating if you're more goal-driven.

      I can understand that! While God did put the books of the Bible in a specific order for a specific reason, that doesn't mean you won't benefit from reading them out of order. Certain books are definitely more practically applicable than others. :D


    I was waiting and waiting and waiting for you to post again *crosses arms* don't disappear like that without warning again XD

    MY COMPUTER BROKE DOWN TOO *sobs* It was called Dell (bc it was a Dell obviously) and I named a character after it... I haven't gotten another one. I just use the family desktop...

    ALSO WHOOHOO I LOVE NONFIC TOO!! I basically grew up on Christian nonfic so *highfive* I'm glad someone else has a thing for it too!! I must take your recommendations too ...


      SORRY. At least I did have a good excuse this time though, you've got to give me credit for that.

      OH NOO. D: Although honestly it probably broke down because it /was/ a Dell. Just sayin'. (Guess which computer brand is my least favorite? xP)

      COOL. I'll definitely have to give you a poke if I stumble across any really good ones!

  14. Yay for new laptops!! Good luck with school.


  15. well you've been gone for a while xD

    AH YUS finally!! a new laptop! I knew you were having issues with it. my laptop is either super fast, or snail slow. legit, I believe it has moods. and gosh, don't ask me for a name *names nothing* so what is the laptop exactly?

    AH SAME. I've always made lists for my school with little boxes that I check off -- doesn't everyone do that??? xD and same with writing and everything - what with school and everything else I just haven't had time or energy. I do want to work on something soon, since I've been missing it, I just have to decide what to work on lol.

    and as to things to do with your bullet journal -- my planner has blogging schedule (and I write down days to work on posts so I don't have to write a whole one in a day), school stuff, outings, writing goals, book tracker -- that sort of thing. it just helps to see it all in one place so I can see if I need to rearrange some things if one day is too busy to get it all done.

    will you be doing april nano??

    sarah » the introverted extrovert

    1. I knooow. Hopefully I can get back in my groove before long haha.

      RIGHT?? Yes I remember mentioning some of its issues to you... like a FEW MONTHS AGO LOL. It really was on its last leg. Your laptop actually sounds a lot like my new one? Except for mine it's mostly just dependent on what Wi-Fi I'm connected to. (because the Wi-Fi way out in the country at my house can be sketchy haha)
      Well... it's... an HP? XD It has 1 TB of storage so that's nice! And it has an intel core i3 7th generation processor. (In case that means anything to you because I have NO CLUE LOL)

      Haha I'd think everyone did it also--except I've been trying to get my brother to do it and it doesn't do much for him? *shrugs*

      OOH COOL IDEAS. I do track books in it, but I don't do any of that other stuff. Now my mental gears are turning...

      MAYBE. I want to, and I'm /thinking/ I probably will. I won't have a ton of time in April, but since it's Camp I can just set a lower goal.

  16. Blogs really landed on the back burner for me November/December, so I haven't been around for awhile. I haven't been on MY blog either lately, so I guess I take random hiatuses too.
    I just read your post about professionalism, and as someone who found your blog recently and pretty randomly, it's VERY user-friendly. =)

    1. Honestly November/December aren't huge blogging months anyways--everyone's busy with NaNo, and Thanksgiving, and Christmas. xD
      Well thanks! Glad to hear that! :D

  17. Hahaha, well, I’d just followed you and then WAIT. WHERE ARE THE POSTS THO? Haha, good to have you back! And yay for new laptops (I almost panicked two months ago though because I thought my laptop was just like giving up on me so I feel you??)

    Welcome back!
    ~ riley aline

    1. Posts? Pffttt who needs posts to run a good blog? JUST KIDDING. XD Glad you stuck around though!

  18. Haha awesome post and congrats on the new laptop!

  19. You said don't answer unless I did so I won't xD

    And of course a bullet journal is what will suit you! That's what a bullet journal simply is xD

    I'm glad that you got a new laptop. This one I'm using is my first one so I need a reminder to not take it for granted!

    Good luck with being productive and stuff!

    1. Hahaha veryyyy funny. :P

      Good to hear! That's sorta the gist I was getting. I figured I'm not breaking any rules... since there are none. xD

      Thanks! My first one was awesome but I'm glad to have a new one that's heavier duty.

      Thanks! You too! :D

  20. A nonfiction I really like is Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller. It's a Christian biography-type book that puts certain things in a whole new perspective. You might like it, idk. :D

    I was recently deprived of my laptop for A FEW LONG, ARDUOUS MONTHS. The struggle was real. And then I got a reallllly nice one for Christmas. YAY FOR NEW LAPTOPS! xD

    Lila - The Red-Hooded Writer

    1. I've heard of that one! It's probably a liiittle mainstream for me, but I'll look into it! Thanks! :D

      OH NO. D: D: At least you had a good break though, right? Plus getting a new laptop is always a plus, of course!

  21. You should definitely name it something cool, like Caspian... or Sherlock... I could definitely go on, but that would take too long XD
    Anyhoo, loved the post! I may just have to use some of it ;) XD

    1. Mhm I agree, something cool-sounding would definitely be a good name.

  22. Uh, Jonathan, you should be editing. XD But hey, writing is good. My danger is just continuing to write and never actually doing the editing. #majorprocrastinator

    Congrats on the new laptop! As I'm starting to think about potential careers/college I'm going to have to get a new one probably within a year. Hopefully a Mac so I can make my movies. :)

    What classes are you taking this semester? I'll keep your school and writing in my prayers. Hope it goes well for ya!

    And regarding your unintentional blogging hiatus? *points to my blog* I posted at the BEGINNING OF OCTOBER and not again until a few days ago. #bloggingfailure Hopefully 2018 will be more productive. :P Looking forward to more posts!

    1. I KNOOOW BUT SHH. DON'T BLOW MY BUBBLE. XD At least that's a better problem than constantly going back and editing your first draft before you're done with it!

      Thanks! Oohhh a Mac? COOL. I've always had Windows because Macs are SO DAUNTING AND CONFUSING. XD

      I'm taking Physics (ugh), PreCalculus, American Government, Writing and Grammar, and Spanish 3. Thank you!

      Hopefully it will be more productive for both of us! XD

    2. Haha, I've done that at times too. :P But generally I just don't finish enough projects to have any problems with the editing side of it.

      I've always felt like Macs are really confusing, but for movie-makers that seems the way to go so I'm sure I'll figure it out. I know a few people who use them who could help me with that too.

      That's pretty funny, I just finished PreCalculus and am a week away from finishing Physics. :) Hope it goes well for you!

      Yes, I hope so as well! Here's to a good, consistent year of blogging!

  23. so now I want some of your non fiction book recommendations

    1. Ok I'll shoot you an email tomorrow--throw something at me if I forget

  24. YAY NEW LAPTOP!!!!!!!

    Glad to see you back!

  25. You should name your laptop Bilbo!



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