L A T E L Y // unplanned hiatus + Camp NaNo update + life happenings

HEY ALL DID YOU MISS ME? (hahaha don't answer that UNLESS YOU DID) So in case you didn't notice I've been gone for a while. Also in case you didn't notice, I may or may not have missed the Camp NaNo link-up I had planned. (SORRY. KIND OF.) Now here I am to type up a whole post explaining a) why I went MIA, b) how my Camp NaNo is going, and c) what I've been up to lately.

Your job is to act interested and roll with my rambling. No different than normal. xD

First let's talk about what my life has been like lately. It feels REALLY WEIRD to talk about my life on my blog because I'm not really that type of blogger? At all? But here I am about to type up a long life update anyways because why not. (plus if I don't then this post will be way too short) 

So yeah anyways without further ado: 

- Kitchen Remodel: So my family and I are doing a MAJOR kitchen remodel. Meaning we have no kitchen for an indefinite amount of time. (hopefully three weeks-ish but that's only if nothing goes wrong) We hired people to put everything back together, but we did the demolition ourselves. 

So yes in case anyone was wondering what I was doing on July Fourth: ripping up tile, tearing down cabinets, and moving appliances. #partyinghard #not

- My laptop has been acting up because apparently the storage is full? (And no before you suggest OneDrive I already tried that... and my storage is still full. Whoops.) So that's a main reason I haven't blogged in a while- I'm thinking about buying a new one, but also money. 

- Church stuff: THE SCHEDULE IS FULL AT MY CHURCH. We just finished up a three day revival meeting over the weekend (maybe I'll blog about it? If not though I'll say here that God definitely worked and it was great), plus we relabeled 5,000 water bottles because we're getting a booth at the local fair later this week. 

Also right after the fair ends a bunch of the kids from our church are headed off to youth camp. I'm not actually going to that but STILL. Mentioning it backs up my main point which is: MY CHURCH = VERY BUSY RIGHT NOW. 

- I'M GOING TO REALM MAKERS AAAHHH. Later this week my Dad and I are flying out to Nevada to attend the conference! I'm not actually pitching any of my writing projects because I need MORE EDITING but I'm still super excited to meet a bunch of people and learn lots of great stuff! Will I see you there??? :D :D 

-Remember my NaNo project, A Song of Crimson and Gold? The historical fantasy one with dragons and siblings and split pov? I'M PLUGGING AWAY AT THAT. SLOWLY. VERY SLOWLY. I intended to work on it for all of NaNo, but... I hadn't done enough plotting. Or research. #oops So, while I did still work on this novel a little bit for NaNo, I also worked on a lot of other things during July. I estimate that I should be done with this beast by 2021. *cough* 

“I’m Moriah.”  
“You’re introducing yourself to a dragon?” Gabe’s voice rings out behind me, and the dragon cringes further into his cage. 
“Gabe! Shhh!” I rise to my feet and turn to face him. “You’re scaring him.” 
Me? Scaring him? We’re the ones that should be afraid.” 
“I know.” I rub my sweaty palms on my skirt. “I was just thinking the same thing.” 
“Great minds think alike.” Gabe holds up the drab curtains, but I don’t take them yet. 
“Related people think alike. C’mon, we’ve got to get this done." 

- Which, speaking of Camp NaNo, I REACHED MY GOAL WOOT. I had to lower it from 15k to 10k, but I'm still happy with everything I got done. :D Because I did A LOT of writing, even if it wasn't all in my novel. 

-Also, Library of Lies is getting a much-needed edit. My alpha readers have pretty much finished going over it and I'm working my way through their comments. I'll also be reworking a decent portion of the plot, breathing some new life into my setting, and strengthening my theme. Draft 3.0 officially started last week and I have PLAAANNNSSS FOR THIS. MWAHAHA. 

