Why You Need a Blog: The Official 33 Reason List

You need a blog, person reading this. 

Why, you ask?

*rubs hands together evilly*

YOU CANNOT ARGUE WITH THIS GARGANTUAN LIST, KID. YOU JUST CAN'T. #trustmeonthisone You can't even argue with it's undeniable overall jumbledness. IT'S SOLID AS TITANIUM. (plus I added the word "official" to the post title just to make it sound that much more convincing)

And if you already have a blog... then... WELL KEEP READING so you'll feel inspired and motivated and all that good stuff. XD

Let's take a look at the list, shall we?

1. Blogs are fun. Ask anyone.

2. Blogs make us more responsible. Because trying to keep up with deadlines makes you more responsible. I'm not kidding.

3. Blogs are fun. Let's just reiterate this again now, okay?

4. Blogs motivate us to write. Because when your hungry followers want MORE you have no choice but to keep them satisfied. DO NOT BE FRIGHTENED IT IS NOT AS HARD AS IT SOUNDS.

5. Blogs allow us to make connections with others. NO WAY? YOU GET TO MEET NEW PEOPLE IF YOU BLOG?? Yes, you do. *pat*

Typically it goes something like that.

6. Having a blog basically just makes you that much more cool than everyone else. Don't let it get to your head though. XD

7. You can rave about all your fandoms UNLIMITEDLY. *whispers* Read The Outsiders OR ELSE.

8. You can share your writing on your blog. And you probably should, every once in a while. *hasn't done this in ages* XD

9. Dude a virtual army of ninjas hellooooo. I think we can all see the obvious benefits of this.

10. You get to stalk other people. And we all know stalking is so much more fun when the person can stalk you back.

11. You get to read books before they're published. YES IT'S TRUE ASK ANY BLOGGER. We typically resort to blackmail in order to achieve this. *cough* (Don't take me seriously on this one, okay? And DO NOT tell me you don't take me seriously on a regular basis. #ouch)

12. You get to make cheesy jokes and no one gives you weird looks. That's not to say they aren't making weird looks, it's just they can't give them to you because that doesn't really work over the internet. And since I obviously HAVE to put a cheesy joke here...

Okay that totally just ended up being an accidental double pun. XD

13. Publicity is actually a thing, believe it or not. Umm... yeah let's go with NOT.

14. You can acquire beta readers. Which you probably want beta readers, RIGHT?

15. You can tell people you know that you have a blog. Just for kicks. See how they respond.

16. You can talk to your favorite authors. OKAY so technically you can do this without your own blog, but when A FAVORITE AUTHOR COMMENTS ON YOUR BLOG. #thrilled XD

17. If you make mistakes there's a thing called 'edit post'. Because we've all made our share of typos.

18. Blogging grows your TBR list. YES this is a good thing. I think. Is it a good thing? I guess it depends on whether or not you're drowning in TBRs...

19. You can rant to your followers about your pet peeves. To which they will most likely turn a sympathetic ear.

20. You can become famous. Once you've been blogging for, say, tennish years. XD

21. Blogging is fun. No I did not already mention this. You were hallucinating. XD

22. You might go mildly crazy but your followers won't know that. Unless, of course, you tell them.

23. You can do monthly wrap-up posts. Which can include anything you want, like chocolate quotes and Kronk gifs.

23. You can be delightfully random. See above reason.

24. You can throw gifs around solely for the fun of it.

25. I said you should. However since I'm generous enough to give you 32 other reasons, let us proceed. XD

26. You can engage in virtual pillow fights. okay maybe not but IT'S OKAY TO WISH, RIGHT?

27. You can share your wishes with the world. To which the world hopefully responds by granting you THEM ALL. (also don't take this as permission to throw any pillows at me, unless, of course, you wish me to throw them back, in which case DUDE BRING IT.)

28. You can interview authors. They don't bite. At least not always.

29. You get to review books. And then when someone else READS THE BOOK YOU REVIEWED POSITIVELY AND LOVES IT. #joinmyfandom

30. You can be sarcastic if you so desire. Which... you can also do in real life but somehow it's more fun on a blog. XD

31. You get to become a more techy individual. (Just tell me if you need help with any tech things once you're done reading this list and have decided to start a blog. Not that I'll be able to help you, of course. *cough*)

32. Dude, it's fun. No you haven't seen this before. #trustme

33. I'll probably stalk you. This is definitely a legit reason. *nod*

IS ANYONE GOING TO START A BLOG NOW? *cough* (okay never mind don't answer that) Most of you already have blogs anyways... what did you think of my reasons? Anything to add? :D


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  1. *throws pillow*
    This makes me want to start my blogging all over again! XD Awesome post, awesome points, and awesome gifs. ;)
    And this is like the shortest comment I've EVER MADE ON YOUR BLOG!! (Scratching replies)

    1. *ninja chops pillow* HA nice try. XP
      Haha thanks! Glad you liked it. :D
      YOU'RE RIGHT IT IS but HUZZAH for new records. XD

    2. I tagged you...just so you know. ;)

    3. Cool, I'll check it out! :D Thanks!

  2. Wow. Your post seriously lightened my mood (that was almost paradoxical I tell you). Because college and deadlines and a new class and life in general.

