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I'm here with a tag today. I KNOW I'M SCREAMING IN SHOCK ALSO. (okay maybe not screaming but I'm surprising myself. I should do that more often.) I obviously haven't done a tag in forever. Although recently I keep getting tagged to do all sorts of things? So thanks to anyone who has tagged me to do anything, even if I haven't done it. XD

This tag has been going around for a while and I've literally been stalking the blogiverse, waiting for someone to tag me. (whaaaat) That's how awesome this tag is!! It's basically a bunch of questions relating to YA (shhh you totally needed me to tell you that), both reading it and writing it.

So THANK YOU SAVANNAH for tagging me to do this, and thank you Caitlin for creating this epic tag. :D

What draws you to YA? 

Well okay everyone else has been giving fairly deep/profound answers to this? You guys should teach me how to elaborate sometime. But in all honestly I think it's the facts that a) I am a young adult (wow so much profound-ness today), and b) YA is written for young adults. I know. It just keeps getting better. 

Hm? Me? State the obvious? Nah you're talking about someone else.

Describe your writing process. Do you like outlines and structure, or seeing where the story takes you? 

I aspire to outlining and all that stuff but noooooo. I can't do that?? If I try I just get incredibly bored with the story. 

And as far as structure goes, explain to me what that is because I feel like I might need it in my story at some point. Perhaps? Idk I'm just getting that impression. 

SO YES. I follow both the wind and the story to wherever they want to take me. This is definitely a wise choice, don't look at me like that. I MEAN REALLY WHAT COULD GO WRONG. 

How long have you been writing? Where are you in your journey? 

I've actually only been writing since summer of 2015. So... less than two years? I'm still a total newbie but over the internet I somehow manage to sound like I know things. Go me. 

Right now in my journey, I'm exploring the adventurous (such an optimistic word choice xD) world of editing and rewriting while also writing another first draft because I can. 

What do you need to write? Coffee? Music? 

NEITHER. I'm an independent ninja writer who literally needs nothing but my laptop and my word processor in order to write. True story. (although sour patch is normally helpful) 

If you could offer one piece of advice to another writer, (OTHER THAN "don't give up"), what would it be?

Wow okay NO PRESSURE ON ME THEN. XD I feel like asking someone for their #1 piece of writing advice is a lot like asking someone for their favorite book. 

But, to actually answer the question, I think I'm going to go with seeking God in your writing. It's really important not to forget that even though you write fiction, you can still represent truth in a way that will glorify and bring honor to God. :D 

What book still has you reeling from its plot twist? 

Technically Moon Over Manifest by Clare Vanderpool is MG, but it fits PERFECTLY as the answer to this question so I'm using it anyways. I just finished reading it for the second time, and I STILL wasn't really prepared for that ending. At all. 

What books are you most anticipating for this year? 

EXILES BY JAYE L. KNIGHT OH MY GOODNESS. I'm so excited for this to release (July, I think?). I loooove the Illyon Chronicles because they're Christian fantasy that's non-magical and super meaningful. 

Also The Girl Who Could See by Kara Swanson which literally released this week, I think. I CAN'T WAIT TO READ IT. 

In your opinion, which YA book/series has the most unique premise? 

Okay I'm pretty sure somebody else already said the Out of Time series by Nadine Brandes (actually I think Savannah did) but I'm still answering with it anyways because it's clearly the obvious choice. I mean, a clock that tells you when you're going to die? I can't think of anything more unique than that. xD

What is your all-time favorite quote from YA? 

"Stay gold, Ponyboy, stay gold." 

That's really all I have to say here except that it's from The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton. (hahaha yeah you probably called that.) 

What book do you most hope will have a movie adaptation? 

The Homelanders series by Andrew Klavan. It's one of my favorite series of ever and I even saw somewhere that somebody was making a movie of them? Maybe? They would be epic as movies. *nods* 

So whoever's supposed to be working on that should get moving because I'M WAITING OVER HERE. PATIENTLY. XD

T A G G E D   P E O P L E 

Disclaimer: You don't have to do this but before you decide, just remember I'm over here stalking. Alwaaayss watching you. CHOOSE WISELY.

Autumn // Aleah // Emily // Hannah // Luke // Jane // Karyssa // Abigail  //  Julia // Sarah // writefury // Clara

Look at me, doing a tag AND actually tagging people to go with the questions. This hasn't happened in a while. xD 

On another note, I NEED BLOG POST IDEAS/FEEDBACK. What do you guys think of a blog post series thing (maybe a link-up but am I coordinated enough to do a link-up??? HAHAhahaha don't answer that) counting down to Camp NaNo (!!!) in July? 