The night is cold and dreary, the rain is harsh and violent, the moon is obscured behind misty clouds. But the man- he is safe. He is warm. He is hidden; hidden from the storm, and hidden from those who would do him harm.
At least for now. 
He sits at his desk, holding a quill pen above a sheet of paper. If a passerby on the street tried to peer in through the window beside him, they would see nothing. To the outside, to the street, to the people, the window doesn’t exist. And neither does the man. 
This is how it has to be. If anyone saw him, could he write his story? Could he recount the events that led him here? Like they said of old, “Dead men tell no tales.” 
Here, alone, hidden, the man touches the feather to the page. Words begin to form, words even more dangerous than the paper on which they are written. He tells his story through the ink and through the paper, with sadness, fear, hope.  
It starts with a boy. It starts with a book. 
It starts with rain. 

-Theoretically I'm also supposed to be COMPLETELY rewriting The Raven Project and starting on plans for its sequel but hahahaha am I actually doing that? No. Whoops. 

-And I may or may not be brainstorming a contemporary MG novel because CLEARLY I DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH ON MY PLATE ALREADY.

-The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne: WOW THIS WAS SO DEEP but also not really what I was expecting? At all? I can definitely see why it's an American classic though. *nods* I don't know if I'd necessarily recommend this to anyone but you'll probably have to read it at some point for school, if you haven't already, so MIGHT AS WELL GET USED TO THE IDEA. [3 stars from me]

-One Came Home by Amy Timberlake: I literally read this in ONE EVENING. It had such a vibrant, awestruck, wondrous tone towards life and the world we live in, plus a well-woven plot and a likable main character. One of my best reads of the summer so far! 
"I say let all the earth be alive and overwhelmingly so. Let the sky be pressed to bursting with wings, beaks, pumping hearts, and driving muscles. Let it be noisy. Let it make a mess. Then let me find my allotted space. Let me feel how I bump up against every other living thing on this earth. Let me learn how to spin."
[5 stars from me] 

-Great Expectations by Charles Dickens: Because apparently I'm in the mood for classic literature. (next up: Jane Eyre, anyone?) I actually just started this one, so I don't have an opinion yet. 

-The Other Side of Infamy by Jim Downing: I just started this one also, but it's already REALLY GOOD. It's an autobiography about a guy who was at Pearl Harbor and it's about a Christian perspective of war. 

To stalk aaallll of my books, check out my Goodreads for the full scoop.

YOUR TURN. What have you been up to lately? How's NaNo going? Also, the big question: Will I see you at Realm Makers on Thursday? :D Let's meet up! I won't bite you unless you steal my sour patch. XD

~ Jonathan

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  1. okay what you should do it get one of those micro chip thingys. I forget what it's called, like a mini sd card but goes in your usb port? it basically what the thing looks like that you use for a wireless mouse. ANYWAYS. I got one, and it's this chip that gives your computer extra storage. I got a 64gb. what you should do, is get one and drag a bunch of your pics/documents stuff over there so you can still access it from your laptop, but it won't bog it down. mine cost like $15 or something - way cheaper than a new laptop lol

    *cough* anyways, hope that made sense. xP

    well if you read my latest post you'll basically see my recent life and stuffs. xP but anyways, congrats on reaching your nano goal!! *should be writing* *goes off to try*

    1. OKAY BUT THE WEIRD THING IS: I don't even have any docs OR pics on my computer. I legit have nothing that should be taking up all this space (bc I moved it all to OneDrive, which is basically the same idea as a microchip) and yet for some reason my space is STIIIILL FULL. Idk what's wrong but there's no rhyme nor reason to it. XD

      YES SHOO GO WRITE. *pushes you towards your novel* You only have a week left!

  2. You will have an incredible time at Realm Makers!!! I went last year and it was the most amazing time of my life! So many new writer friends and even MORE stuff learned! Have an AWESOME time!

    1. AHHH THANK YOU I HOPE SO. :D I'm super pumped and I can't wait for it!

  3. I so get you! Summer can be insane! It's exactly the same here.

    And Nano is going... uh... well enough considering the amount I would ordinarily write in a month (ie not much) ... but not well at all considering my word goal... ahahahaha haha hahaa (see? I'm already losing my mind?) but I have written 15k. I think?

    Same happened here - was planning to plod on with my fantasy alone to get it done, but haha nope. So far I have written 10k of that + two and a half suddenly inspiring short stories + maybe 1-2k of another wip (superheroes) + plotting another idea like how can I keep up???