    Excellent reasons! :D

    1. Well thanks! Glad you liked it and that it helped you to lighten up! XP

    Also, you can insert "OYAN forum" into most of these reasons too. #randomfactoftheday :p
    *throws pillows* XP
    And I read the Outsiders, so I can escape the wrath of Jonny and Phil...for now. :p

    1. WELL NO PRESSURE FROM HERE. *pat* *cough* XD
      Ooh that's true actually.
      Krystal don't throw Pillows throwing people is rude tsk tsk. XP XP
      Ahaha that was a wise choice. XD

    2. Pfft, yeh, okay. XD
      Ikr XD
      I actually had it capitalized, then changed it. XD *defiantly defies and throws pillows* :p
      :) yep

    3. Hahaha totally wasn't being sarcastic. *ahemcoughahem* XP
      *defiantly changes the letter to a definite capital p while grinning evilly and throws Pillows at you bc he's my assassin remember* XD

    4. *snickersnort* we'll see what happens :D
      *defiantly changes it back and dodges pillows and charges to pummel you with a mammoth sized pillow* yes, I know he's your assassin, BUT I HAVE A PLATYPUS AND IM NOT AFRAID TO USE IT XD

    5. Hmm mmm we will. :D
      *gives up entirely and throws mattress at you* MWAHAHA. Oh pffftt please we all know platypi are no match for Phil. XP

    6. Stahp already...XP
      *dodges matress, grabs it and throws it back at you* MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh, but they are. They're sneakier. Platypi are little, and Phi is a great big white bear...which one is someone gonna notice first? XP

    7. @Krystal They're going to notice Phil first. Then they're going to scream and run for their lives, hence I win. XP

      @Mark I don't think, I KNOW. SO HA. XD

  4. This is unlike any of the posts I have read about why you should have a blog, nicely done! Blogs are the best lets just put it at that!

  5. *nod nod* I have nothing more to add. You covered it all. Except for blogging is fun. Don't think you said that one. (It really is the most fun hobby I have though! I procrastinate everything else, but blogging... ahem. What am I talking about. I still procrastinate it. BUT I LOVE IT.)

    By the way, I borrowed Navigating Early from the library! I am excited. I'll let you know when I start reading it. :D

    1. Hahaha did I mention that? Hmm I don't think I did. *cough* XP (Ehehe procrastination huh I feel you the struggle is real. XD)

      EEEEEPPPPP *aggressively fanboys* THAT'S SO EXCITING

  6. You have convinced me to start a blog! I should totally do it! (Wait. Um.)

    Stalking is a cool thing. (The legal-awesome-blog kind, not the...other kind.) Because you get to meet cool people and see if they're legit and become fast friends AND THEY CAN DO IT BACK. It's fantastic. :D I've made some of the most awesome friends via blogging and networking. IT IS AMAAAAZING.

    Love these reasons! XD Yay for chocolate and pillow fights and gifs. Because...YES.

    1. HAHAHA if you're not leaving all those insightful posts on Scattered Journal Pages, I don't know who is. XP

      OKAY THANK YOU because saaaaame. You can meet so many people and it's like awesome. :D

      Hahaha thank you :)

  7. Hey! I'm Chloe's sister and I have two blogs. I've read a couple of your posts and this one was really fun! You make me wish I had more time to blog. :P

    1. Oh, you do? That's cool! *stalks* XP Why thank you! :)

    2. Haha! Well, what did you find in all your stalking?

  8. Great post, Jonathan! I WOULD throw a pillow, but it'd probably never hit you anyway. Now that's the problem with blogs being virtual and all :P

    Love reasons 1, 3, 21, and 32 XD

    1. Haha thank you! Pshaw we're probably only a few states away from each other anyhow, just chuck through the air and see what happens! :P Who knows, it might fly far enough! :P

      Haha thanks!

  9. If I didn't already have a blog, I would definately be starting one right now. *nods* Indeed.

  10. I think having a blog would be fun, but I don't have anything interesting to blog about. So I just read like, a ton of blogs instead.

  11. *snickers* Alright, this was genius. XD Nope, nothing to add; you've covered it all. Blogging is utter awesome.


    Oh, wait. Another one -- you get to make up words like "blogosphere" and "blogiversary" and, hello, you actually have a reason to USE THEM. And, besides all that, it's fun... B-)

    1. *swooping bow* What can I say? I'm a brilliant diabolical mastermind in the making. *coughchokecough*

      Ahahaha true plus you sound really intelligent when you say a word like that. XP

  12. Great list! This was so much fun to read and I agree with a lot of the points :)

  13. I don't take you seriously on a regular basis . . . Haha, JK JK! XD Good post though! I actually have a blog, but it is not published yet . . . I want to publish it soon though! Thanks for writing!
    Sarah Grace

    1. HAHAHAHA actually to be honest I don't take myself seriously like half the time so XP Oh you do? Cool when you publish it let me know. :)

  14. This is an awesome list. You have successfully gotten a new follower on your blog. xP

    1. HUZZAH YAY *confetti* Thanks for following! :)

  15. Yep, I would start a blog about now. But I already have . . . :/

    Still, definitely a good post ^.^ We should start a pillow fight at our cabin *shhhhhhhhh*

    And I totally do not take you seriously on a regular basis. Otherwise you'd be rainbow ;)

    1. Yes we should!! :D I'm all for it!

    2. Hahaha true. :D

      Thank you! Ooooh not a bad idea actually. (I would say you and I could ambush everyone but this is sort of a public comment so XP)

      AHAHAHA well okay that's a valid point. XD

  16. Great list! It would inspire me to go start one . . . if I didn't already have one. Definitely the virtual pillow fights and stalkers. I LOVE GETTING STALKERS!!! Don't we all? To add to the list, here are two things:
    1. It makes us so much more weird—aka cool.
    2. IT'S FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Ooh great reasons! XD

  17. I love this list! And not only because I'm a blogger. :D

    SO MUCH YES to #7. Lord of the Rings, Marvel, Brandon Sanderson...yes yes yes. I can personally attest to #11. It's great.