~ Jonathan 

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    I did not know when you actually started writing. funny, bc I started fall of '15. XD
    and your one piece of advice I 100000000% agree with. *nodnodnod*

    1. IKR. But I saw that like at least a year ago and still haven't seen anything else about them... so idk? Maybe it was just a rumor? BUT STILL #INEEDTHEMALSO
      SAME. *high fives* We started at pretty much the same time lol. THANKS. :D

  2. Finally, someone who doesn't talk about needing coffee to write. I don't like coffee, which is apparently weird for a teen writer as everyone seems to love coffee. (Not judging anyone who needs coffee.)
    Great post. :)

    1. *whispers* I actually can't stand coffee? So you and I are agreed on that. xD

    2. *also whispers* I don't like coffee either.....
      Awesome post, Jonathan. :)

  3. I was wondering when you'd do this tag. I saw that Savannah tagged you for it and have been stalking your blog ever since. xD


    audrey caylin

    1. I APPROVE of your stalking skills. *high fives*

      OKAY WELL I DO LOVE TEA. But I don't need it for writing... in fact, food or drink just distracts me from writing. xD

  4. i believe we're all literally slowly /dying/ for Exiles to come out xD
    and sour patch is always very inspirational when writing!
    you should TOTALLY do a link-up for all of y'all who are gonna freak out over July Camp NaNo... to entertain the rest of us xD

    Jazzy @

    1. OH MY GOODNESS SAME. There's only about a month to go though. We can make it. xD
      Yeess it definitely is *fist bump*
      But you're not doing NaNo??? Whaaaaat? YOU NEED TO TRY IT :D :D

  5. What!? The Homelanders, seriously? I'd never heard of the series until my best friend and another friend said that it was an amazing book. So I literally ordered book one two days ago! Can't wait to read it!

    And Exiles releases July 14, to be exact. I CAN'T WAIT! *screams*

    I don't need anything to write either, and I actually find music distracting . . . yeah. XD Anyways, I have confidence that you will one day like coffee. (I'm referring to your reply comment to Ivie.) Because my best friend didn't drink coffee until I made him and now he drinks it every morning. I have faith in you. ;P

    And I started writing fall of '14. So about a year before you AND YOU'VE ACCOMPLISHED SO MUCH MORE AMAZINGNESS! #jealous

    Keep it up! (Oh and a linkup sounds super cool.)

    1. YES IT IS AN AMAZING BOOK/SERIES. You definitely need to try it. *nods* The writing quality isn't my favorite thing ever, but the plot is fantastic.

      OKAY I KNEW IT WAS JULY. *screams also*

      Same? If I do try to listen to music I normally end up singing along... maybe I could do instrumental. Not sure though.
      OKAY BUT GUESS WHAT: I actually just found out a month or two ago that I like Starbucks frappuchinos. Which isn't /technically/ coffee but it's from Starbucks so maybe that counts for something?? xD

      Ooh you've been writing for a while! *high fives* AW WELL THANKS but I'm sure you're getting a lot done over on your end. :D

      (alright thanks, we shall see what happens)

    2. I'm hoping that my copy will arrive within the next few days! :)

      Haha, that's about the same over here. Honestly though, if I don't need the music, why do it?

      Well . . . it's a start at least!! XD

      Thanks. My original stuff is absolutely horrible. *quivers* XD But I'm improving. :)

  6. OHHH YOU TAGGED ME!!! THANKS! This looks super fun, and I can't wait to answer all these epic questions! XD
    *flails* THAT QUOTE FROM THE OUTSIDERS! That is literally the most amazing book ever <3 Annnddd, YESSSS so excited for Camp! Our cabin will be the best!

    1. NO PROBLEM. :D I'll definitely be stalking for your answers. No pressure. xP
      *FLAILS ALSO* SAME. Also yeeesss I can't wait for Camp, our cabin is fantastic!

  7. Hey, I saw you were tagged for this somewhere and I was actually waiting for you to get to answering them xD I love tags. I actually sometimes copy down the questions and answer them for myself just for fun when I have time. Because I didn't have a blog. But now I do! Just began last week. And I have so many post ideas. I'm very annoyed that I set myself a schedule to post twice a week because HOW WILL I EVER GO THROUGH ALL MY IDEAS WRITING SO LITTLE!?!? So I just keep an idea file where I scribble down all inspiring thoughts. Also, what do you mean by "blog post series thing"? I have zero idea what you are talking about, but I'm sure I'll be fine with it... I think?