    Not going to Realm Makers but you already knew that I guess? Which is why you MUST POST ABOUT IT WHEN YOU GET BACK!!!!

    P.s. your snippets are gold xD aaand yes kinda missed you which is why I was reading your reviews on Goodreads :P

    1. RIGHT? It totally can be haha!

      Well that's still great! I've only done 10k (and that includes editing) and I doubt I'll have any more time to write this month, so you beat me. xD

      WOW WE THINK ALIKE THEN. Multitasking is liiiiiife. Plus it's easier to get more words out when you have more than one project to work on, I think.

      Aw that's too bad! Maybe sometime in the future though? :D I WILL DEFINITELY POST ABOUT IT, WITH AALLL THE PICTURES. (assuming I take pictures but unless I forget than I will)

      Thanks! Haha well glad you found my Goodreads then. xP

    2. Definitely agree that multi-tasking is the best. I read between three to ten books at the same time, so I guess I am almost professional at it...???

      Sure hope to attend RM SOMEDAY. Who knows when that will be, but it's one of my writerly aspirations. :D

      And I totally forgot to mention but some time ago I tagged you for the Early Writings tag (http://thisinkwell.blogspot.ca/2017/07/early-writings-tag-this-should-be-very.html). I know, I'm super late letting you know. Sorry. (But I have my excuses xD)

  4. I've never really heard of Realm Makers. I mean, I've heard about it on other blogs, but I don't know what it is.
    Sounds like you work on a lot of projects at once. I do that, too. I can never stick to one at a time when plot bunnies pop up everywhere.

    Also, your excerpts were awesome! I love things to do with dragons. I'm a dragon rider, so I'm specially trained in how to handle them. XD

    I never had to read the Scarlet letter. I just graduated from high school last month. I think I may have read an excerpt, but contrary to the fact that I LOVE writing and literature, Language Arts was my least favorite.

    Hopefully you have fun with Realm Makers and good luck with all your projects.
    God bless you!


    1. It's a writing conference- this year it's in Nevada but it normally changes locations every year.
      YESS I DO. :D *high fives*

      Thank you! Haha well I'm not a dragon rider but I'm a ninja so maybe that counts for something? xD


      Thanks, Ivie! You too!

    2. Yes, Ninjas count for something, too. They are stealthy when it comes to dragons. XD

      I've never been to a writer's conference, but maybe one day. I'm not really seeking traditional publishing, but still it might be fun just to be in a room full of other writers.

      Thank you! Being done with high school is still kind of weird to me. Now comes the time to figure out what's next. It can be scary, especially since I really have no idea what I'm doing.

      But, I'm going to go where the Lord takes me. For now, I'll sit back and enjoy the journey. :)


    3. Well even if you're not seeking traditional publishing, writing conferences are still a great place to network and sell your book! (I know of a lot of indie authors going, actually. :D)

      AH I CAN RELATE. I haven't graduated yet because I'm a little behind but I know how you feel. *nods*

    4. It can be super stressful. I'm thinking of starting my own business. I kind of want to be my own boss. Plus, I don't have my licence yet, so that makes it hard with some things. I didn't want to drive. (Still don't, but its necessary now.)

      You're not behind. Everyone works at their own pace. That's why home-school rocks.

      I didn't even think about the networking I would have to do. I mean, I've thought about it a little, but I forget since I'm not close to that yet. I should probably start making a plan of action for that. :D
      God bless you!


  5. Ahhh I missed you! A LOOOT actually so I'm so glad you're back! Our church has been crazy too. We're actually getting new members/attendees for the first time in something like two years since we started at the church and it's wonderful.

    I'm not going to Realm Makers. I wish. But as you said about the computer #Money #Cheap #Broke

    Oh well. Have fun anyway. :)

    1. Well thanks so much then! Glad SOMEBODY isn't tired of my rambling... yet. xD Ah new members/attendees is always great! Our church has been getting a lot of those also, so we're looking at buying a new building because our current building is a little tight.

