Finding Motivation

What motivates you? Maybe it's the reassuring comments of others that inspire you to keep going. Maybe it's a deadline. Maybe it's the desire to finish and finish well.

Today, we're going to talk about what to do when you have no motivation. Those days when you wonder why you ever decided to be a writer. Because folks, when it comes down to it, writing is work. Granted, it may be enjoyable work, but it's work nonetheless. And some days, we just don't feel like writing.

Identifying the Cause

What is causing your motivation to drain away? If you can figure out what it is, then maybe you can eliminate it. For example, I am a talkative, extraverted individual. However, although I do love my social time, I find it to lessen my attention span when it comes to writing, and it makes me want to do something more stimulating. If you're an introvert, then you definitely won't have this issue. You may need more stimulation in order to write. But, whatever the cause may be, pinpoint it and try to remedy it.

Setting Goals

Goal setting is a big part of motivation, and resolving to set reasonable goals and keep them may help you. Some people (myself included) take great satisfaction in completing goals. And these goals don't have to be formal, signed resolutions! They can be as simple as a to-do list for the day.

Staying Busy

This one can be a bit confusing, but stick with me here. It's important that you stay busy. I know, I know, you're probably thinking "But if I'm busy, I'll have less time to write!" Exactly, my friends. When you have less time to write, your writing time becomes a privilege. You're always on the lookout for a chance to get down a few hundred more words. And before you know it, the less time you had to write, becomes more time spent writing!

The End Result

Think about what you're striving for. Is it a completed short story, or maybe a published novel? Now think of yourself, success at last in your reach. How do you feel? Keeping our thoughts on what we want our finished product to be can be very encouraging.

Staying motivated is an important part of writing. So next time you just don't feel like getting anything done, don't just sit around and wait for a better day when you're feeling more motivated. Strive to find that motivation now.


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  1. Wow! This was great, I've been reading a lot on "Motivation" lately, but I liked how this was pretty much straight to the point and helpful. The staying busy part was an interesting thought, I've never thought about it like that. And it makes sense! I'm not a very busy person besides the normal caring for siblings and school. And writing isn't a privilege. And I agree, that if was to become a privilege, I think I could become more motivated.
    ~Grace Ison

    1. Oops, just realized I did a new comment instead of replying. *palms face* Oh, well. :)

  2. Thanks you so much for your feedback, Grace! I'm glad the post helped you. I'm working on writing becoming a privilege for me, also. ;)

  3. No problem! :) I'm finding writing blogs to be very helpful and encouraging, so it's awesome to find a new one! :D
    ~Grace Ison