    1. Haha yes that must have been on Savannah's blog, unless someone else also tagged me for it and I somehow missed it. xD I do also but I never do them? I don't like the REALLY random ones though that don't relate to my blog. *nods* WAIT YOU HAVE A BLOG NOW?? WHAT?? OKAY well in that case consider yourself tagged for this also!!! I'll just add another blog post idea into your file. :P
      A blog post series is where you do a related group of posts, basically. :D

    2. I thought I replied to this early this afternoon, but idk I guess it didn't go through cause it didn't pop up??? So, to rerespond, THANK YOU FOR TAGGING ME. It's my first tag; I'm really pleased :D I just started the blog last week. You probably want to see me answer the questions? So here you go - - if you wanna pop over sometime later this week or next week and see if I got to it. And yes, I know what a series is, but you said "thing" so I wasn't entirely sure if you were talking strictly of that or not xD Also NaNo - I haven't ever participated but Katie Grace has me just about convinced I should in July. xD

    3. *wanders off to check out your blog* But also YES DEFINITELY LISTEN TO KATIE. xD

  8. Thank you for introducing me to the Illyon Chronicles. Honestly, I want to try Fantasy but all the dark magic that happens in some books kinda puts me off most of the time :/

    1. No problem! SAME. I normally won't read magic at all, just because I don't believe it's ever a good thing and many books portray it that way. :D

  9. Is "profound" the word of the week or something? Because you've used it a lot recently. ;P

    I don't really outline either? I mean, I try to, but it never seems to happen. :P I really want to do like a full outline sometime though. Then I can say that I did it. Haha! XD

    Wait, in the Out of Time series, there's a clock that tells you when you're gonna die? How have I not read this series yet?! The Homelanders series looks really good. I just shelved all the books on Goodreads. Like, right before I commented. :P

    Thanks for tagging me! I didn't think I'd get tagged for this one. When I saw my name I was like, "What?! That can't be me. But no one else spells their name that way. That must be me then." I still clicked on my name to make sure, haha! XD

    No May wrap-up?

    1. Actually to be honest I feel like I use "profound" a lot ALL THE TIME. It's one of my favorite words. xD

      SAME. I always set out with noble intentions of outlining but... no. Maybe I can try it on my newest novel? I already did once but I'm thinking I might try a second round.

      IKR IT'S SUPER COOL. You would really like it! Also yeeesss the Homelanders series, you'll love those. *nods*

      No problem! LOL okay well I'm glad I spelled it right then- I had a moment of hesitation when I type it: "Wait, am I sure this is how she spells her name?" ;)

      *insert ninja emoticon* I actually skipped the April wrap-up too, shhh. I HAVEN'T NECESSARILY DITCHED THEM COMPLETELY. xD

    2. Haha really? *points at person* You're profound. *points at object* Profound. "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it does." ;)

      Wait, "newest novel"? Does that mean what I think it does? Did the plot bunnies get you?

      Haha well for the first time typing my name that's pretty impressive, because people NEVER get it right the first try. :P

      You did?! How did I miss that? I'm surprised you didn't to one since you're asking for blog post ideas. I did notice that you seemed to be running out of post ideas, which is one of the reasons I tagged you for the Sunshine Blogger Tag. (Don't know if you knew that, but if you didn't, now you do! XD) I like the blog post series idea though.


      Haha yes and know- yes I am writing a new novel but it's not really a plot bunny. *whispers* I've been working on it for a month or two now and it's HUMONGOUS. XD

      Haha yeah I don't /dislike/ monthly wrap-ups, but I HATE writing them? And whenever I see them on someone else's blog I always sort of just scan over them. Yes I did see that!! Except I then promptly forgot about it... *goes to check it out again* xP

  10. I hate coffee, so ... yeah. Have you really only been writing for two years? You seem so... organized. XD

    I can't wait to read The Girl Who Could See. I actually have it on my Kindle, so I'll be reading it as soon as I can :)

    1. SAME. *high fives* Yup! Hehehe well I /SEEM/ organized online but in real life I'm probably scrambling around right now, replying to this comment instead of working on American Lit... :P

      YES NEITHER CAN I. I need to buy it soon!

  11. What a great blog post! It’s funny, I almost blogged about writing YA today but posted something else instead. I’m currently writing YA now, so your post was definitely helpful as well as cool! :) Glad I’m not alone in the outlining area!
    Also, hope this isn’t forward, but if you’re looking for writing ideas, I’ve been looking to do a guest-blog swappie thing for awhile.

    In case the username link doesn’t work. Lol shameless self-advertising.