      #thestruggleisreal Maybe next year though? SAVE UP. XD

  6. Well. You've been busy. *hands you pizza and free time*

    I TURNED SIXTEEN. That was a big happening. And I got my drivers license and I've been writing and school working and critiquing and doing something SECRET AND COOL involving another step toward traditional publishing. And just basically everything life. It's been crazy busy and finding a spare day to book something else in is getting worryingly difficult. And my church is currently going through a lot of bothersome (but important) stuff and since my dad's an elder he has a ton of meetings and things he needs to organise and phew. We basically just have a lot happening. I feel like this year has been a huge kaboom in my life. *flops*
    But that isn't to say that I haven't had time for fun things too, so that's good. And I'm not too stressed about anything because I'm really just being dragged along by God and having to trust this His way is super duper better than mine.

    And yep. I think I just splurged into your comments section. XD Oops.

    1. *eats pizza and uses free time to edit* XD

      YES I HEARD ACK. Welcome to adulthood. (DON'T GROW UP TOO FAST.) Driver's license is also awesome, also writing is awesome, school is... awesome-ish? xD OK WAIT SECRET AND COOL STEP? *rushes off to ask you what exactly this is* Woow this does sound like a big kaboom in your life... HOPEFULLY IT'S A GOOD KABOOM.
      Yep that's always a good thought. *nods* I've been doing really good about not getting stressed out also, I think. Now that I'm 18 the future is LOOMING and at first it was kinda scary but I've really been seeking God's will about everything and I have waaay more peace now.

      WELL THAT'S OK because I also splurged in my reply sooo that makes us even. :D

  7. Oh. My. Gosh. That snippet for Library of Lies is so amazing!! I could visualize everything and I'm basically now dying to read that book. O_O IS THE BOOK ABOUT HIM WRITING A BOOK ABOUT HIS LIFE OR SOMETHING?! IT SOUNDS SO COOL!!! XD

    1. Ahhh thank you so much! I'm on draft 3 so I'm getting closer to beta readers. :D MAYBE, MAYBE NOT. YOU'LL HAVE TO WAIT AND SEE MWAHAHA. XD

  8. Hmmm. You probably already tried this but; did you by any chance completely shut down and then restart your laptop? How about emptying the trash?

    My sister had a similar issue with her laptop and ended up needing to completely revert it back to factory settings, so if worse comes to worse, I would try that before buying a new one (just make sure that you have everything you need to keep on a flashdrive or usb before you revert it). There are plenty of articles to guide through that process, should you decide to do it.

    AHH! Library of Lies sounds fantastic! (Btw, I do still want to beta, so whenever you're ready)

    As for my life right now? Yeesh. I have a three month recap to finish out before July ends, plus a recap of Summit to finish eventually. Oh! And I got a full time job.

    1. YES THANK YOU CHLOE HELP ME WITH TECH THIIIINGS. XD I did try restarting it and I did empty the trash and the recycling bin, but no go.

      Hmmm... okay that's good to know. *nods* It's actually working fine right at the moment, because I managed to clear up about a gigabyte of space, but if I get desperate I will find the articles and revert it.

      Thank yooou. :D I keep saying that I'll have beta readers soon but LOL THEN I KEEP PUTTING IT OFF. I'm thinking that after draft 3 then I'll be ready though- I'll add you to my list.

      O.O Woooow well good luck with all those recaps. xD Can't wait to read them. ALSO A FULL TIME JOB WHOA NICE WORK. My guess is that it's something with horses... :P

  9. LOOK AT ME, I'M ACTUALLY COMMENTING ON YOUR BLOG. (I know, don't die of a heart attack, okay? I would kind of like you to be alive when I see you. XD)

    BUT DUDE HOW HAVE YOU WRITTEN 10K?? I'm just like...barely sitting on 7k and it's HORRID. Ughhhhhh. This is by far the hardest NaNo I've ever done. (And just to be clear, your historical fantasy novel is the most epic thing ever and I NEEDS it.)

    As surreal as this is to say...I'll see you in a few days!!!! :D

    1. *GASPS IN SHOCK* HI I NEVER THOUGHT I'D SEE YOU HERE. XD (Nah don't worry I won't die until after Realm Makers.)

