So, Jonathan, I'm new around here, and I was wondering what exactly you talk about? 

WELL THEN YOU ARE AT THE RIGHT PLACE. I talk about a lot of stuff, hopefully stuff which you'll find interesting and engaging enough to follow me! and leave comments on every post! and tell all your friends about me! 

*awkward cough* (#shamelessplug)

First things first: THIS BLOG HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH FISHING. So if you're one of those people here to leave yet another fishing ad, then you can leave now, please and thank you. Some people just do not appreciate cheesy puns. xD

But anyways. I do talk about lots of different things on here. :D Typically I post about writing, reading, or faith, just like my blog banner says. (I would post about ninjas but we're not allowed to share our secrets.) 

But. On occasion. I DO sometimes go off on other topics. My blog definitely isn't an "everything blog", and I don't post about my life on here.  

Reading-wise, I try to post a review once a month, but it doesn't always happen. However, at the end of each month, I normally do a wrap-up that includes the books I read and my favorite books of the month. 

Writing-wise, I will do posts about both writing in general and specifically my own writing. And I also talk about my writing progress in most monthly wrap-ups. 

Faith-wise, those will almost always be their own posts, outside of monthly wrap-ups. Sometimes I merge faith with reading, or faith with writing. 

SO ARE YOU GOING TO STICK AROUND? Not sure yet? Try this: 

Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017 // Wrap-up + Goals This post was my end of the year wrap-up, and it's fairly representative of what you'll see around here. :D




    Allie Taylor