    1. Thanks! Hahaha funny how that works sometimes. ;)
      I'm not currently accepting guest post requests (because I'm behiiind and I need to get my act together and get caught up hehe) but thanks for asking! :D

  12. *does a double-take* YOU TAGGED ME. AWH. THANK YOU. XD
    I've seen this tag going around the place and yeees it looks rather fun. GOOD ON YOU FOR DOING IT. *applauds*

      Saaame. It was rather fun! :D

  13. The Outsiders! Yes! That is one of my all time favorite books. And I've heard about (and seen) Moon over Manifest for a while, but haven't picked it up yet - I might give it a try. Really enjoyed this post.

    1. SAME. And yes you should definitely give Moon Over Manifest/Navigating Early a shot! :D

  14. Exiles. Out of Time. The Girl Who Could See (I literally started that this morning and have barely put it down)... and sarcasm. Awesome post, as always. :D

    1. *flails in excitement* I can't wait to get my hands on a copy :D Thanks!

  15. I'M NOT YELLING ABOUT 'THE OUTSIDERS', YOU ARE. *Wipes eyes* Ahh, man... Man. I can't wait to read that book, I've only seen the movie.
    Also if Homelanders had a movie that would be soo cool.
    A countdown to Camp NaNo sounds awesome. :D
    -Ang |

    1. ACTUALLY I THINK WE BOTH ARE. XD Ah I haven't seen the movie? It looks kind of cool but also I'm not sure if it's clean or not + I'm afraid it ruins the book. D:
      Alright, we shall see what I come up with. xD

    *ahem* But yessss Moon Over Manifest that book was so great <3 and I have yet to read The Outsiders, but I know you love it and I really should read it.
    ~ Abby { }

      Yeess it totally was. *nods* And yes you definitely need to read The Outsiders! :D

  17. oh and now I'm tagged + you'll stalk and watch me until I do the tag thanks a lot now I feel someone staring over my shoulder :|

    but really this doesn't sound too terrible to do???

    1. yes you are + yes I will you're welcome now SHOO GO WORK ON THE QUESTIONS

      nah it's fun!!

  18. After reading your review on Navigating Early I went and got it from the library and I LOVED IT!!!!! I guess I'm going to have to find Moon Over Manifest now... XD Also, I started writing (more seriously that is...) fall of 2015 too!

    ~ Sarah Leana

    1. YES if you liked Navigating Early, you'll probably like Moon Over Manifest also! :D

  19. I was talking to my mom a few months ago and stressing what incredible movies the homelander series would make!! Action packed AND faith based :D I reeeeaaallly hope somebody turns them into movies, it would be so awesome! Ahhhhhhh!!!

  20. *squints* IT'S ME I AM TAGGED. Thanks for that!

    I don't REALLY do tags in general, but THIS ONE LOOKS GOOD. Then again, I don't really read a lot of YA (even Christian stuff...whooooooops. I literally reread my favorite books over and over again haha I really should expand my reading). BUT YEAH.


    1. YES IT IS YOU LOL. xD No problem!

      *whispers* I actually saw that you rarely do tags (#likeme), but I still tagged you anyways because we're new-ish blogging friends and I think I've never tagged you for anything before? BUT DON'T FEEL PRESSURED TO DO IT.

      anyone else I tagged reading this: FEEL PRESSURED TO DO IT XP

  21. thanks for tagging me bc this is an epic tag (but srsly I'm so bad at tags *coughing in corner*) xP XD

    AND OMW YOU JUST GAVE ME A MINI HEART ATTACK. july nano is coming SO soon and I've barely plotted *goes off to work on this* xP XD

    1. yeess it totally is (and yes you totally are, but don't worry I can relate to that. xD)


  22. Well, whaddaya know. I've discovered a blogger who's a guy! XD I don't seem to find many male companions in this "blogiverse," as you so aptly put it. Not only that, but your sense of humor appeals to mine. :P

    I enjoyed reading this tag! I do think YA is, and will always be, my favorite genre. And as for outlines for me, it's all in my head. Go figure, considering I'm a detailed C personality type. XD

    YOU DON'T NEED MUSIC TO WRITE, MAN? :O That's crazy! Though I agree with the coffee part, since I kinda detest its taste. I totally agree with your advice. It's some solid stuff. :) And I've spoiled far too many great plot twists in my lifetime. XD

    Wait, The Homelanders is being made into a movie? That'd be totally awesome! :D Have you read any of Andrew Klavan's other books?