      Weellll I counted editing towards my goal soooo #kindofcheating. Don't tell anyone but I probably actually WROTE less than 5k. :P WELL YOU HAVE TWO MORE DAYS TO WRITE, USE 'EM WISELY. (thanks!)

      Yeesss I will see you on Thursday!

    2. *whispers* Um, I'm actually leaving tomorrow morning for Realm Makers. SO I LEGIT HAVE ONE DAY WHAAAT. *scrambles to pack* *and write* *and clean* *and everything* :P

    3. Oh wow okay... SO USE TODAY WISELY THEN. XD I need to start packing also because I'm gone all day tomorrow 0.0

  10. *flails* you're snippet from Library of Lies is so good! *has always thought it sounded great, but this just proves it more* XD ACK Realm Makers! *frowns* I'm not going... BUT a #plus is that I'm going to meet Ivy Rose and Abi!! Cuz I live in WA. So we're meeting up. *nods* Hahahaaa THIS: " #partyinghard #not" made me laugh XD

    CONGRATS ON FINISHING NANO!!! SO, ya know that dystopian novel I was talking about? I kinda switched from that to a short story cuz it just WASN'T WORKING. But I still did some work in it at the beginning of the month...most of which I might scrap... meh.

    1. *flails also* AAAHHH THANK YOU. :D Oh yeah I saw that Ivy and Abi were going up to a writing conference together! That will be super fun for you guys to hang out, even if you can't come to Realm Makers.

      THANKS. :D Ooohhhh okay well SAME FOR ME LOL. I was a in a super similar position with my historical fantasy, so I know what you mean. xD We'll just have to keep working at it...

  11. ACK this is all very busy and no wonder you disappeared. o.o (and since it's true, yes we did miss you XD)
    ugh, computer problems, those aren't fun... D: I had to take mine in because it was doing weird things, but they couldn't find anything wrong with it? I don't even know... BUT I FEEL YOUR PAIN XP
    AND I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND THE CHURCH BEING BUSY THING, OMW SAME XD just wow, yes, it's been crazy but also really good at the same time. :P
    so yes. there ya go.
    AND SNIPPET (idk if I've read it before) BUT IT'S SO COOL

    1. Yes seee I had a valid reason for disappearing. xD (haha well thanks)
      I knooow they totally aren't. My Dad and I couldn't find anything /wrong/ with mine either, other than the fact that it's space is full and I have hardly anything on my computer? #strange
      YES IKR I THOUGHT YOU WOULD. XP Church being busy is always a good thing though!
      Haha I think I shared it on the forum? BUT THANK YOU :D

  12. WOW YOU ARE SO BUSY!! Have so much fun at Realm Makers!!

  13. DUDE, WHEN DID YOU FINISH YOUR GOAL??? I was in our cabin last night and did I forget to look??? O.O CONGRATS!!

    My life has been working for my dad and failing epicly at trying to drive a stickshift. I the shifting right first try, then stalled the car out twenty times in a row. xD

    In case you missed my reply to your comment on my blog, I WILL be at the pre-conference workshop! (probably tripping on a chair or holding twenty notebooks xD)

    audrey caylin

    1. I'M NOT SURE? SATURDAY MAYBE? I was calm and chill about it- I think I celebrated with food of some sort and then went to bed. XD

      Working for your Dad is always good, I work for mine also sometimes and he pays well. :P AH I HAVE TO LEARN TO DRIVE A STICK SHIFT SOON. My Dad has been meaning to teach me and my twin brother for aageeess but we just haven't had time yet.

      OH WOOT OKAY GOTCHA. I will definitely look for you there then! (hahaha same- except not the 20 notebooks because I have a LARGE BAG TO USE XD)

  14. hey dude you should do posts like this more often. I WANNA SEE HOW YOUR KITCHEN IS DOING (but what in the world are you eating you poor humans with no kitchen o.o)

    ALSO CONGRATS ON MEETING YOUR GOAL. I had to lower my goal to 15k but I might end up going over if I get enough time. HOPEFULLY I DO blah. (also this nano has been sadly crazy i feel like we all ran past each other in a haze of writing and life and never got to goof off #growingupstinks)

