Writing, Your Way: A Ramble

How do you write? Do you attack your ideas, throwing words onto a sheet of paper as inspiration strikes? Or maybe you're more inclined to plan carefully, selecting only the ideas you think best to incorporate into your story.

Everyone has a different method of writing. It's not just plotter or pantser. You may keep a notebook by your side at all times to jot down ideas that pop into your head, or maybe your brain won't stop whirling and you have to choose which ideas are good, and which are not so good. Do you have to grope for creativity, or are you naturally imaginative?

Like I said, everyone is different. I personally suffer from experience something I call "creative streaks." In other words, some days, I can't stop writing, and others, my brain simply won't work. TELL ME I'M NOT ALONE IN THIS!!

However, the key to conquering your writing is to find out what works for you. Do you need quiet in order to write? (I don't, thank Heaven. There's ten people in my house so...yeah.) Maybe there's a certain food (coffee, tea) or environment (outdoors, indoors) that engages your creative juices. Some people prefer writing with paper and pen, while others can't imagine life without their writing software (like me).

Writing is a great way Christians can bring glory to God, but that doesn't mean there's just one way to write. So the point of this ramble is, there's not a certain formula dictating your writing process. Find what works best for you, and then implement it when you write. :)

How do you write? I'd love to hear everyone's different methods! ;)

~ Jonathan

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  1. I enjoyed reading this! It was nice to know I wasn't alone in some areas, concerning my writing style. I too will have days where I can't stop writing, and then the next I'm just totally stumped and can't do anything. It's annoying XD I LOVE to have quiet while I write, however, I have 8 siblings, making 11 people total, and yeah, there is rarely ANY quiet. So, I just put in some earbuds and zone in on my writing, and that REALLY helps (most of the time). I have found, that I can't write well on paper, for my books at least. It's so hard for me because I'm always changing a sentence up and such, and it makes my paper sooo messy, so I use software on a computer and love it that way. Great Post! ~Grace Ison

    1. I'm so glad I'm not the only one with "creative streaks." I've heard a lot about music while writing, but... yeah, no. It distracts me! :P But writing on paper is a HUGE no-no for me. It just gets a little hard to keep things legible with edits and stuff.
      Thanks for commenting! :):)

    2. I agree on the writing on paper, way to hard with edits. You are welcome :)
      ~Grace Ison

  2. Somehow, I had not read this post yet. Let me tell you, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I definitely get "creative streaks" which is why I signed up for the 300/4/30 challenge. I want to get better at consistency.

    For my writing I need
    (1) slight noise. Siblings is usually the right amount and even soundtrack music is too much. It makes my mind wander just like silence.
    (2) a computer. I cannot write well by hand. My brain doesn't always keep up with my fingers, but I tend to do a lot of edit-as-I-go on the computer. Thus I can get 2nd draft quality on the computer and only 1st draft quality on paper.
    (3) seclusion. I usually whole up in my room, in my bed, with the light off and door shut when I write, just so I can focus. But there will always be some noise around to make me feel human unless I'm the only one at home :) I just really hate being interrupted during one of my creative streaks :D
    (4) a plan. I can't handle not knowing where I'm going. I've tried just going for it for the last week, writing by hand, and it's been intellectual suicide. So back to the trusty methods. However, I do like to plan things by writing them out in a notebook.

    Super awesome post!

    1. Wow, good! :) That's also why I signed up for the 300/4/30.
      I also can't do music, or write by hand. Seclusion... depends on my mood, I guess. Planning? Well... I typically don't very much. Which means I'll have to edit a ton... :P

  3. My favorite way to write is either alone in a busy place where I can observe people without interacting with them or late at night after everyone one else is asleep. When it is just me and my music, the words flow out. Except when I'm in one of those moods where I want to write, but I'm out of ideas and nothing feels write (pun intended).

    1. OOOHH yes I love people watching. Late nights are also awesome. :D
      XD Yeah sometimes I'm not in the mood to write either. :) I'm working on consistency though.