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts in the future. ^_^

    1. WELL HEY THERE. *waves* I only know like 3 guy bloggers (none of which blog consistently haha), and most of my followers are girls, so guy followers always make my day. xD

      SAME. Although I do reeallly like Middle Grade. Maybe a tie? WHOA OUTLINING IN YOUR HEAD IS INTENSE. I would just forget everything haha

      NOPE. *high fives* Coffee is disgusting. xP

      MAYBE?? POSSIBLY? I thought I saw something about it but there's nothing solid. Someone needs to do it though!! I've read a few of his other books but I mostly just enjoyed The Homelanders. *nods*

    2. *waves back* Well, I'm glad I could bring a little joy into your life. XD Why is that there are more female bloggers than there are male ones? There's so many stereotypes I could use to answer that question. :P

      What would you classify as Middle Grade? Like, I know there are some bookstores that classify, say, the Ranger's Apprentice series as MG, in which case I like MG as well. I have occasionally forgotten some stuff, but nothing too bad. XD My sister often tells me to write stuff down, and I'm like, "Nah, it's stored away in my brain." :P Sometimes, even certain music triggers ideas I had for story scenes.

      Agreed. It's somehow bitter and tasteless at the same time. XP

      I would agree! Who would you cast as Charlie? I'm thinking . . . I dunno, maybe Dylan O'Brian? XD

      I know this is a bit out of the blue, but I was wondering if you'd be willing to help out with my blog launch. I plan on launching it in a week or two. If you don't want to because we just met, I totally understand. Just tell it to me straight. :)

    3. IT'S TRUE. XD One time a friend of mine actually wrote a blog post about why there are more girl bloggers than guy bloggers. :D

      WHAT NO. Ranger's Apprentice is NOT Middle Grade. XD Middle Grade books normally aren't that scary (at least not that I've read) I do see them in the MG section at bookstores ALL THE TIME though and it drives me nuts.

      Hahaha I know zilch about movies so IDK WHO I'D CAST AS CHARLIE. (I think I do know who Dylan O'Brian is though so I guess I get points for that.)

      Thanks for asking! Unfortunately I don't normally do blog launches here @ Fishing For Ideas. :D Definitely link me to your blog once you get it up though!

    4. Really? That'd be an interesting post. XD Would you be able to tell which blog this is? I'm curious to see what the reasons are.

      I know, right? They're for teens, not the MG audience. Actually, a lot of series that I love are put in the MG section. Have you heard of the Beyonders trilogy by Brandon Mull? (It's one of the most unique fantasy series I've ever read.) His series is classified as MG, but it doesn't belong there. I remember reading the first book and thinking, "Who's idea was to put this under MG?" It's a fantastic series, just not for MG readers.

      Well, that's not the worst thing in the world. XD Yes, kudos to you for knowing who he is. :P

      You're welcome. I totally understand. :) I'll be sure to do that! ^_^

  23. Ooooh thanks for the tag! I, too, have been eyeing this one XP And YES THAT SOUNDS LIKE A GREAT IDEA! Definitely get us hyped up for nano in July because I'M PLANNING TO FIRST DRAFT AN ENTIRE BOOK AND I HAVE NO TIME THIS MONTH TO PREPARE SO any motivation from you is just always the most bestest ever. *wanders off to goodreads to add all the books you've mentioned above* (I feel like a loser but I haven't read The Outsiders before and like what's with that book? It's everywhere! I need to get in on the hype. Goodness.)

    1. DUUUDE YOU'VE GOT THIS. *high fives* It's just one first draft, right? Not hard at all. *cough* XD (yes read The Outsiders already xP)

  24. My oldest sister sticks her nose up at YA books because she thinks it's so unrealistic that 16 year olds save the world, but's that's why I like them: I'm a 16-yr. old and I love the idea of saving the world.:P
    I was reading the above comments and felt so encouraged:P There exists others who don't like coffee (though with milk it's good)! I only listen to music to brainstorm; if I listen to it while writing, I end up not writing. I'm a musician. . .
    About outlining. . .same here:/ Though for my next book I'm trying to buckle down.

  25. This is a great tag! Moon Over Manifest is a remarkably intriguing title. I think it's because a) I love the moon, b) it's alliterative and c) I haven't a clue what it means, which for me are three elements to make a perfect title!

    I loved your answer to the plotting vs pantsing question. LITERALLY ME. I once heard a writer, I think it was Ian Rankin, being interviewed on the radio and in answer to a similar question he said, "If I knew how my book was going to end before I wrote it, what would be the point in writing it?" Which I thought was pretty interesting. Writing is EXCITING (and that rhymed -- call me Shakespeare) because stories grow wings of their own and take you in directions you never imagined.

    (Unfortunately, I always throw random subplots/characters in hoping they'll "come in handy later" and then find myself with all these threads to tie up into something resembling a nice satisfying bow. That's where planning would come in handy. Oops!)