    1. yes but also I'm a shy ninja blogger so I rarely post about life haha. xD YES OH MY GOODNESS YOU WOULD LOVE IT. It's literally DIY goals except for the small fact that we're not actually doing it ourselves but NUANCE. (we're eating cereal, mostly, also grill foods like hamburgers and hot dogs and salmon)

      THANK YOU. Well same I had to lower my goal also- I think a lot of us did? (UGH SAME we haven't been nearly as active because life)

  15. EEEEEEEEP REALMMM MAKKERRS! I'm literally so excited I just CAN'T. LIKE I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS FOR A YEAR AND THREE MONTHS AHHHH. And I'm super excited to finally meet Mary and you! :DD

    Ohey, I just realized I haven't commented on your blog in FOREVER XD It's nice to be back ;P

    1. EEEPPP YEEESSS SAAAAME. *SCREAMS* I can't believe it's only a day away. O.O I'm super excited to meet you also but you're gonna have to find me because I don't really know what you look like hehe. xD


  16. Did I miss you?


    Just kidding! I was wondering where the heck that Jonathan guy was. You really are a ninja *narrows eyes*

    It's great that you are being productive with your writing. I wish you the best of luck! As for me, I read and barely wrote anything. Except for reviews. I also watched a lot of YouTube. Nothing new there. LOL! xD

    1. OUCH. XD But yes I really am a ninja... SEE I'VE BEEN TELLING YOU GUYS FOR AGES.

      Thanks! Well reading is good also, even if you're not getting much writing done. :D YOUTUBE THOUGH. GIT OFF YOUTUBE AND GO DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE. :P

  17. OF COURSE I MISSED YOU. But I COMPLETELY understand being busy. Summer has kind of been insane for us too.

    I wish I could help you with your computer but hahaha I can hardly deal with mine. *headdesk*

    Is Realm Makers a writing conference? I've heard lots of people talking about it but I'm not quite sure exactly what it is. Lots of bloggers I know are going though so it sounds kind of awesome. 😁

    WOW congrats on making your nano goal already. I'm right on track to be done in time. But the EDITING that is going to need to be done on this monstrous THING is a fearsome task. Ugh. I think I'm going to leave it alone for a month. My main character doesn't even have a real name yet, so yeah. Editing's going to be loads of fun.

    Hope the rest of your summer is amazing!

    1. WELL THANK YOU. :D Yeah summer has a tendency to be busy for everyone haha.

      NO WORRIES. It's the thought that counts.

      It it! I just got back and it was SO. INCREDIBLY. AWESOME. I had so much fun and I met so many people and I'll be blogging about it soon. :D

      Thanks! It was a good thing I got it done before my trip because I didn't write a single word at the conference. Ooohhh you were editing for NaNo? I did some of that also. xD Good luck!

      Yours too!

  18. I'm so glad that you had a great time at your church revival! My church is having a big tent revival the week before I leave for college, and I AM SO PUMPED!

    Great job on reaching your Nano goal! And I am just a tinsy bit jealous that you get to go to Realm Makers. Just a bit...

    PLUS. Great Expectations is a great book, and Jane Eyre.....*dies forever*

    1. Thanks! It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot. :D Oohhh a tent revival? Wow okay that's super cool I WANT TO DO ONE. XD Ours was just a normal revival in our church building, haha.

      Thanks! Haha well I got back a few days ago and you'll definitely be seeing a blog post about it soon. :D

      IS IT? I'm liking it so far but it's also getting me behind on my reading challenge. Whoops.

  19. Congrats on reaching your writing goal! And CONGRATS ON GOING TO REALM MAKERS!!! Seriously, have lots of fun, man, and take pics. :D God bless y'all on your trip.
    Life has been crazy busy here- our mare had her foal (eep! and she's mine), we're moving (sold one house lol), and all that jazz. And writing- my novel Jump is almost at 30,000 this month. So yay. :)
    God bless, Jonathan!
    -Ang | thepeculiarmessenger.wordpress.com

    1. Thanks! YEESS I TOOK TONS OF PICS, BELIEVE ME. XD My post about it is probably about half pics, haha.
      Oh wow you have been busy! That all sounds great though :D
      You too!

  20. Jane Eyre?!?!? Are you kidding?! SO GOOD. You have to read it. <3 <3 <3
    Your other book choices are great!! Great Expectations was very unpredictable and well written. I liked it a lot. I would love to know your opinion of it when you finish it!
    I've heard of The Scarlet Letter, but haven't read it yet. :)
    Have you read The Scarlet Pimpernel? It's supposed to be really good. I have several friends who really enjoyed it. It's another classic. ;)
    Right now I'm reading some Thomas Hardy (classic). I just finished Tess of the D'Ubervilles and am on Far From the Madding Crowd. I'll bet you would enjoy those ones too!

    Realm Makers sounds rad! Wish I could make it. :D

    Sophy of lantern-in-her-hand.blogspot.com

    1. Nope! It's been staring down at me from the bookshelf for waaay too long so I figure it's time for me to finally tackle it. XD
      Thanks! Yeesss okay it IS super unpredictable so far? Whenever I think I know what's going to happen SOMETHING ELSE HAPPENS.
      OKAY YES The Scarlet Pimpernel is reaaallyy good. I think you'd really like it!
      *goes to stalk those books on Goodreads* XD

      IT WAS SUPER COOL AND FUN. Maybe it will be closer to you next year!

  21. Funny story: im at my cousins rn and I said I hadn't blogged since June first and she was like O.O and so I went here and said LOOK HE HASNT BLOGGED SINCE THE THIRTEENTH AND EVERYONE STILL LIKES HIM IM COOL.
    So now that you've posted I'll have to.
    *is laughing hysterically* Nice to have you back, Jonah!

    1. Hahaha yeah well sporadic blogging breaks are okay- BUT YOU DO NEED TO BLOG YOU HAVEN'T IN WAY TOO LONG. XD

  22. What were your favorite/least favorite parts about "The Scarlet Letter?" I loved the book, while simultaneously hating so much about the relationships within it. :)


    1. Hmmm... I really liked that it was SUPER deep, but I wasn't a fan of the storyline. :D

  23. CONGRATS on reaching your Camp NaNo goal! That's awesome! I still have a good half of my goal to write...I procrastinated a bit too much. As always. :P

    Haha, I totally understand having too many books to write at one time! It's so hard to focus on one project when your brain keeps coming up with new ideas for other projects...

    And I'd never heard of Realm Makers before today, but it sounds awesome! I usually go to a different writing conference each year (LTUE) but I like that Realm Makers is for Christian writers! I hope you have tons of fun and learn a lot (and eat lots of sour patch)!

    I hope you like Jane Eyre! Both my brother and my dad liked it better than I did...though, to be fairly honest, I'm not usually a fan of classics. I'd rather have fantasy or something action-y...but I did watch the musical and I enjoyed that much better. (Maybe because it helped me stop imagining Mr. Rochester as this really old guy. He's not, but he is double Jane's age, so...) I think you'll definitely enjoy it if you're a fan of classics.

    1. THANK YOU. :D Hope you managed to make yours also!

      RIGHT??? I feel the exact same way sometimes... plus I still have to somehow think of blog posts lol

      IT WAS. SUPER. AWESOME. I had so much fun and I learned so much cool writing stuff. :D I hope you have a great time at your conference also! (I've never heard of it but I'm googling it now hehe)

      We shall see what I think. ;) I'm not a huge fan of classics but I do really like some...

  24. Man, don't party so hard your next 4th of July. Sounds like a party like that could wear a fellow out. XD

    Ooo! A writer's conference!
    I'm going to a Christian Writer's Conference in August! I'm SOO excited, so I think I might know how you feel/felt.
    Since you probably won't reply until the conference is over, did you have fun?

    Ah! Dickens! You should read Martin Chuzzlewit. SUPER long, but a really neat book. (IMHO) *grins*

    NANO is cool. But being so busy, I've still got about 2k left... *frantically scrambles to finish before August 1st* xP
    Congrats on finishing already! :D

    1. I'LL TRY. XD We did go see fireworks when we were done working, so that was awesome.

      YES IT WAS SO GREAT AND FUN AND AMAZING. I met so many awesome people/bloggers/authors and I learned so much great stuff. You'll have sooooo much fun at yours! Make sure to let me know how it goes when you get back. :D

      I'll have to look into that... I've never even heard of it, actually? I do like long books though.

      Hope you got it all done! :D

  25. Soooo I'm currently feeling this massive America Envy as I sit here in Scotland while you guys all have an amazing time (and MEET EACH OTHER?!!) at RM! Hope it's going really really well and you're learning lots!

    You have so many ongoing WIPs my brain can't cope with the idea! I am a One Project sorta gal -- I think I just have quite a linear mind (in a way) so I need to start something and work through it, beginning to end! Much as I want to chase the plot bunnies ... Your WIPs sound great, I really like the Library of Lies snippet. Especially the bit about him being hidden from the world? And the dangerous words ... ooh!

    Also, I'm a massive fan of Great Expectations, I hope you're enjoying! I'm going to uni this autumn and it's on my reading list. It's the only book on there I've already read (and it is a LONG list ... YIKES) but I feel like I should reread it because can I remember enough to write intelligently about it? Can I remember much more than the MC's name? Ahahaha no. But equally, it's so huge, who has time to reread?! #struggles

    Great post! ~ Emily @ sparrowsflysouth.blogspot.com

    1. AAHH IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. :D Tracey Dyck went (not sure if you know her or not) and she was from Canada. Which isn't nearly as far away as Scotland but STIIIL. MAYBE YOU CAN COME NEXT YEAR.

      I aspiiiiire to working like that, but I always get distracted by other ideas and I can make so much progress when I multitask. xD I've been told multitasking doesn't actually work and that you get less done when you multitask, but working on multiple projects has always worked well for me. :D Thank you! Glad it sounds interesting.

      Ooh really? I'm enjoying it so far but I sorta left it in my friend's car... and he lives five hours away. Whoops. xD So it's sort of on hold until he mails it back to me haha. GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR READING LIST THOUGH. #thestruggleisreal


  26. DUDE YOU'RE BRAINSTORMING A MIDDLE GRADE???? YASSSSSS. I've been waiting for you to announce that you're writing a middle grade. I'M SO EXCITED. I must hear more about this. PLEASE TELL ME MORE ABOUT THIS. Do a Beautiful Books post on it or SOMETHING!!!

    Also THAT SNIPPET FROM LIBRARY OF LIES. OH MY GOODNESS. That was just ... so beautiful. That's all I can say. *dies slowly from the excellence of your writing*

    1. YAAASSS I AM. *high five for MG writers* Haha yes I told you I was working on one, didn't I? Or maybe you just guessed because I've been reading so much MG, I don't remember. xD THANKS THOUGH. I would but I don't know enough about it yet? MAYBE SOON.

      AHHH YOU'RE WAY TOO NICE THANK YOU SO MUCH *dies slowly because I needed this editing motivation* xP

  27. Historical fantasy!? Sounds perfect :D

    1. Thank you! :D Hopefully I can pull it off without making a mess, we'll see. xP

    2. I'm sure you can. With much work 🤗 Would love to read it when it's done!

  28. Agh. The exact same thing happened to my laptop and I had to take it in. A total curveball in the grand goal of finishing Camp Nano, smh.

    1. UGH THEN I FEEL YOUR PAIN. Mine's been doing fine lately because I somehow managed to clear up about a GB of space, but idk what I'm going to do if it fills up again...

  29. Sounds like July was crazy busy for you! A kitchen remodel sounds kind of fun actually (or MAYBE I've been watching too much HGTV *cough*)

    Hope you had a great time at Realm Makers! :)

    1. IT WAS. It's sorta cool to see everything pulling together, but the actual process itself IS NOT FUN AT ALL. XD (haha yes maaaybeee :P)

      I did, thanks!

  30. Contemporary MG? Awesome! That's what I write 😄

    {bookstagram} @eliza.noel.writes

    1. *high fives*

      [Also, that's super cool that you got a bookstagram! :D Unless you've had one for a while and I just didn't know about it lol]

    2. The bookstagram is brand new =) Do you have an instagram account?

    3. Ah cool! No I don't- Goodreads and the blog is about the extent of my social media xD